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25+ Mouthwatering Gifts for Meat Lovers [2024]

We all have that special man or woman in our life who is a true meat lover, a carnivore through and through. Shopping for meat gifts for him or her can be a challenge.

Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together this list of best gifts for meat lovers. Or you might be the carnivore and looking to share gift ideas with your friends and family. Either way, this list will give you the best gifts for meat lovers from a family of carnivores to you!

These meat gifts are perfect for Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, and even just because I love you gifts. After all, nothing says I love you dad like a box of meat. 

And don't forget, our one of everything jerky sampler box is the perfect option to impress the carnivore in your life! From mild to spicy, healthy to sweet, the 12 different flavors featured in this box are sure to delight any meat lover.

Keep reading for our gift guide on the top picks perfect for hardcore carnivores and meat lovers alike. This list includes everything from meat gifts, to kitchen gadgets, and even meat fashion. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

1. Tooth Picks

Daneson Toothpick Every Blend, 4 Bottle Box

A real carnivore needs a quality toothpick. As they say, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette, or in the case of the Carnivore Diet—you have to get a little meat stuck in your teeth to be a true carnivore. Okay, maybe we made that up, but it’s true!

You have the full range of options when it comes to toothpicks, from cheap to expensive, from wood to metal, but we especially love these premium toothpicks from Daneson. They are sourced from American northern white birch and crafted with only natural ingredients. They offer some fun flavors from Bourbon to Mint. 

Plus, for every tree they mill, one hundred trees are planted.

Shop: Daneson Toothpick Every Blend, 4 Bottle Box - $32

2. Quality Salt

Only Salt Pinch Bowl Kit

A true Carnivore understands the importance of high quality salt. It not only tenderizes any cut of meat but enhances the natural meat flavor. Anyone who loves smoking meat, will love high quality salt. 

It's easily the single most important non-meat ingredient on the Carnivore Diet. From Kosher salt and sea salt, to Himalayan pink salt and Fleur de sel, there are no shortage of choices when it comes to salt and all types have a place in the kitchen, so you really can’t go wrong.

We are big fans of Only Salt.

Hand-harvested 10,000 feet in the Andes Mountains, this salt is unbleached with no aluminum, no microplastic, and no dextrose. The coarse texture and complex will take any Carnivore’s steak to a whole new level. This is salt that you can enjoy and feel good about.

Shop: Only Salt Pinch Bowl Kit - $18

3. Meat Subscription

Porter Road Meat Box

There are a lot of meat subscriptions out there, but we’re partial to Porter Road. They offer a variety of meat box options that feature all kinds of meats from pork chops, bacon, lamb, chicken, and beef cuts. Some of their best beef cuts include New York, filet mignon, and ground beef. 

It’s a great gift for food lovers, home cooks, and BBQ lovers. You can sign up for shipments every month, quarterly, or just one time.

Shop: Porter Road Meat Box - $100

4. Steak Searing Blowtorch

Searzall Blowtorch

A true meat lover takes their steak seriously. Serious steak means a perfectly browned exterior with a juicy and pink inside, and that takes serious skill. Even if you achieve that perfect steak, you’re left with a kitchen full of smoke and fire alarms blaring in the background. The constant smell of roasted meat might not get on the nerves of others in a carnivore household, but a smoky kitchen certainly will.  

Enter the Searzall.

This blowtorch attachment tool makes it easier to prevent food from becoming too well done by effortlessly searing the surface of meat. It’s a real show stopper in the kitchen and guaranteed to please that Carnivore that is also a kitchen nerd. It’ll bring real delight to your loved one’s face. It’s great for the kitchen cook or barbecue lover. This is easily one of the best gifts for steak lovers.

Shop: Searzall Blowtorch - $75

5. Meat Socks

Steak Fashion Socks

This one goes out to the meat lover in your life that likes to have a little fun or has a good sense of humor. 

Make no “mis-steak” these steak fashion socks are truly high fashion. Perfect as a stocking stuffer or a great white elephant gift, these are a great way to look great and promote passion for meat. If the Carnivore dieter in your life is anything like those in our lives, you know how loud and proud they are of their meat passion. 

And no, these are not made out of beef.

Shop: Function - Steak Fashion Socks - $12.95

6. Carnivore Cookbook

Carnivore Cookbook

Dinner for someone who loves meat is one of the best times of the day. Pulled pork, short ribs, brisket, you name it, the meat lover has made it.

Sometimes they might be looking for a little inspiration. That’s where a fantastic cook book comes in. Hardcore Carnivore is a protein-packed guide for meat lovers everywhere. From slow-smoked barbecue to perfect cowboy steaks, the recipes from celebrity chef Jeff Pryles are real winners. 

