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20+ Unique Beef Jerky Recipes to Make Your Mouth Water

Whether you’re a seasoned jerky maker or just getting started, we’ve curated the most unique beef jerky recipes to inspire your creativity and dazzle your taste buds.

Technique is always important so if you're looking for tips and tricks to make the best beef jerky possible, check our out step-by-step guide to making the best beef jerky at home.

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Let’s dive into the best unique beef jerky recipes.

1. Dr. Pepper Jalapeño Beef Jerky

Dr. Pepper Jalapeño Beef Jerky from Hey Grill Hey

When it comes to the most unique beef jerky recipe, anything involving soda takes the cake. This one really goes for it with a Dr. Pepper jalapeño marinade that consists of Dr. Pepper, jalapeños, and Worcestershire sauce. If you are the adventurous type, then this recipe is perfect for you. 

Check out the recipe here from Hey Grill Hey: Dr. Pepper Jalapeño Beef Jerky

2. Red Wine and Fish Sauce Jerky

 Red Wine and Fish Sauce Jerky from Jerkyholic

This recipe is for all fish sauce fanatics out there. The unami profile of the fish sauce pairs perfectly with the richness of the red wine. Not only does the wine add a depth of  flavor, it also dyes the jerky bright red, similar to the results of using a cure. We recommend using a cabernet but feel free to swap in your favorite red. For a fun and unexpected combination, definitely give this tasty jerky a try!

Check out the recipe here from Jerkyholic: Red Wine and Fish Sauce Jerky

3. Citrus Basil Beef Jerky

Citrus Basil Beef Jerky from I Save A to Z

For an herby citrus delight, this citrus basil beef jerky is not only delicious, but it’s also refreshing because of the herbs. Using soy sauce, basil, orange, lime and lemon essential oils, this recipe has the perfect bite for anyone that loves earthy and fresh flavors. 

Check out the recipe here from I Save A to Z: Citrus Basil Beef Jerky

4. Pure Maple Syrup Beef Jerky

Pure Maple Syrup Beef Jerky from Jerkyholic

Anyone who dreams about pancakes and bacon will absolutely love this pure maple syrup beef jerky. Combining maple syrup, molasses, and liquid smoke, this is an incredibly smoky yet caramelly flavor that is perfect for anyone that loves sweet jerky with a breakfast vibe.

Check out the recipe here from Jerkyholic: Pure Maple Syrup Beef Jerky

5. Vietnamese Beef Jerky

Vietnamese Beef Jerky from Traeger

If you love all things umami, look no further than this Vietnamese beef jerky. Using fish sauce, lemon grass, and fresh ginger, this satisfying jerky is savory with a hint of citrus and spice creating a perfect kick. 

Check out the recipe here from Traeger: Vietnamese Beef Jerky

6. Kentucky Bourbon Beef Jerky

Kentucky Bourbon Beef Jerky from Jerkyholic

Saddle up because this bourbon-infused beef jerky will knock your socks off. Take your favorite bourbon and mix it with liquid smoke, molasses, cracked black pepper, brown sugar, soy sauce, and Worcestershire sauce for a strong and subtly sweet homemade jerky treat. 

Check out the recipe here from Jerkyholic: Kentucky Bourbon Beef Jerky

7. Honey Peppered Beef Jerky

Honey Peppered Beef Jerky from Beef Jerky Hub

If you like the flavor combination of sweet and tangy, this honey peppered beef jerky is for you. This simple recipe combines honey, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and garlic creating a mouthwatering sweet and spicy bite.

Check out the recipe here from Beef Jerky Hub: Honey Peppered Beef Jerky

8. Coffee Jerky Marinade

Coffee Jerky Marinade from Instructables

If you love a morning cup of joe then you should definitely give this coffee jerky marinade a try. The acidic nature of coffee is actually similar to the tannins that are found in wine which will amplify the bold flavor of the beef for a truly delicious treat. 

Check out the recipe here from Instructables: Coffee Jerky Marinade

9. Habanero Tabasco Beef Jerky 

Habanero Tabasco Beef Jerky from Jerkyholic

For all the spice lovers out there, this jerky recipe is for you. It uses habanero tabasco sauce for an extra kick . Combining the tabasco sauce with worcestershire sauce, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and smoked paprika, this recipe produces an unexpected twist on a classic flavor profile guaranteed to delight. 

Check out the recipe here from Jerkyholic: Habanero Tabasco Beef Jerky

10. Smokey Sweet Mustard Beef Jerky

Smokey Sweet Mustard Beef Jerky from Bessie Roaming

Anyone who loves a spicy and tangy bite will go crazy for this mustard beef jerky. Using the combo of mustard and maple syrup, these ingredients come together producing the perfect amount of zest that will leave you wanting more.

