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45+ Trailblazing Gifts for Hikers and Campers [2024]

The best gifts for hikers and campers aren’t cutesy or fun; they’re practical and useful gifts. Gifting a pocket knife with a bottle opener may make you feel silly or guilty–like you’re doing the least. But when your outdoor enthusiast family or friend is dying to quench their hiking thirst with a cold one at base camp, that bottle opener is priceless. 

Whether your friend or family member is an avid hiker taking backpacking trips to camp, or they’re more fond of day hikes and car camping, you’re sure to find the perfect gift in this holiday gift guide. 

And if you're in a pinch, wow the hiker in your life with the gift of endless delicious and portable snacks with our jerky sampler box!

1. Trail Series Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Trail Series Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask water bottles are championed for their incredible ability to keep drinks cold (or hot) for a long time–hot beverages will keep for 12 hours while cold drinks stay cold for up to 24 hours. In the past, Hydro Flask’s full bottle had been a tad too heavy to carry around on a hiking or camping trip. Now, thanks to the Trail Series, the outdoorsy person in your life can enjoy crisp and cold water along any trail no matter how long the hike. 


Shop on Hydro Flask: 32 oz Lightweight Wide Mouth Trail Series™ - $49.95

2. Danner Jag Hiking Boots

Danner Jag Hiking Boots

The Jag Hiking Boot is a Danner 80’s Original hiking boot. It’s lightweight and stylish, allowing you to maneuver twisted terrain with style and grace. In fact, the new Jag comes equipped with a cushioning EVA midsole and a new waffle outsole, making them comfy enough to rock while kicking back at the campsite. 

Shop on Danner: Jag Hiking Boot - $150

3. People’s Choice Beef Jerky Gift Box

People’s Choice Beef Jerky Gift Box

Ask any avid hiker or camper, and they’ll tell you that beef jerky is a quintessential trail treat. Especially jerky packed with protein that simultaneously brandishes a clean ingredient list and low sugar. 

At People’s Choice, we make all of our beef jerkies by hand, using traditional techniques and gourmet ingredients that produce a better-tasting beef jerky, that’s better for you too. Our premium beef jerky boxes are the perfect all-in-one gift solution ready to fuel your loved ones’ next outdoor adventure. Each jerky box comes complete with an assortment of gourmet jerky for sampling, and our one-of-everything box qualifies for free shipping!

Shop on People's Choice Beef Jerky: Jerky Box - From $28.99

4. Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Trail Runners

Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Trail Runners

Hiking boots can be a bit big and clunky at times when you’re traveling along a scenic, mellow trail. These trails are exactly where trail runners come in handy–or you know, if you actually enjoy trail running. Regardless, trail runners make an excellent gift for your favorite hiker. 

Shop on Nike: Pegasus Trail 3 - $130

5. National Parks Pass

National Parks Pass

The National Parks Pass is a dream gift for any true outdoorsy person. Not only will this pay for their next trip to a National Park, but it will also pay for trips to sites managed by the National Park Service, Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Bureau of Reclamation–for an entire year! Boom. You’re the favorite family member now.  

Shop on US Park Pass: America the Beautiful National Parks Pass - $80

6. Garmin inReach Mini Satellite Communicator

Garmin inReach Mini Satellite Communicator

Got a friend or family member that enjoys pushing things to the limit a little too much, like, it starts to scare you too much? The Garmin inReach Mini is as much a gift for this person as well as yourself. The inReach Mini allows you to communicate via text message while outside of the cellular range and enables the user to track and share their entire journey online so you can follow along from the safety of your own home!

Shop on REI: Garmin inReach Mini - $350

7. Leatherman Micra Multitool 

Leatherman Micra Multitool

Leatherman multitools are the ultimate pocket knife. And the Leatherman Micra is the perfect gift for your favorite hiker. Light enough to pack on any hike no matter how short or long the trek is–it’s great for backpacking trips too! From tweezers to a bottle opener, this pocket knife has it all and is sure to be one of your loved ones’ favorite pieces of hiking gear. 

Shop on Leatherman: Micra Multitool - $30

8. Sea to Summit Wilderness Wipes

Sea to Summit Wilderness Wipes

Wilderness Wipes: another super useful hiking gift for the next adventure in the great outdoors. Sea to Summit’s convenient-sized packaging makes them easy to transport on long treks and a great stocking stuffer. Freshen up with a quick wipe, and wipe down your gear that accidentally fell into the dirt.

Shop on Sea to Summit: Wilderness Wipes - $5

9. Topo Designs Nylon Camp Hat

Topo Designs Nylon Camp Hat

Every adventurer needs a good hat. Even if they already have one, they could use another one–especially a new one. The best hats are lightweight, durable, and packable. This Nylon cap bears all of those traits, plus it’s ultra-stylish and offers excellent sun protection so you can hike the great outdoors all day long!

