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26 Exclusively Los Angeles Food Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

The perfect gift for a foodie is often one that seems unexpected to the layman. Foodies are a passionate crew of people–and passion is exactly what they seek out of the food they eat, the beverages they drink, and the food-related products they purchase. Add in a geographical filter like Los Angeles, and the search for the best food gifts becomes at least twice as difficult–but not for us. 

Thankfully, we live and breathe Los Angeles. And after nearly 100 years of operating in this dynamic city, you'd bet we've picked up a few favorite food spots along the way. In this gift guide, you'll find fantastic food gifts that your loved one can enjoy in nearly every occasion–not just the holiday season. We've also included an assortment of gift boxes and gift baskets for the friend that's expecting more literal food-related holiday gifts. 

And don’t forget, for a gift that is truly symbolic of Los Angeles, shop one of our delicious Jerky Boxes. We know a thing or two about LA as we have been handcrafting our premium beef jerky out of the heart of downtown since 1929!

1. White Bark Workwear Recycled Hemp Apron

White Bark Workwear Recycled Hemp Apron

If you're not from Southern California, you might be thinking this is the most LA gift you've ever seen. We're stoked on that! If a handmade hemp apron made from recycled fabric is wrong, we just don't care to be right. In addition to the incredible sustainability efforts behind this apron, it's also functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Purchase: Recycled Full Cross-Back Apron - $85

2. Spicy Beef Jerky Gift Box

People's Choice Spicy Beef Jerky Gift Box

This is one spicy sampler box filled with gourmet, handcrafted beef jerky, fresh from our factory located in Downtown Los Angeles. It's a fantastic gift for the foodie family member that loves to challenge their tastebuds with the occasional flamin' meat treat.

Pro Tip: Add a few more jerky gift boxes to your order (potential employee or colleague gifts?) to get your order total up to $85 and qualify for free shipping!

Purchase: Some Like it Hot Beef Jerky Gift Box - $42.99

3. Compartes Chocolates Christmas Gift Box

Compartes Gourmet Holiday Chocolate Gift Box

If you're unfamiliar with Compartes chocolates, just imagine if Gucci sold chocolate bars. Stunningly detailed chocolates crafted by hand right here in our hometown of Los Angeles, almost too marvelous to munch on. This Christmas Tree Gift Box makes an excellent early gift or stocking stuffer for those that appreciate the sweeter things in life. 

Purchase: Compartes Gourmet Holiday Chocolate Gift Box - $40

4. Milk Bar Sweet Treats

The Milk Bar Sampler Gift Basket

Milk Bar is the gold standard of baked goods, desserts, and sweet treats around here. The sampler gift basket includes a variety of truffles, a variety of cookies, and a slice of their famous pie. A guaranteed great gift for the sweet tooth that's typically stealing your sugar-laden snacks.

Purchase: The Milk Bar Sampler Gift Basket - $54

5. Boon Sauce Chili Crisp

Boon Sauce Chili Crisp

This might qualify as the most dangerous gift on the list. Not because it's insanely hot, but because it's ineffably addicting. Inspired by Max's Chinese and Thai upbringing, this flavorful sauce will surely spice up your giftee's life.

Purchase: Boon Sauce Chili Crisp - $18

6. Zabs Hot Sauce & Hot Honey Trio

Zabs Hot Sauce & Hot Honey Trio

Zab’s was created to share the Datil Pepper’s one-of-a-kind history and heat. We make Datil Pepper hot sauces that pay tribute to the pepper’s naturally perfect balance of sweet heat and signature Slow Burn. Each Dab of Zab’s encourages you to slow down, appreciate the simple pleasures, and enjoy each bite and moment. Never in a rush, Zab’s supports taking the scenic route, enjoying the journey, and making a little adventure out of anything. We hope you’ll love the Slow Burn as much as we do.

Purchase: Zabs Trio - $34

7. LAMILL Coffee Beans

LAMILL Coffee Beans

Coffee enthusiasts are perhaps the most particular of the foodie bunch. Like a sommelier, they're ready to nerd out on growing techniques and processes that transformed a green coffee bean into the robust roast they're currently sipping on. LAMill has been roasting and distributing coffee in LA County since 1997, so you could say they know a thing or two about beans. Today, they offer nationwide shipping and free shipping on orders over $40.  

