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21+ Showstopping Los Angeles Gift Baskets [2024 Edition]

Are you looking for the perfect Los Angeles themed gift box? No matter if it's for Father's Day, Valentine's Day, or any other holiday, we got you covered with the best gift baskets from Los Angeles. Below is a wide assortment of Los Angeles baskets that are uniquely curated for that special someone in your life who loves everything LA. 

Whether you’re looking to send a gift to someone in California, or looking to send a gift from California, these fun themed baskets are full of surprises. Ranging from wine and truffles to candles and mugs, there’s a little bit for everyone to enjoy.

Keep reading to find the best gift baskets in Los Angeles. 

1. Cliffside Vineyards California Trio Gift Basket

Cliffside Vineyards California Trio Gift Basket

California is known for its fine wine, so what better gift than sharing some of California’s best Cabernets, Chardonnays, and Merlots! Not only is this gift basket filled with alcoholic beverages, but it’s also filled with tasty treats. Truffles, toffee, cookies, dried figs, crackers, cheese spread, and even an olive oil trio. This basket is perfect for your wine-loving, charcuterie-making friend or family member. (We all have one.)

Shop on Wine Country Gift Baskets: Cliffside Vineyards California Trio Gift Basket - $99.95

2. Los Angeles California Gift Basket

Los Angeles Artisan Snack Box

Coming packaged in a beautiful box depicting the Los Angeles skyline, this gift is a perfect mix of all local Los Angeles snacks. From Melrose Crisps and Santa Barbara Popcorn, to a bottle of California Cabernet, you can't go wrong. Plus, if you’re local to LA, you can stop by their shop located on Melrose Ave.

Shop on Fanciful Gift Baskets: Los Angeles California - $49.95

3. Milk Bar Sampler

Milk Bar Sampler Pack

Named some of the best cookies in Los Angeles, it was only fitting that Milk Bar made it on this list. Grab a Sampler Pack for that one person in your life who is always looking for dessert. Filled with all their greats, in this gift basket you’ll find: an assortment of truffles, 6 cookies (one of each flavor), AND a slice of their ooey-gooey Milk Bar Pie. It can’t get much sweeter than this.

Shop on Milk Bar: The Milk Bar Sampler - $60

4. Los Angeles Chocolates Gift Set

Los Angeles Chocolates Gift Set

Okay, who doesn't love chocolate bars? Claiming to be some of the world’s best chocolate, these gourmet bars wrapped in beautiful, Old Hollywood inspired packaging are guaranteed to be a hit. This gift set features four of their premium flavors, including: California Love, California Dreaming, Old Hollywood, and Blonde Bombshell (Marilyn Monroe’s favorite). These chocolates are not only rich in flavor, but they are rich in Los Angeles history. If you’re local to LA, be sure to visit them on Adams Blvd.

Shop on Compartes: Log Angeles Chocolates Gift Set - $49.95

5. California Sunshine Box

California Sunshine Box

Since California is known for its year-round sunshine, this California Sunshine Box is the perfect pick-me-up. With items from all local California brands, this gift box includes: lemon coconut cookie bites from Santa Barbara, dried apricots from central California, an addictive snack mix from San Francisco, a bar of citrusy artisan soap from the central coast, and a golden candle from Los Angeles. If you have family in the cold Midwest like I do, this is the perfect way to send home a little sunshine.

Shop on California Crafted Box: California Sunshine Box - $53

6. Sunshine in a Box

Sunshine in a Box

Very similar to the gift above, this is also a lovely way to let someone know you are thinking of them. Despite their similarities, I wanted to include both on our list for some variety. Also local to the Los Angeles area, in this gift basket you will find: sunshine herbal tea, a box of buttery shortbread cookies in sunshine wrap, a happy yellow mug, lemon candies, a jar of organic honey, lemon crisps, plus additional options you can include as well. All items are filled with the Los Angeles spirit, and filled with love.

Shop on Palisades Canyon: Sunshine in a Box: Thinking of You - $89

7. A Taste of California Wine Gift Basket

A Taste of California Wine Gift Basket

Now, back to the wine. This tasty gift basket includes a California red and a California white. Of course it also includes a variety of snacks that pair perfectly with each. Gourmet cheese, crackers, cookies, chocolate squares, nuts, and olives. You really can’t go wrong.