Shop on Topo Designs: Nylon Camp Hat - $32

10. Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough Hiking Socks

The best hiking boots mean nothing if they’re paired with low quality socks. Enter: Darn Tough Socks. Who thought socks would be the ultimate hiking gift? These socks are super durable and reinforced with a full cushion that absorbs the shocks and rigors of the trail. Made from merino wool, they’re also moisture-wicking and good-to-go in any weather or terrain. 

Shop on Darn Tough: Hiking Socks - $26

11. VSSL Mini First Aid Kit

VSSL Mini First Aid Kit

This is a gift that you will get a big thank you for around a year later–right after a minor accident on the trail occurs and your mini first aid kit saves the day. This kit is super light–less than one pound–so there’s no excuse to let it behind. On top of that, it’s filled to the brim with over 40 first aid supplies so your friend or family member will be covered in any situation. 

Shop on VSSL Gear: Mini First Aid Kit - $75

12. National Parks Scratch Map

National Parks Scratch Map

Though this may not be a gift used at National Parks, it will be used repeatedly to map out future trips to National Parks. And, the most fun will come once home from a National Park because that’s when you can finally scratch off the park to reveal a full-color vista underneath. 

Shop on PopChart: National Parks Scratch Map - $25

13. Goodr Polarized Sunglasses

Goodr Polarized Sunglasses

For those days when the sun is out and the trail shading is sparse. Everybody knows you have to protect the peepers at all costs. And that’s one of the many benefits of these polarized sunglasses: they only cost $25. Aside from outstanding sun protection, these shades are fully slip and bounce resistant–they were designed specifically for running. Plus, they come in super fun colors!

Shop on Goodr: Polarized Sunglasses - $25

14. Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles

Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles

Trail trekking poles may be a bit silly to a novice hiker, but they’re excellent at easing joint stress on those long hauls to basecamp. These poles, in particular, are some of the most lightweight and comfortable to hike with. And they may come in handy when camping. Some tents are actually made to be used with trekking poles rather than tent stakes. Pretty nifty, huh?

Shop on Black Diamond Equipment: Trail Trekking Poles - $109.95 

15. Salt & Stone Sunscreen Stick

Salt & Stone Sunscreen

Here we go again–more sun protection. Thankfully, Salt & Stone is an awesome company producing eco-friendly sunscreen packaged in aesthetically-pleasing squeeze tubes. The SPF 30 sunscreen is formulated for the trails as it’s sweat-resistant and blocks both UVA and UVB rays. That’s some powerful UV protection!   

Shop on Salt & Stone: Sunscreen - $18

16. L.L.Bean Rain Jacket

L.L.Bean Rain Jacket

A classic L.L.Bean jacket updated with a modern style and fit. It’s wind-resistant, water-resistant, and even packs up and stows away into its own pocket. The coolest part has got to be the heritage-inspired features that give this modern rain jacket a vintage look. 

Shop on L.L. Bean: Anorak Rain Jacket - $69

17. Single Nest Eno Hammock

Single Nest ENO Hammock

Short for Eagles Nest Outfitters, ENO Hammocks are super popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts for their lightweight and durability. The single nest is made for those that don’t like to share. Just as good for a backpacking trip as it is for a day hike, the single nest hammock is the gift your giftee will never forget.

Shop on Eagles Nest Outfitters: Eno Single Nest Hammock - $49.95

18. Smartwool Liner Gloves

Smartwool Liner Gloves

Does anything beat a good pair of gloves? These merino wool liner gloves are super lightweight and portable for hiking. Perfect for keeping hands warm and nimble on chilly hikes. They’re sleek, machine washable, and touchscreen-friendly. A great gift idea for nature lovers hiking the Appalachian Trail in those chilly months!

Shop on Smartwool: Liner Gloves - $24

19. Wolf and Grizzly Fire Starter

Wolf and Grizzly Fire Starter

Fire is as essential for survival as it is fun to stare at. With the help of the Wolf and Grizzly fire starter Ferro rod, you can start a fire just about anywhere. Incredibly long-lasting and easy to use, it’s a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. Got some extra cash? This camp grill pairs perfectly with the fire starter to make the perfect gift.

Shop on Wold and Grizzly: Fire Starter - $23

20. SOL Survival Blanket

SOL Survival Emergency Blanket

Got an outdoor lover in your life that has everything already? Grab them this advanced emergency survival blanket. Large enough for two, this pocket blanket packs down easily and is made from materials that reflect body heat to keep warm in cold weather. Nothing better than a high-quality emergency blanket in emergency situations!