Shop: Hardcore Carnivore - Cook Meat Like You Mean It - $24.00

7. Top-Grade American Wagyu Steaks

Snake River Farms The Party Starter

There are a lot of meat gift boxes out there, but there’s one that stands above the rest. This is definitely a bucket list purchase, but if you want to go all out for the meat lover in your life, this is the meat gift for you. 

Check out the Gold Steak Special from Snake River Farms. The collection of 12 Gold Grade American Wagyu steaks represents choice cuts of the best beef available in the USA. 

Think USDA Prime is the top grade of beef? Not so fast. These cuts of beef from Snake River Farms outpaces the domestic scoring system and uses the Japanese Marbling Score which scores up to 5 levels above USDA Prime. 

When it comes to gifts for steak lovers, this is truly the best of the best. 

Shop: Snake River Farms The Party Starter - $125

8. Steak Knives

Jean Dubost Laguiole Steak Knife Set, Set of 6

A real meat lover needs a good set of steak knives, there’s no way around it. There’s really only one name in steak knives and that’s Laguiole.

Made of thick, heavy-gauge stainless steel with serrated blades, these knives are the perfect balance of comfort, style, and utility. Made in France, each knife is bolstered with a tiny bee, a symbol of France’s Laguiole region. 

These knives will elevate anyone’s table.

Shop: Jean Dubost Laguiole Steak Knife Set, Set of 6 - $60

9. BBQ Grill Gift Set

BBQ Grill Gift Set

Meat and the BBQ go hand-in-hand. Anything that involves a little smoke, fire, and the grill will be one the favorite gifts of the season. Throw in some quality beer and the meat lover is in heaven.

This barbecue gift set is a real winner. It comes with a cutting board, spice trolley, gloves, bbq tools, apron, and leather carry kit. It’s on the pricier side, but the quality is there.

Shop: BBQ Grill Gift Set - $250

10. Smart Thermometer

Smart Thermometer

This one is for the meat lover who doesn't quite get the cooking temperatures right. Get the results you want every time with this wireless Yummly Smart Thermometer. It has preset programs for meat that eliminates the guesswork and makes multitasking in the kitchen easy! It's as simple as choosing what you're cooking, preferred doneness, and let the app keep an eye on your meat for you! 

Shop: Yummly Smart Thermometer - $89.99

11. 120 Recipes for Meat Lovers

120 Recipes for Meat Lovers

If the meat lover in your life loves trying new recipes, look no further than 120 Recipes for Meat Lovers written by Iron Chef’s Michael Symon. A carnivore chef himself, Symon shares his expertise with over 100 recipes for steaks, chops, wings, and even lesser-known cuts.  No matter how experienced, any meat lover will gain knowledge from this detailed book.

Shop: 120 Recipes for Meat Lovers - $35.00

12. 6-pack Mini Rub Jars

Mini Rub Jars

Time to fire up that grill because this 6-pack of rub spices is the perfect gift for any steak lover. Each mini rub jar is packed with freshly ground spices made in small-batches that are shipped directly to your door. There's also a unique assortment of flavors that are innovative and crafted from chefs. The best part is that the price point isn't wildly expensive so it's ideal for gifting. 

Shop: Spiceology The Grill Greats 6-Pack Mini Rub Jars - $38

13. 7-in-1 BBQ Multi Tool 

Multi-use BBQ tool

Reliable grilling accessories are always a win with a meat lover.

Made from stainless steel, this 7-in-1 multi-tool is durable and useful. It features a fork and releaser, bottle opener, tongs, and spatula. There’s nothing it can’t do.

Shop: 7-in-1 BBQ Multi Tool - $24.99

14. Brisket Knife 

Brisket Knife

We’ve all seen the Instagram videos of a meat smoker slicing into a soft, tender hunk of brisket. It’s heaven. Now you can offer your favorite meat lover the same experience with their very own brisket knife. The perfect idea for a real splurge of a meat lover gift. 

The Phantom Series 12” Slicer & Carving Knife is a true statement piece. It is masterfully elegant, perfectly balanced, razor sharp and with exceptional performance. This knife will easily satisfy professional chefs or backyard smokers.

Shop: Phantom Series 12” Slicer & Carving Knife - $89.99

15. Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet

Nothing cooks a steak better than a sizzling hot cast iron skillet. We recommend this pre seasoned cast iron from Lodge, a family-owned company that’s been making top-notch cookware since 2896.  For a cast iron that features optimal heat reduction without breaking the bank, look no further than the Lodge Chef Collection Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet.

