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27 Delicious Dairy-Free Keto Recipes

The ketogenic diet is a popular low-carb, high-fat diet known for its potential to help with weight loss and improved overall health. While dairy products like cheese and butter are staples in many keto recipes, some people choose to go dairy-free for various reasons, including lactose intolerance or dairy allergies.

Fortunately, there are plenty of dairy-free keto recipes that are just as delicious and satisfying. An essential ingredient to keep in your pantry for cooking keto recipes is our Machaca. Thick cuts of 100% American beef are seasoned with a rich medley of natural spices, then slow cooked for a minimum of five hours. Once dried, the thick-cut jerky is shredded to a fine and airy consistency, which can be consumed both on its own or in a recipe. This shredded beef jerky is an old time jerky favorite, commonly found in a can, tin, or jar. It’s perfect for on-the-go snacking or throwing in any recipe for additional protein.

In this article, we'll explore some mouthwatering dairy-free keto recipes, like our machaca rolled taquitos, to help you stay on track with your keto journey while avoiding dairy.

1. Shrimp Avocado Salad

Shrimp Avocado Salad

Indulge in the fantastic flavors of this Shrimp and Avocado Salad, a fresh and satisfying dish! This recipe offers a delightful blend of shrimp and avocado that's not only delicious but also fits various dietary preferences: paleo, Whole30, low-carb, and gluten-free. Packed with the freshest ingredients, including avocados, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and cilantro, all drizzled with zesty lime juice and a touch of olive oil, this salad makes for a wonderfully healthy lunch option!

Find the recipe for this Shrimp Avocado Salad on Eating Well 101

2. Collard Greens Cabbage Soup

Collard Greens Cabbage Soup

For any Keto recipe list we create, it’s hard for us not to include a cabbage soup. It’s just too good, and this recipe in particular, is a simple and hearty delight! The recipe combines  cabbage and collard greens with bacon, bell pepper, onion, garlic, chicken broth, and flavorful spices. This one-pot wonder is high in fiber, low-calorie, gluten-free, and packed with wholesome vegetables. In just 40 minutes, you'll have a satisfying, nutritious soup ready to enjoy!

Find the recipe for this Collard Greens Cabbage Soup on Eating Well 101

3. Air Fryer Chicken and Vegetables

Air Fryer Chicken and Vegetables

Personally, I cook everything I can in the air fryer, but that’s just me. Create a speedy and wholesome dinner with this Air Fryer Chicken and Vegetables recipe, ready in under 20 minutes! Chicken and veggies are air-fried to perfection with a dash of seasoning. Perfect for busy days, this quick, low-carb, gluten-free meal is both nutritious and delectable!

Find the recipe for this Air Fryer Chicken and Vegetables on Eating Well 101

4. Asado Chicken Breast with Sauteed Lemon Zucchini

Asado Chicken Breast with Sauteed Lemon Zucchini

Say goodbye to dry chicken and say hello to this mouthwatering Asado chicken breast recipe! Marinate boneless chicken breasts to perfection, grill them until they're tender, and serve them with sautéed lemon zucchini. This is a winning chicken breast dish for dinner! It's also paleo, low-carb, and keto-friendly, so you can relish the incredible flavors.

Find the recipe for this Asado Chicken Breast with Sauteed Lemon Zucchini on Eat Well 101

5. Mexican Meatball Soup (Albondigas)

Mexican Meatball Soup (Albondigas)

Mexican soups are our favorite kind of soups. This Mexican meatball soup is made with beef meatballs which are simmered in a seasoned tomato broth along with green beans, tomato, celery, and spices. This meatball soup recipe is easy, hearty, and low in carbs. If comfort food is your thing, you have to try this meatball soup. Everyone is guaranteed to love it.