Purchase: LAMILL Single Origin Coffee Beans - From $18

8. Cake Monkey Gift Basket (Via Goldbelly)

Cake Monkey Pop Pie Sampler

Thanks to Goldbelly, you can ship the delectable treats coming out of Cake Monkey's incredible bakery directly to your loved one's doorstep. The Pop Pie Sampler will transport the giftee back in time, in just one bite. This gift basket includes a variety of reinvented flavors of the classic childhood pastry, the Pop-Tart. 

Purchase: Cake Monkey Pie Sampler - $85

9. Masienda Masa Starter Kit

Masienda Masa Starter Kit

For the cook in your life that's always trying to taco-bout Mexican cuisine. Masienda is the ultimate authority in all things masa. From an incredible selection of independently selected heirloom corn to the beautifully crafted tortilla press that's included in this starter kit, they've truly got it all. This particular kit also includes two bags of chef-grade masa, so your giftee won't need anything else to get started on their epic tortilla journey. 

Purchase: Masienda Masa Starter Kit - $115

10. Humble Ceramics Salt Cellar

Humble Ceramics Salt Cellar

A salt cellar is a gift for those that LOVE to get their hands dirty, cooking recipe after recipe in the kitchen. The act of seasoning may seem slightly insignificant. It's not. It's unquestionably the foundation of intuitive cooking, which naturally lends itself to good cooking. Gift this handmade salt cellar to that someone whose passion for food radiates through each room they enter and watch as they learn to pinch and toss salt onto food with intuition and taste as their food begins to reach new heights. 

Purchase: Humble Ceramics Salt Cellar - $95

11. Guelaguetza Mole Rojo

Guelaguetza Mole Rojo

Guelaguetza is an award-winning Oaxacan restaurant situated on the outskirts of Koreatown, Los Angeles. They've been in business since 1994 and are sure to be on any real Angeleno's list of favorite spots. During the pandemic, the team at Guelaguetza created an online gift shop as a way to stay connected with customers. The shop features a number of goods, including their masa, cookbook, and mole. 

Purchase: Guelaguetza Mole Rojo - $14

12. Brightland Olive Oil Luminous Capsule

Brightland Olive Oil Luminous Capsule

This is the perfect gift the foodie that posts everything on Instagram. Brightland is so damn eye-catching, it's hard not to hit the "buy" button at first sight of their product lineup. The good news is that their olive oil is some seriously good stuff. The honey and vinegar in this set are no joke either. All combined are on the lighter. Hence, The Luminous Capsule. 

Purchase: The Luminous Capsule - $88

13. Japanese Knife Imports Petty Knife

Gesshin Stainless 150mm Wa-Petty Knife

This Japanese petty knife is one of the best gifts you could get for a friend or family member that treats the farmer's market like church. This isn't like any knife you could pick up from Williams Sonoma. Gesshin Knives are crafted with love in Japan. This particular knife is sharp, durable, easy to care for, and perfect for vegetables fresh from the market. Both a beginner cook and a veteran of the line can appreciate the Gesshin Stainless Wa-Petty Knife. 

Purchase: Gesshin Stainless 150mm Wa-Petty - $115

14. Graf Lantz Round Felt Coasters

Graf Lantz Round Felt Coasters

Honestly, these merino wool felt coasters were just too cool not to include on the list. They're made right here in LA and are completely water-resistant. Hip enough for any LA native or anyone stoked on the LA lifestyle. They're equally functional for a cup of freshly roasted coffee as they are for a big glass of natural wine. Plus, they're sold in a variety of cool colors. 

Purchase: ​​Bierfilzl Round Coaster Felt Solid 4 Pack - $24

15. Atelier Saucier Linens

Atelier Saucier Avocado Stripe Napkins

Feast your eyes on this awesome set of California-inspired home goods from our neighbors Atelier Saucier. The Avocado Stripe napkin evokes the essence of California. The unique light green avocado napkin with white and black contrasting stripes will bring sunny California to any kitchen they enter. 

Purchase: Atelier Saucier Avocado Stripe Napkins - $66

16. Now Serving Gift Card

Now Serving Gift Card

Now Serving is undoubtedly the coolest bookstore in Los Angeles. Okay, maybe not if you're not big on cooking. But to a foodie like your giftee, being in that store filled with exclusively cookbooks is accurately analogous to feeling like a kid in a candy store. And with the gift card, you can give them a virtual version of that experience. Choose how much credit you want to throw on the gift card and let them go crazy online. Prices start at $10.