Check out the recipe here from Bessie Roaming: Smokey Sweet Mustard Beef Jerky

11. Silk Road Beef Jerky

Silk Road Beef Jerky from Jerkyholic

This tart jerky uses sumac, tomato powder, and a hint of cinnamon for a unique yet delicious beef jerky flavor. For those who aren’t familiar with sumac, it’s a spice from the middle east that has a tangy lemony flavor profile that brightens any dish. This one is for anyone that loves Mediterranean spices. 

Check out the recipe here from Jerkyholic: Silk Road Beef Jerky

12. Air Fryer Beef Jerky

Air Fryer Beef Jerky from Fork to Spoon

We all love a good air fryer. And if you haven’t joined that band wagon, it’s never too late.  This recipe uses soy sauce, teriyaki, brown sugar, and pepper for a savory yet sweet bite! The best part is that it can be made in your air fryer so you don’t have to buy a dehydrator. Truly a win-win here. 

Check out the recipe here from Fork to Spoon: Air Fryer Beef Jerky

13. Chocolate Covered Jerky with Toasted Pecans

Chocolate Covered Jerky with Toasted Pecans from Good Taste TV

Are you obsessed with bacon and chocolate? We’ve found the next best thing for you to try. This recipe combines the saltiness of beef jerky and the richness  from the dark chocolate and tops it off with nutty, toasted pecans. Anyone with a sweet tooth will go crazy for this. 

Check out the recipe here: Chocolate Covered Jerky

14. Yuzu Beef Jerky

Yuzu Beef Jerky from JerkyholicDo you love Asian cuisine? If so, then this yuzu beef jerky recipe might just be perfect for you. Featuring a mushroom and dashi broth, this recipe takes hearty flavors and combines them with green and red yuzu kosho producing a spicy and fruity jerky. For an absolute treat, be sure to give this recipe a try. 

Check out the recipe here from Jerkyholic: Yuzu Beef Jerky

15. Bloody Mary Beef Jerky

Bloody Mary Beef Jerky from Ramshackle Pantry

Anyone who loves a good Bloody Mary from time to time needs to try this beef jerky. This tomato forward, comforting, savory, and spicy bite is bound to delight. The best part? You can eat it at any time in the day. We won’t judge.

Check out the recipe here from Ramshackle Pantry: Bloody Mary Beef Jerky

16. Cherry Bomb Beef Jerky 

Cherry Bomb Beef Jerky from Jerkyholic

Don’t let this name intimidate you. This recipe uses cherry popper peppers which are small and round chili peppers that are a bit more mild in terms of spice level than a jalapeño. Combining cherry peppers, honey, and beef broth, you’re left with a spicy and very flavorful beef jerky. 

Check out the recipe here from Jerkyholic: Cherry Bomb Beef Jerky

17. Texas BBQ Beef Jerky

Texas BBQ Beef Jerky from Butter N' Thyme

Anyone who lives for any and all things barbeque flavored, this Texas BBQ Jalapeño jerky checks all the boxes. This recipe uses wasabi and jalapeño mustard to create a unique, smoky, and most importantly, meaty bite.

Check out the recipe here from Butter N' Thyme: Texas BBQ Beef Jerky

18. Kung Pao Beef Jerky

Kung Pao Beef Jerky from Food Republic

This unique beef jerky recipe takes the flavor profile from a traditional chicken dish and transforms it into a mouthwatering jerky flavor. The addition of Szechuan peppers and whole red chiles creates a fruity & citrusy flavor producing a mild spice level. You will then add soy sauce, sherry, and a bit of sugar to produce a spicy jerky with a sweet after taste. Definitely give this one a try!

Check out the recipe here from Food Republic: Kung Pao Beef Jerky

19. Korean BBQ Beef Jerky

Korean BBQ Beef Jerky from Jerkyholic

Are you a regular at Korean Barbeque? This recipe takes all of the delicious, meaty flavors from a Korean barbecue meal and transforms them into a jerky that is truly out of this world. It embodies all the specialty ingredients characteristic to traditional Korean BBQ such as sesame, soy sauce, and rice wine. This is a must-try for any KBBQ lovers.

Check out the recipe here from Jerkyholic: Korean BBQ Beef Jerky

20. Balsamic Cured Beef Jerky

Balsamic Cured Beef Jerky from Abingdon Olive Oil Co

This balsamic cured beef jerky is perfect for any and all balsamic lovers who can’t get enough of that tangy rich flavor. This recipe combines the rich, complex sweetness of balsamic with liquid smoke for a truly unique and savory, tasty beef jerky.

Check out the recipe here from Abingdon Olive Oil Co: Balsamic Cured Beef Jerky

Bottom Line

These unique beef jerky recipes will complete your wildest jerky making dreams and give you inspiration for your own fun flavor experiments. Whether you prefer something savory, sweet, or a little in between there is truly something for everyone on this list! 

The recipes on this list feature homemade seasoning blends, but if you’re looking to take your homemade jerky to the next level, browse our custom blends of beef jerky seasoning.

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