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19+ Iconic Los Angeles Gifts for Him [2024 Edition]

We’ve put together a comprehensive gift guide for him honoring our home and the best city in the world — Los Angeles. Maybe you’re shopping for a fellow LA native or perhaps you want to share a piece of your city to someone elsewhere. Whether you’re shopping for a brother, boyfriend, father, or friend, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts from Los Angeles for every type of guy out there.

When we think of Los Angeles, we think of diversity, food and culture. It’s those key components that constitute the backbone of this great city. Each of these gifts reflect these ideas and provide a thoughtful LA gift idea for him. Continue reading for Los Angeles gift ideas that will knock your socks off. 

Griffith Observatory in LA

And don’t forget, for a gift that is truly symbolic of Los Angeles, shop one of our delicious Jerky Boxes. We know a thing or two about LA as we have been handcrafting our premium beef jerky out of the heart of downtown since 1929!

Keep reading for the best LA gifts for him.

1. Boon Sauce: Small Batch Chili Oil

Boon Chili Oil

When we’re eating at home, chili oil is always on the table.

Heck, sometimes we even throw it straight into our home cooked meals. Talk about a universal ingredient. 

If the man in your life is a fan of heat, Boon Sauce is definitely our favorite brand of chili oil on the market right now. It is made in small batches by Max Boonthanakit, right here in our hometown of LA . This chili oil is made with a sunflower oil base, and consists of a perfect blend of chiles, spices, anchovies, shallots, and garlic. Mhhhmm garlic. At just $18, this price is ideal for every budget. 

Shop on Boon: Batch #32 - $18.00

2. Buck Mason One Pocket Shirt 

Draped Twill Short Sleeve


When it comes to men’s fashion in LA, Buck Mason is a staple. Founded in 2013, by two neighbors in Venice, Sasha Koehn and Erik Allen have gone from setting up shop in their 350 foot garage off of Abbot Kinney to becoming one of the most popular men’s clothing brands in the country. 

Featured in GQ, Forbes, among many other top publications, Buck Mason’s growing popularity allows the clothing to speak for itself. They craft their clothing with the highest quality by knitting all of their own materials.

Built for longevity, anything from Buck Mason is a great gift for the guy in your life. The best part? Buck Mason features neutrals which makes for an amazing gift for any guy no matter how crazy their style may be. Whether he’s going into the office, running errands in your neighborhood, or kicking it back with friends, Buck Mason is a great purchase for all occasions. 

Shop on Buck Mason: Draped Twill Short Sleeve One Pocket Shirt - $95.00

3. Neenineen Udon Mug

Neenineen Udon Mug

Who doesn’t love a good mug for the holidays?

Neenineen is an LA based ceramics brand founded by Ninon Choplin in 2017. His eye for whimsical ceramic tableware and smokeware is playful and unique. The Udon Mug is especially whimsical with an abstract design of color and structure. Each piece is hand thrown, glazed, and painted, making each mug truly special. Treat your loved one to one of these timeless pieces. 

Shop on Neenineen: Udon Mug - $48.00

4. People’s Choice Beef Jerky 

One of Everything Jerky Box

There’s no better way to share the flavor of LA than with People’s Choice Beef Jerky.

We are LA's Original Beef Jerky Company since 1929. In other words, we know how to make high quality jerky with top-shelf ingredients and a handmade process. Plus, we’ve literally been in the same brick building in Downtown LA for 90+ years. LA is in our blood. 

Our jerky is handcrafted in a family tradition that spans four generations and 90+ years in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. A tradition built on quality ingredients and a handmade process that delivers a better-quality, better-tasting, better for-you jerky.

Our Tasting Kitchen Collection features some pretty awesome, LA inspired packaging. It is the perfect gift for an Angeleno, or anyone that is a fan of our city! Shop our jerky boxes for unique assortments of our best-selling flavors.

Shop on People’s Choice: One of Everything Jerky Box - $84.99

5. P.F. Candle Co. Candle


Golden Coast Soy Candle

Fragrance is a powerful thing.