Find the recipe for this Mexican Meatball Soup on Eat Well 101

6. Barbacoa Beef

Barbacoa Beef

This straightforward beef barbacoa recipe is as effortless as preparing pulled pork or tender Instant Pot beef short ribs. With only ten readily available ingredients, you'll relish its rich Mexican flavor, perfectly balanced spice level, and juicy, melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. The best part? It requires just 10 minutes of prep time and offers endless serving possibilities!

Find the recipe for this Barbacoa Beef on Wholesome Yum

7. Keto Fried Fish Sticks

Keto Fried Fish Sticks

Fish sticks are a classic frozen meal; however, they’re hard to eat while on the Keto diet. That’s why we included this homemade keto fish stick recipe for your indulgence. Accompany these yummy sticks with keto tartar sauce and keto coleslaw for that timeless combination.

Find the recipe for these Keto Fried Fish Sticks on Wholesome Yum

8. Korean Beef Bowl

Korean Beef Bowl

For those seeking a fresh addition to their speedy dinner lineup, consider this Korean beef bowl recipe. It perfectly aligns with the criteria for a healthy dinner: it's speedy (takes only 20 minutes), bursting with flavor thanks to a delectable sauce featuring garlic, ginger, and sesame oil, and features ground beef that crisps up beautifully in the stir-fry sauce. Serve it over cauliflower rice for a nutritious and low-carb meal.

Find the recipe for this Korean Beef Bowl on Wholesome Yum

9. Machaca Rolled Taquitos

Machaca Rolled Taquitos

There are a million things to love about the People's Choice Machaca. 

It's a quick and easy snack, versatile ingredient, and an easy-chewing option for those with sensitive teeth. The best reason? It’s health benefits. Our Machaca is soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, keto, and high in protein. Plus, you can add it to any recipe to give yourself some extra protein.

With just our machaca, eggs, veggies, and keto friendly tortillas, you can also indulge in our delicious keto-friendly taquitos. Although this recipe includes the optional cream cheese filling, it’s probably best to skip out on this in order to make sure you stay in ketosis.

Find the recipe for these Machaca Rolled Taquitos on People’s Choice Beef Jerky

10. Baked Lemon Pepper Wings

Baked Lemon Pepper Wings

Creating these oven-baked lemon pepper chicken wings is an effortless endeavor! A mere 5-minute prep with three straightforward ingredients, including the beloved lemon pepper seasoning, is all it takes. Once you grasp the unique yet straightforward baking method for lemon pepper wings, you'll find yourself using it consistently. These wings emerge impeccably golden and crispy with minimal effort.

Find the recipe for these Baked Lemon Pepper Wings on Wholesome Yum

11. Keto Spicy Chicken Kabobs

Keto Spicy Chicken Kabobs

Personally, I’m a huge fan of chicken kabobs. I think they’re fun, easy, and personalizable to whoever may be joining you for your meal. Plus, the spicier the better, am I right? These chicken Kebabs are a fun keto recipe to make on your grill especially over the summer months. This chicken recipe uses spices from the East like turmeric and red pepper flakes to add flavor.

Find the recipe for these Keto Spicy Chicken Kabobs on Keto Focus

12. Sugar Free Juicy Keto Pulled Pork Sandwich

Sugar Free Juicy Keto Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled pork sandwiches are one of my favorite meals ever, and this recipe does not disappoint. Make keto pulled pork, ideal for weekly meal prep. It's sugar-free, using golden monk fruit as a sweetener, and its dry rub adds delightful flavor. Smoking the pork shoulder adds a smoky dimension, elevating the dish. Perfect for versatile meals throughout the week.

Find the recipe for this Keto Pulled Pork Sandwich on Keto Focus

13. Keto Teriyaki Chicken

Keto Teriyaki Chicken

For a keto-friendly twist, it's best to make teriyaki chicken at home since teriyaki sauce tends to be higher in carbs. Because of this, we like to make our own sauce. Homemade keto teriyaki sauce is a breeze to prepare, and once you pair it with your favorite keto noodles or cauliflower rice, you may find yourself ditching take-out for good.

