17+ Soccer Snacks that Score Every Time for Kids

Soccer, the world's most popular sport, is a physically demanding sport that requires endurance, agility, and mental sharpness. The right snacks can provide players with the energy they need to perform at their best. Whether you're on the field as a player or even cheering from the sidelines, the right snacks can make a significant difference in boosting energy levels and enhancing one's game time performance.

What To Look For in the Best Soccer Snacks

  • Healthy
  • Nutritious
  • Travels Well

The perfect example of a soccer snack that can be enjoyed by players and fans alike is beef jerky. Beef jerky is not only a great source of protein, but it also comes in various delicious flavors, like our Sweet Chile Habanero or our Classic Teriyaki. Certain to cater to everyone’s different taste pallets, you can’t go wrong with this simple and delicious snack.

If you're looking for healthy snack ideas that can provide players with the energy they need to perform at their best, here are some great examples:

Soccer Snacks

1. Clif Kids ZBar

Clif Kids Zbar

Packaged snacks are always great because they are super easy to take on the go and can be eaten whenever. Clif bars, specifically the Kids ZBars are a balanced blend of protein and whole grains that help provide nutritional building blocks for kids’ growing bodies so they can keep zipping and zooming along.

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2. Cuties

Cuties Clementine

Another great snack to take to your kids soccer games are cuties, or clementine oranges. Cuties clementines are portion controlled, ready to eat at any time, easy to take on the go, and packed with potassium and fiber. Plus, everyone loves them!

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3. Bananas


Similar to cuties, bananas are another fruit that is a perfect snack for any sporting event. They’re easy to grab on the go, provide in bulk to everyone on the team, and they are filled with so many different nutrients and vitamins. Bananas are guaranteed to help your kid elevate their game.

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4. Sandwiches


If you’re bringing a cooler to the game, mini sandwiches are a must. Grab your favorite lunch meat from the store and throw together some sandwiches the night before the game. You’ll want a cooler to keep them fresh, but this snack is sure to make the team happy and energized.

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5. Raisins


Raisins are convenient, portable, and require no refrigeration. They are also a quick energy source with no added sugar, low fat, and are packed full with nutrients. They’re the perfect snack to get your kid performing their best.

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6. Sports Drink


Everyone knows just how iconic sports drinks are, whether you’re the actual athlete or not. Keep them hydrated with different sports drink favorites like Gatorade or Powerade.

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7. Applesauce Squeeze Packets

GoGo Squeez Packets

It’s no secret that apple sauce serves as a great source of antioxidants. That’s why applesauce squeeze packets, like GoGo Squeez, are such a great snack. They’re easy to take on the go, they can be snacked on at any time, and they’ll provide that extra boost your kids' team will need on game day.

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8. Pretzels


Pretzels are a game day favorite. Grab a big jug of pretzels for the whole team to easily share at all soccer games and all soccer season. Pretzels are always a fan favorite, plus they’re low in calories and fat, making them the perfect healthy snack. If you’re a soccer parent to the youth soccer team you know how much young kids love pretzels.

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9. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches

Whole-grain bread with peanut butter and sliced banana is a satisfying and energy-rich snack. Nothing beats these tasty and healthy sandwiches perfect for before or after games.

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10. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Energy Balls

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Energy Balls

If you’re the kind of parent that loves baking homemade items to share with their kid and their team, this is the perfect snack for you. These chocolate chip peanut butter treats take only minutes to throw together and they’ll leave everyone wanting more. Made with simple ingredients like oats, honey, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and vanilla extract, these provide the necessary nutrients your kids need. Sports nutrition is important and these protein-packed snacks will reduce your soccer players hunger to keep them going during game time.

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11. Beef Jerky

One-of-Everything Beef Jerky Sampler Box

Beef jerky's combination of convenience, nutritional benefits, and satisfying taste make it an ideal choice for a soccer snack. Whether you're at your kids game, or you’re playing the game yourself, this snack is guaranteed to score. Choose from various different styles and flavors, catered specifically to everyone’s wants and needs.

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12. Fresh Fruit

Fruit Cups

Offer a refreshing twist with cups of fresh-cut fruits like watermelon, strawberries, and grapes for a healthier snacking option. Fruit is nature's perfect snack for you and the team.

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13. String Cheese

String Cheese

String cheese is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. This is another great snack because of its health aspects, easy packaging, and delicious taste. Grab a pack so there’s enough for everyone to share.

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14. Yogurt

Yogurt Cup

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, yogurt is a great alternative to unhealthy snacks like rice krispy treats. Items such as marshmallows and candy are definitely not a great snack in general, but especially when it comes to game days. Dairy products like yogurt are a great alternative because it’s packed with calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals, and will still give them that sweetness they’re looking for.

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15. Trail Mix

Trail Mix

Trail mix is a classic snack that carries a lot of nutrients in a little package. Create your own with a custom trail mix blend of nuts, dried fruits, and a touch of chocolate, or get store bought, either way it'll provide you with an energy-boosting snack.

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16. Granola Bars

Granola Bars

Granola bars are a great team snack option that will keep your players energized throughout the game. Easy to snack on before the game, after the game, or even in between, these are a necessity to always have on you.

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17. Annie's Fruit Snacks

Annie's Fruit Snacks

Annie's fruit snacks are convenient, provide quick energy, support hydration, and are low in fat. Not only are they a healthy alternative, but they are also always delicious and guaranteed to be universally loved.

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Bottom Line

Soccer snacks play a crucial role in enhancing the soccer experience. From providing the energy needed for peak performance to keeping spectators satisfied, the right snacks can truly make a difference. So, whether you're on the soccer field or watching your kid from the stands, be sure to fuel your soccer experience with delicious and nutritious snacks that elevate soccer season to a whole new level. And don’t forget, there’s plenty of beef jerky options to keep your kid happy and healthy.