Purchase: Now Serving Gift Card - $10-$200

17. Woon Stir Fry Sauce

Woon Stir Fry Sauce

Woon is a fun Chinese comfort food restaurant with humble beginnings as a family-run pop-up restaurant that set out to share their mother's (Mama Fong) food. Now, running a successful brick-and-mortar in Historic Filipinotown, Woon has expanded to selling sauces, seasonings, and merch on their online shop. The Stir Fry sauce is a super convenient and tasty sauce ideal for noodles but is great in any stir fry dish. 

Purchase: Woon Stir Fry Sauce - $8

18. Brother Brother Tote Bag

Brother Brother, Brother Broes Tote

A farmer's market frequenter can never have too many tote bags. This cheeky Brother Brother tote bag is a fun take on a classic Trader Joe's tote bag, so you know it's ideal for food transport and delivery. Be a good friend or family member and send your giftee out to explore their next farmer's market in style.  

Purchase: Brother Brother, Brother Broes Tote - $50

19. Uncle Paulies Hoodie

Uncle Paulies Beverly Deli Hoodie

Uncle Paulie's Deli in Downtown Los Angeles deals in incredible sandwiches and iconic swag. If the loved one you're shopping for isn't physically able to get out and try this esteemed deli, you can still feed their closet by gifting them the Beverly Hoodie.

Purchase: Uncle Paulies Beverly Deli Hoodie - $80

20. Jon & Vinny's Stadium Cushion

Jon & Vinny's Stadium Cushion

Jon & Vinny's is another iconic restaurant in the Los Angeles area. The acclaimed Italian restaurant has an extensive collection of fun goods for sale in their online shop. Of them, our favorite and most unique food gift on the list was the Stadium Cushion. This may be a bit niche, but Jon & Vinny's has that cult-like following that appreciates these fun–and functional–branded products. 

Purchase: Jon & Vinny’s Stadium Cushion - $20

21. Sonder LA Artisanal Maple Cutting Board

Sonder LA Artisanal Maple Cutting Board

Sonder makes shopping for the home cook easy as pie. This artisanal is handcrafted in small batches, right here in the United States (Los Angeles, CA), from American maple that's sustainably sourced. Fitted with juice grooves on one side and Sonder's signature cracker well on the other, it's the perfect daily cutting board and adds a nice touch of character to any kitchen. 

Purchase: Sonder LA Artisanal Maple Cutting Board - $70

22. Monty's Good Burger Skate Deck

Primitive X Monty's Good Burger Paul Rodriguez Skate Deck

Monty's Good Burger is essentially the hip vegan version of In-N-Out. When they're not providing the city with environmentally friendly burgers, they're out creating killer collaborations like this Paul Rodriguez Skate Deck. For the person in your life that loves to live fast and eat well!

Purchase: Primitive X Monty's Good Burger Paul Rodriguez Skate Deck - $75

23. Sweet Rose Creamery E-Gift Card

Sweet Rose Creamery Gift Card

Sweet Rose Creamy is the creamers creamery–did we just make that up? They're part of the Rustic Canyon Family, so you know it's good stuff. All ice cream is made in small batches, from scratch, using the best possible ingredients one can source!

Purchase: Sweet Rose Creamery E-Gift Card - From $10

24. Fishwife Tinned Fish

Fishwife Tinned Sardines

Tinned fish is smokin' hot these days–ask any of your foodie friends, and they're sure to agree. Fishwife is responsible for a portion of this recent rise in popularity. Not only are their amazing products packaged right here in LA, but their collection of premium products are ethically sourced and sustainably fished. 

Purchase: Fishwife Tinned Fish - From $23.99

25. Laura Ann's Blueberry Basil Jam

Laura Ann's Blueberry Basil Jam

Still in a jam trying to find the perfect present? Not anymore. Laura Ann's Blueberry Basil Jam is here to butter your bread. The herbacious blueberry jam is a necessary addition to any sourdough toast, and pairs perfectly with goat cheese! 

Purchase: Laura Ann's Blueberry Basil Jam - $10.99

The Bottom Line

With this list, you can shop like a Silver Lake, CA local no matter where you’re shopping from in the United States. If you’re unsure exactly what they need in their kitchen, just remember a tasty treat keeps the taste buds happy.

Purchase: People’s Choice Beef Jerky Gifts