Find the recipe for this Keto Teriyaki Chicken on Keto Focus

14. Garlic Parmesan Jicama Fries

Garlic Parmesan Jicama Fries

What’s better than fries? To be honest, not much. Indulge in these keto jicama fries coated in a gluten-free batter, fried to perfection, and garnished with minced garlic and parmesan cheese. These keto garlic parmesan fries shine on their own as a standout keto dish but also complement a burger or hotdog beautifully.

Find the recipe for these Garlic Parmesan Jicama Fries on Keto Focus

15. Air Fryer Bacon Avocado Wrap

Air Fryer Bacon Avocado Wrap

These air fryer bacon avocado wraps are just culinary geniuses. The bacon exterior turns irresistibly crispy, while the avocado within remains creamy, offering a delightful bite. Share these delectable bacon avocado fries with friends and family at potlucks, BBQs, or as a crowd-pleasing game day appetizer. They also serve as an excellent savory fat bomb, providing 12.5 grams of fat and just 0.7 carbs per two slices. Perfect for upping your daily fat intake!

Find the recipe for these Air Fryer Bacon Avocado Wraps on Keto Focus

16. Dairy Free Queso Dip with Ground Beef

Dairy Free Queso Dip with Ground Beef

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Dairy free queso? But bare with us. This recipe is for all the cheese lovers out there still looking to get their fix (me). This dairy-free cheesy dip isn't just tasty; it's also a paleo and keto queso with hidden veggies that blend seamlessly. When it comes to enjoying an irresistible dip without guilt, opting for a healthier version is the way to go. You won't even notice the cauliflower and other veggies in this queso. Plus, best of all, it won't leave you feeling bloated.

Find the recipe for this for Dairy Free Queso Dip with Ground Beef on What great Grandma Ate

17. Paleo Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

Paleo Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

This robust and substantial casserole not only aligns with keto and dairy-free diets but also adheres to paleo and Whole30 guidelines. What truly sets it apart is the generous inclusion of succulent chicken, broccoli rice, creamy coconut milk, and a medley of fragrant herbs, spices, and seasonings. This casserole promises an explosion of flavors in every bite.

Find the recipe for this Paleo Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole on Paleo Running Momma

18. Paleo Zucchini Lasagna with Sausage

Paleo Zucchini Lasagna with Sausage

Zucchini lasagna has to be one of my favorite dishes, regardless of keto or not. There’s something about those zucchini noodles that just hit differently. Satisfy your cravings with this low-carb Paleo Zucchini Lasagna! Thin zucchini slices are stacked with a creamy cashew-based cheese sauce and a savory sausage marinara blend, creating a flavorful and veggie-packed dish. Plus, it’s dairy-free, grain-free, Whole30-friendly, and great for saving leftovers!

Find the recipe for this Paleo Zucchini Lasagna with Sausage on Paleo Running Momma

19. Zuppa Toscana

Zuppa Toscana

The traditional version of zuppa toscana calls for all of my favorite things like sausage, bacon, potatoes, kale, broth, and cream. So, aside from switching out the dairy, the keto dairy-free version is still pretty similar to the original! This soup is a delicious meal for when it gets a little cooler out and for the whole family.

Find the recipe for this Zuppa Toscana on Paleo Running Momma

20. Loaded Cauliflower Soup

Loaded Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower soup is one of my all time favorite soups. If you couldn't tell, I’m just adding all my favorite recipes to this list. You’re welcome. Anticipate a velvety cauliflower soup base topped with vegetables, crispy bacon, sour cream, and garnished with green onions. It really doesn’t get much tastier than this.

Find the recipe for this Loaded Cauliflower Soup on Our Salty Kitchen

21. Keto Beef Enchiladas

Keto Beef Enchiladas

Indulge in these delectable keto beef enchiladas, featuring a speedy homemade red enchilada sauce and well-seasoned ground beef mixed with green chiles, all snugly wrapped in a pliable keto flour tortilla. Bursting with your cherished Mexican comfort food flavors, these enchiladas offer ultimate comfort and taste.