Shop on SOL: Emergency Blanket - $6.99

21. REI Gift Card Holiday-Themed REI Gift Card

Not sure what to get your outdoorsy friend or family member this year? Or, a bit late to the game and need a quick last-minute gift? The REI Gift Card is your saving grace. Choose from several holiday-themed gift cards and load it up with as much (or as little) as you’d like. This way, your loved one can get the sleeping bag, sleeping pad, camp chair, solar charger, or even fanny pack that they’ve been eyeing all year.  

Shop on REI: REI Gift Card

22. Headlamp


While camping or hiking, especially overnight, it's extremely important to make sure you have multiple light sources. We're a big fan of the headlamp in particular because it frees up your hands, making things a bit easier on you. This is an absolute must for anyone who likes spending time outside.

Shop on UCO Gear: Beta Headlamp - $26.99

23. Hiking Fanny Pack

Hiking Fanny Pack

A fanny pack is always nice to have on you while hiking or camping for things you may need immediate access to like your phone, medicine, etc. This one in particular is great because it's easy to swing around from front to back and has plenty of compartments to hold your things.

Shop on Mountain Smith: Knockabout Fanny Pack - $34.95

24. Gaiters


If you know you're going to be trekking through muddy, rocky, snowy trails, or even if you don't, keeping gaiters with you may be the best decision you make for yourself. Trails are always unpredictable and these bad boys will make sure to deflect any rain, snow, mud, or debris from you and your boots. They're waterproof, breathable, full length, and easy to take on and off. Give these as a gift and they'll love you forever.

Shop on REI: Backpacker Gaiters - $54.95

25. Medical Kit

Medical Kit

Whether you're going on a quick hike or camping for a week, it's vital to always have an emergency kit on you. You never know what you'll run into on the trails and should always be prepared. This compact first aid kit weighs only 8 oz. and features a durable, water-resistant medical bag.

Shop on REI: Mountain Series Hiker Medical Kit - $29.95

26. Biodegradable Wipes

Face Wipes

Again, because the trails can be so unpredictable, these biodegradable wipes are a good idea to have with you. Whether venturing on a long journey or a short one, it's almost impossible to not find yourself in some sort of mess. These wipes make it easy to clean yourself of muddy waters, sunscreen, sweat, or various other grimes you may come across on your journey. Plus, they decompose!

Shop on Ursa Major: Essential Face Wipes - $26

27. Bug Spray

Insect Repellent
Don't make the mistake of going into the woods without carrying bug spray on you. Trust me, you will regret it. Mosquito bites have to be some of the most irritating things to get, so make sure to keep yourself covered (especially at night)!

Shop on Public Goods: Insect Repellent - $13.95

28. Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

If you're going camping you will absolutely need a sleeping bag. This bag from Klymit it great because it's durable, packs down small, provides complete coverage, and has extra warm synthetic insulation for the coldest of nights. Perfect for any place and any climate.

Shop on Klymit: Wild Aspen o Sleeping Bag - $104.99

29. Hiking Backpack

Hiking Backpack

While backpacking or hiking you'll need some sort of bag to carry your things in. This backpack is great because it padded, highly breathable, and has lots of zipper compartments to store things away safely.

Shop on Cotopaxi: Surprise Pack - $135

30. Tent

Hiking Tent

When you're going camping the very first thing you think to pack is a tent! Depending on where you're going and how long you're staying you can choose to get a bigger or smaller one. However, your shelter is always one of the most important things to keep in mind so make sure you pick a good one. We love the Wawona 6 because it has everything from superior ventilation, to open space, ceiling pockets, weather resistant material, and more.

Shop on The North Face: Wawona 6 Tent - $500

31. Pop Up Fire Pit

Pop Up Fire Pit

Depending on where you're going camping or hiking you may not always have easy access to the necessary things you need to get a fire going. Skip the hassle of trying to find chopped wood by bringing a pop up fire pit with you instead. Put it in your campsite, in your backyard, or bring it with you to a friends. It's portable and lightweight, making it easy to take with you on the go.

Shop on REI: Fireside Outdoor Pop Up Fire Pit - $119.95

32. Camp Stove

Camp Stove

If you're planning on going on a longer trip, a camp stove is a great item to bring with you. Although you can get away with a couple cold meals a day, having something that's able to heat up your food and water is very convenient. With two stove tops in a portable and compact case, there's no reason not to bring this with you!

Shop on REI: 2-burner Eureka Ignite Camp Stove - $124.95

33. Stormproof Match Kit

Stormproof Match Kit
Being able to start a fire is imperative while on a hike or camping. You always want to make sure you have multiple light sources and multiple ways to start a fire (heat sources). This stormproof match kit is great to have with you incase you get rained on or find yourself in water. You'll still be able to start a fire afterwards to heat yourself up with these matches.

Shop on REI: UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit - $11.95

34. Lantern

400 LED Lantern

Sometimes you can't always count on fire for light, so make sure to have some sort of other light source with you. This lantern is great because it's weather resistant, is easy to carry, clip, or hang, and is able to illuminate your entire campsite by itself.