Shop on The Best Gift Baskets: A Taste of California Wine Gift Basket - $69.95

8. Support Local: Southern California Gift Basket

Support Local: Southern California Gift Basket

This gift basket is one of my personal favorites on the list because it was created as a way to give back to medical workers and small-businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. 15% of the proceeds from this box will go to the Direct Relief, an organization helping those in need get medical supplies during a crisis. So, send this to a friend in the medical field as a thank you for their service, or send this to a friend who is recovering from covid as a little encouragement. Either way, you’re helping make a difference. This basket includes: Hedley and Bennett masks, Par Avion Turmeric Rescue Tea, People's Choice Beef Jerky, Compartés chocolate, and an Apothenne candle.

Shop on Bestowe Gifting: Support Local: Southern California - $120

9. People's Choice Beef Jerky One-of-Everything Gift Box

People's Choice Beef Jerky One-of-Everything Gift Box

I might be a little biased on this one, but this is the perfect gift for that meat-eating fanatic you know and love. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles since 1929, you can’t get more classic LA than People’s Choice Beef Jerky. This sampler box features 12 delicious products from the fan-favorite Classic line, Tried & True Old Fashioned line, exotic Carne Seca line, and adventurous Tasting Kitchen line. Perfect for any occasion, you won’t want to skip out on this gift box.

Shop on People’s Choice Beef Jerky: One-of-Everything Jerky Sampler Box - $84.99

10. Los Angeles Nibblers Tin

Los Angeles Nibblers Tin

Perfect for that baseball lover in your life, this cookie tin is decked out in Angels decor. Not only is it dressed up for game day, but it’ll keep your sweet tooth satisfied all game long. With 60 bite-sized cookies in an assortment of their most popular flavors, we’d call this a home run.

Shop on Mrs. Fields: Los Angeles Nibblers Tin - $54.99

11. Surf’s Up Candle California Gift box

Surf’s Up Candle California Gift box

Geared towards that person in your life who loves surfing, this gift basket is totally gnarly. Did we use that right? Anyways, here you’ll find: a variety of beach scented candles, an 8oz mandarin mango mason jar, an 8oz surf wax sugar scrub, and two lovely air fresheners. Everything designed in surfboards and beach attire, it really is a surfers paradise.

Shop on Surfs Up Candle: Surf’s Up Candle California Gift Box - $135

12. Shine on Gift Box

Shine on Gift Box

In Los Angeles, we are all about self-care and self-love. So, what better way to spread that love than by sending someone this gift basket? It includes a California Beach Soy Candle, a Lemon Honey Cake Soap, and a Love Fire Essential Oil Roller. Make sure your loved ones are treating themselves to a peaceful night-in every once in a while.

Shop on Etsy: Shine on Gift Box - $25.07

13. Sending Love from California Gift Box

Sending Love from California Gift Box

This gift basket is also one of my very favorites on the list. It was created for someone who is living in California to send to their dear friends or family who don’t live in the state. Send this to your parents, your siblings, or your best friend to show them how much you love and miss them. The goodies inside are simple and sweet: a live and healthy 3” succulent, a scented candle with decorative matches, and a beautifully designed greeting card.

Shop on Etsy: Sending Love from California Gift Box - $29.99

14. Parisian Florist 

 Floral Arrangement

Flower gifts in the form of a flower delivery can be extremely special and a fantastic surprise. It's also made simple with Parisian Florist- an online flower delivery company that delivers fresh flowers throughout LA. They provide stunning flower arrangements and floral arrangements that range in colors and flower types. If you're looking for a gift delivery - this should be your go to. 

Shop on Parisian Florist: $65+

15. Classic Fruit Basket 

 Classic Summer Fruit Platter

Everyone loves a good fruit basic with real food. Not only does Edible Arrangements offer custom options and a personalized card with their baskets, but they offer next-day delivery to places like Culver City and Santa Monica. Talk about a unique gift deliver in Los Angeles. 

Shop on Edible Arrangements: Fruit Arrangements $50+

Bottom Line

Whether you want to send a gift from Los Angeles, or to Los Angeles, one of the baskets on this list is sure to be the perfect match. From California wine to California scented candles, there is something for everyone to love. Grab a One-of-Everything Sampler Beef Jerky Box, filled with an assortment of all our most popular flavors, and see for yourself. From sweet and savory to hot and spicy, we can guarantee this gift will be a hit, no matter who you’re gifting for. Plus, we’re located right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Can’t get much better than that.