Shop: Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet - $39.95

16. Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

Chances are if you’re looking for gift ideas for meat lovers, that person in your life probably already has a grill; however, if they don’t, this is one of our absolute favorites. Plus, even if they do, a new grill never hurts. This is one of the best charcoal grills on the market, combining family-sized grilling with a reasonable price tag.

Shop: Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill - $219

17. AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

Sometimes the best gift for meat lovers is the one that don’t necessarily seem meat related. We love this indoor garden as a gift because fresh herbs lend meaty dishes a delicious blast of freshness. This will accentuate every meal they make and give them all the more reason to meal prep.

Shop: AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden - $93.63

18. Stuffed Burger Press and Recipe Book

Stuffed Burger Press and Recipe Book

Making gourmet burgers stuffed with anything is extremely difficult without the right tools. Bring great ease to the meat smoker in your life by getting them this stuffed burger press. This tool allows you to stuff ground beef with anything your heart desires like sauce, cheese, bacon, and more. Plus, it comes with a fun recipe book to give them ideas of what to make next.

Shop: Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press and Recipe Book - $16.95

19. Smash Burger Press

Smash Burger Press

Smash burgers have been around for decades, but only became popular recently. Stay up to date on the trends with this smash burger press. Anyone who loves meat smoking, grilling, or barbequing will know what one of these bad boys are and would love to receive one as a meat gift.

Shop: Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press - $23.99

20. The Original BaconKit

The Original BaconKit

Who doesn’t love bacon, and homemade bacon at that? This kit contains everything anyone would need to make their own bacon at home in 7 easy steps, all you need to do is grab the pork belly! Including a Curing Bag, Pink Curing Salt, Premium Maple Sugar, Thermometer, and easy to follow instructions, the recipient will be in heaven. One of the best gifts for meat lovers on this list.

Shop: The Original BaconKit - $39.95

21. Ooni Kari Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Kari Outdoor Pizza Oven

This gift is definitely on the more expensive side; however, it could be a nice investment for the family. Odds are if he loves meat, he’d also love getting an entire new device to create and cook meat pizzas in as well. Outdoor pizza ovens are a fan favorite and a great way to get the family together for dinners. With multiple fuel options, this oven is capable of cooking 16-inch pizzas after just 15 minutes of preheating, in which temperatures can reach up to 950°F.

Shop: Ooni Kari 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven - $775.60

22. Steak Branding Iron

Steak Branding Iron

There are few meat smoking gifts that are as unique as a custom, steak branding iron. Your loved one can sear their smoked steak with initials or a logo.

The best part of a personalized miniature steak branding iron is that it’s fully customizable. You can get initials, a name, or even a funny saying. This is a clever and unique meat smoking gift.

Shop: Steak Branding Iron - $29.99

23. Bees Knees Spicy Honey

Bees Knees Spicy Honey

There is nothing more popular right now than adding spicy honey to all meat dishes, and for good reason. This is my personal favorite gift for meat lovers. I may be a little biased because I love putting hot honey on literally anything, however; this is sure to please the person you’re shopping for as well. Plus, it’s budget friendly!

Shop: Bees Knees Spicy Honey - $14.99

24. Charcoal Companion Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

Charcoal Companion Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

All meat lovers know just how important it is to slather their meat in garlic. This roaster fits two garlic bulbs inside at once and roasts them to perfection. It comes out so soft you can spread it like butter. Trust us, they’ll thank you later for this one.

Shop: Charcoal Companion Cast Iron Garlic Roaster - $34.95

25. Real Beef Jerky

The Jerky Box - LA's Original Beef Jerky since 1929

Beef Jerky is like candy to a carnivore. Unfortunately, most commercial beef jerky is exactly that—candy. Loaded with sugar, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients, beef jerky is something a Carnivore dieter has to be really careful with. 

Not with People’s Choice Beef Jerky. 

When that loved one in your life wants to eat meat, this will be their new go-to option.

Our Carnivore Diet Jerky features minimal ingredients, no sugar, and all beef. You can be a hero this holiday season and introduce your Carnivore Diet loved one to their new favorite Carnivore snack. Let’s be real. Eating steak can be difficult on the road. Eating dehydrated steak (aka beef jerky) is not.

The Ultimate Carnivore Jerky

“Satiate your inner carnivore and chew on real meat with a fraction of the chemicals that saturate most of the beef jerky market. It’s the jerky that keeps you coming back for more!”

—Zachary G.

Looking for an all-in-one gift solution? 

One of our top-selling meat gift boxes, the Health Nut Jerky Box, comes loaded with 6 different bags of 100% Sugar-Free Jerky. The jerky is packed in a cute, branded box with a little extra fluff to present the jerky in all of its glory.

Imagine the joy on the face of your meat lover when they open up the perfect beef jerky Christmas gift.

Shop Beef Jerky Gifts