Shop on REI: Nite Ize Radiant 400 LED Lantern - $29.95

35. Handwarmers


Hand warmers are so small and light weight is wouldn't make sense to not pack any! Whether you're spending the night somewhere or just going for a long hike, once the sun goes down it gets cold. Save yourself the discomfort and throw a couple of these in your bag just incase.

Shop on REI: Ignik Hand Warmers - $1.95

36. Body Glide Anti Blister Balm  

 Anti Blister Balm

Blisters are the worst and ruin any hike or outdoor excursion! This body glide balm will help prevent any uncomfortable rubbing or pain while you're hiking. Foot Glide anti blister balm is infused with Vitamin A and C to help soften the skin and restore dry, chapped feet. 

Shop Body Glide Foot Balm - $8.99

37. Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Chair  Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Chair

This easy inflation, no pump required blow up lounger is great for any camping trip. It has a unique pillow shaped headrest design that gives you upper back and neck support ideal for when you need relaxation the most. It's portable and lightweight and can be easily transported on any outdoor trip. This makes the best gift for campers. 

Shop WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Chair - $39.98

38.  State Hiker Ornament  State Hiker Ornament

If you're looking for a Christmas gift for a hiker or camper, this is the best gift for both! These ornaments are made from recycled raw steel and is handmade. Choose whatever State you'd like to personalize it to the specific hiker. Just make sure to order these early so it'll arrive on time before the holiday. 

Shop State Hiker Ornament - $14

39. 'I'd Hike That' Pint Glass for Beer 

 I'd Hike That Beer Pint Glass

This one is for the hiker or camper who also likes to enjoy a cold one. This etched beer glass is made with a heavy weighted bottom suitable for a hoppy IPA, a refreshing pilsner, or delicious craft stout. It's witty phrase will get everyone laughing while also providing a valuable use. 

Shop Pint Glass: $19.95

40. Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap

Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap

A reusable food wrap is a great gift for any eco-conscious outdoor person. They can pack their favorite snacks for the trail or camping trip in these reusable beeswax wraps. These reusable wraps for food seal tightly around your food, protecting it from bugs and other insects. Plus, it doesn't contain any plastics so it's better for the environment. 

Shop Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap $27.97

41. Tim's Trauma Balm Tube

Tim's Trauma Balm 

Hikers and campers are usually active, which means recovery time is crucial. Tim's Trauma Tube is a topical CBD salve, made with intentionally sourced natural ingredients and essential oils to soothe sore muscle and any other aches or pains throughout the body. 

Shop Tim's Trauma Balm Tube - $50

42. Ruffwear, Lunker Durable Floating Toy for Dogs

Ruffwear Durable Floating Toy for Dog

Dogs and the outdoors go together really well. In fact, Ruffwear makes durable floating toys for dogs that's perfect for any type of outdoor activity that involves the water. The rope handle makes it fun and easy to throw on land or in the water, plus it's lightweight and bright making it easy to see and take with you. 

Shop Ruffwear Durable Floating Toy - $24.95

43. People's Choice Beef Jerky Crisps 

Jerky Crisps

Hikers and campers need fuel throughout their outdoor adventures. Now call us biased, but our Jerky Crisps are the ultimate high protein snack for any outdoor enthusiast. Made with only 3 simples ingredients of beef, water, and salt, this potato chip like jerky is suitable for every meat lover. Not to mention with 40g of protein per serving, this is a nutritional powerhouse. 

Shop Jerky Crisps - $8.75

44. CaribaCo Rock Candle Tea Light

Rock Candle Tea Light Votive

Get your favorite hiker or camper the gift of that mountain energy with a stone-like votive candle holder. Not only are these cozy and outdoorsy, but they're also unique and unlike any other votive out there. They are stone shape concrete tea light holders that you can choose from. 

Shop Rock Candle Tea Lights - $11.98

45. Tushy Handheld Travel Bidet 

Handheld Bidet

Sometimes you can't predict when you'll need to use the restroom on a hike or camping. Next time you've got to go, this collapsable and discreet portable bidet will be handy. It can go anywhere, it's expandable and collapsible, and is pretty discreet so no one will know you're carrying a portable bidet! 

Shop Portable Bidet - $29

The Bottom Line

We all have loved ones in our life that are outdoorsy people. This guide full of best-hiking gifts and unique camping gifts enables you to support their next adventure, the Pacific Northwest or Pacific Crest Trail–or wherever their heart desires. No matter what you decide to get them, just remember it’s the thought that counts. Any camping gift or piece of hiking gear off of this gift guide is sure to be a perfect present–especially if you get the beef jerky box. 

Shop: People’s Choice Beef Jerky Gifts