Keto Machaca Deviled Eggs Recipe - Low Carb Delight

Are you looking for a new and innovative deviled egg recipe sans sin? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re sharing a guilt-free deviled egg recipe (angel eggs anyone?) featuring our most faithful ingredient: Carne Seca - Machaca.

Although these eggs are sin-free, we guarantee there’s been no sacrifice in flavor. In fact, the flavor of these devilishly delicious eggs has only been beefed-up. And although they are entirely keto-friendly, they’re still deviled–in the traditional sense.

We recently found out that the name "deviled eggs" originated from the spicy and zesty filling. So, we went a touch heavier on the dijon mustard and black pepper to really honor the origins, and it did not disappoint!  

This recipe consists of a simple combination of only seven ingredients, yet these little devils are exploding with flavor. This dish is packed with zest and spice, plus a boost of umami from the added beef jerky. It doesn't get any more heavenly than this!

Enough talking though, let's get down to business.

The Process

Keto Machaca Deviled Eggs Ingredients

Honestly, peeling the hard boiled eggs might be the most devilish part of this recipe. While we don’t have a secret technique for this, we do have the perfect hard boiled egg recipe for deviled eggs.

First, gather 6 eggs, place them in a small saucepan and cover with cold water. Place the pan over medium-high heat and bring to a boil. Be sure to keep an eye on the pot while cooking the eggs.

Turn the heat off as soon as the pot begins to boil. Cover the pot, let the eggs sit for 8 mins, and prepare an ice bath while the clock is ticking.

Once the timer goes off, remove the eggs from the pot and add to the ice bath to cool down. Let the eggs chill for about 10 minutes. Once cool, remove and peel the eggs. Good luck!

Machaca keto deviled egg filling

Once the eggs are peeled, cut them in half lengthwise and scoop out the yolks into a medium bowl. Add mayo, Machaca, mustard, salt, and pepper to the bowl, then mash yolks with the back of a fork and stir until mixture is smooth. 

Keto Machaca Deviled eggs filling

Spoon about 1 ½  teaspoons of the egg yolk mixture into each egg white and garnish with your favorite Sugar-Free Beef Jerky and enjoy!

Keto Machaca Deviled Eggs on a Plate