Find the recipe for these Keto Beef Enchiladas on Cassidy's Craveable Creations

22. Lemon Garlic Salmon

Lemon Garlic Salmon

A keto recipe list would not be complete without some sort of salmon dish. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible flavor of this lemon garlic salmon. With minimal ingredients, it's a fast and effortless dish to whip up. Whether you're dining with guests or seeking a simple weeknight meal, this salmon recipe, complete with a delectable lemon garlic butter sauce, fits the bill perfectly. Plus, it aligns with Whole30, paleo, low-carb, and keto dietary preferences.

Find the recipe for this Lemon Garlic Salmon on 40 Aprons

23. Baked Eggs and Zoodles

Baked Eggs and Zoodles

If you're looking for a dish that won't leave you feeling quite so weighed down, this is the perfect recipe for you. It's light, refreshing, and absolutely delicious. High in fat and protein, these baked eggs and zoodles with avocado are the perfect way to mix up your usual breakfast or dinner.

Find the recipe for this Baked Eggs and Zoodles dish on Pure Wow

24. Chicken Meatballs with Coconut Herb Sauce

Chicken Meatballs with Coconut Herb Sauce

Few things are as satisfying as meatballs; however, we often have to restrain from the indulgence. With this recipe, enjoy the same satisfaction of savory meatballs in a much leaner dish. These chicken meatballs are slathered with a creamy coconut-herb sauce and baked for tenderness. Served with cauliflower rice for a lighter touch, it's a flavorful dish that won't leave you sacrificing taste.

Find the recipe for these Chicken Meatballs with Coconut Herb Sauce on Pure Wow

25. No Bean Keto Chili

No Bean Keto Chili

Chili is that one-pot wonder that delivers it all. It's a warm, comforting, and nourishing dish. This version is wonderfully rich and smoky, without any beans. It's not only low-carb but also paleo-friendly, Whole30-approved, and brimming with protein, complemented by a medley of wholesome vegetables to complete the package.

Find the recipe for this No Bean Keto Chili on Food Faith Fitness

26.  Keto Salmon Sushi Bowl

Keto Salmon Sushi Bowl

Many Keto enthusiasts long for the delightful taste of sushi but are deterred by the high carb content in rice. Good thing this recipe offers a solution. Crafting this quick, low-carb, and satisfying dish takes just minutes. Start with cauliflower rice as the base, then add salmon, cucumber, and homemade sriracha for a cost-effective and delicious twist on the traditional sushi experience.

Find the recipe for this Keto Salmon Sushi Bowl on Hey Keto Momma

27. Crock Pot Fire Roasted Tomato Shrimp Tacos

Crock Pot Fire Roasted Tomato Shrimp Tacos

I mean… this one just speaks for itself. Get ready for the simplest make-ahead dinner that requires minimal prep. The slow cooking method seals in flavor and spice while maintaining the nutritional value. Serve them alongside gluten-free, low-carb tortillas, creating a universally adored meal! Did we mention the flavor on these are just to die for?

Find the recipe for these Crock Pot Fire Roasted Tomato Shrimp Tacos on Cotter Crunch

Bottom Line

A dairy-free keto diet doesn't mean you have to sacrifice flavor and variety in your meals. These delicious dairy-free keto recipes offer plenty of options to satisfy your taste buds while staying within your dietary goals. Whether you're craving savory dishes or sweet treats, there are dairy-free keto recipes to suit every palate. So, go ahead and embark on your dairy-free keto journey with confidence, knowing that you can still enjoy mouthwatering dishes that support your health and wellness goals. Plus, don’t forget, machaca is a great ingredient to satisfy your cravings and keep in your pantry to cook with for your next dairy free keto meal.