Handing a bag of jerky on a blanket.

Meet the Blog Team

Our passion at People's Choice Beef Jerky doesn't just run deep, it runs wide.

Beef jerky is at the heart of everything we do - for over 90 years and four generations - and that passion extends to travel, food, nutrition and healthy living. This blog is our chance to share those passions with you.

You can discover new recipes, answers to your jerky questions, unique snack lists, and fresh perspectives. Learn more about popular diets such as the Keto Diet as well as emerging diets such as the all-meat Carnivore Diet. It's also a space to find culinary inspiration and creativity (Flamin' Hot Nacho Fries with Beef Sticks, anyone?). Most importantly, it's a community for beef jerky and all the things related.

  • Sara Bianchetti

    Sara Bianchetti is a food fanatic and lover of all things beef. It only makes sense being that she's 4th generation at People's Choice Beef Jerky. Her passions include hand piping unique cookie designs, decorating the house with lots of plants, and spending time with her niece and nephew. You can find Sara loving on her dog Pearl, exploring new wine bars, or experimenting with makeup as she has an unhealthy obsession with all things beauty.

  • Brian Bianchetti

    Brian Bianchetti has been eating People's Choice Beef Jerky since a kid. His life's greatest achievements—accomplished soccer player, ambitious cook, and certified wine nerd—have been fueled by his jerky-rich diet. His passion lives at the intersection of food, travel, cooking, and drinks. On the weekends, you'll find him at the driving range, newest pizza restaurant, or hosting a dinner party for family and friends with his queen.