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Easy, Meaty Whole30 Trail Mix Recipe

Trail mix has been the perfect staple and go to snack for any outdoor fanatic because of its convenience, high source of energy, and flavorful versatility. We decided to "beef" it up a bit by incorporating small pieces of our sugar-free, artisanal Old Fashioned Original beef jerky. It enhances the richness and saltiness of the trail mix while also adding a nice texture that balances out the sweet tanginess of the dried fruit. 

We kept it simple and used two different types of nuts, dried fruit, white chocolate chips, and beef jerky, but don't let our simplicity deter your creative ambitions. We've provided a variety of meaty trail mix recipes below ranging from sweet to salty and everything in between. 

This high protein snack is an excellent source of energy and a healthy alternative to a (bad) snacking habit!