It plays with our senses and has the ability to brighten the mood, or trigger fond memories. And, we all know that most guys could use an extra candle or three. P.F. Candle Co. hand pours some of our favorite candles here in Los Angeles.

While they have an assortment of fragrances, we especially enjoy the Golden Coast fragrance. The candle features notes of wild sage, eucalyptus, and palo santo, which would make any LA native living in another city less homesick.

Shop on P.F. Candle Co.: Golden Coast Soy Candle - $34.00

6. Courage Bagels Gift Card

Courage Bagels Gift Card

It’s absolutely no secret that Courage Bagels is crafting up some of the best bagels in LA, heck maybe even the country. Featured in the New York Times for giving New York bagels a run for their money, these unique bagels are a must-try for anyone in LA. 

Treat the guy in your life to a giftcard so that he can try the delicacy that is Courage Bagels. Hopefully, you’ll get lucky and he’ll bring you along with - a win, win. Just make sure that you get there on the early side, because the lines get long every single day that they are open! 

Shop on Courage Bagels: Courage Bagels Giftcard 

7. Hedley & Bennett Crossback Apron

Hedley & Bennett Crossback Apron

Hedley & Bennett is on a mission to make the most functional and best looking aprons in the kitchen, and they are doing a killer job. For the guy who has kitchen equipment at the top of his wishlist, this is the perfect choice.

Los Angeles is home to some of the best chef’s in the world. You know Hedley & Bennett mean business when these culinary gods are rocking this brand. We recommend gifting the All Day Crossback Apron to the guy in your life that loves getting after it in the kitchen. These handcrafted aprons are truly built to last. 

Shop on Hedley & Bennett: Crossback Apron - $95.00  

8. Canyon Coffee 

Canyon Coffee

Canyon Coffee was started out of an apartment in Santa Monica back in 2016 and quickly became an LA staple. 

We love Canyon’s commitment to roasting good coffee beans from farms they have formed positive relationships with. It ensures the well-being of the farmers who depend on the trade of coffee. You know - I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine sort of deal. 

The Trio Box is the perfect gift for the guy in your life that lives for a caffeine rush. This box pairs two 12 oz bags of Canyon’s year round go-to coffee beans, with a box of their incredible instant coffee. And if they love what they try, it’s super easy to set up biweekly subscription orders. This will keep coffee enthusiasts wide-awake. 

Shop on Canyon Coffee: Trio Box - $55.00

9. Bub and Grandma’s T-shirt

Bub and Grandma's T-shirt

Anyone who has been in LA long enough knows Bub and Grandma’s. Arguably the best bread in LA, their fresh bread is a must try for all carb lovers. Used by chef’s in many popular restaurants throughout LA, this bread is well known for a reason. It’s difficult to find the words to describe how fresh and wonderful it tastes. 

If your man loves bread, in addition to grabbing him a loaf, they also sell great merch AKA bubwear. The bub t-shirt is perfect for any guy that loves bread. The best part? The shirt will not only remind him of his devotion to bread but he can also rep one of LA’s most iconic bread makers at the same time. 

Shop in store 

10. Spiced Honey 

Botanica Spiced Honey

Spicy and savory honey is all the rage these days and there’s good reason for it. We recommend this spiced honey from Botanica, a seasonal restaurant & market located in Silver Lake. Botanica collaborated with Block Shop Textiles, a LA-based textile, art, and design studio to make this honey. It features California honey, turmeric, green cardamom, and black peppercorns. 

We love this unique flavor combination that elevates any dish, whether sweet or savory. They recommend pairing it with buttered and toasted sourdough bread which sounds like a slam dunk to us. If your man enjoys honey or likes trying new foods and flavors, this spiced honey is a great gift that is truly representative of LA. 

Shop on Botanica: Block Shop x Botanica Spiced Honey - $14.00

11. Parks Project Minimalist National Park Playing Cards

National Park Playing Cards

Parks Project was born in 2014 with the mission of giving back to our beloved National Parks. Each year they raise more and more capital to give back to habitat restoration, visitor programs, wildlife conservation, youth education, and more!

If the guy in your life loves national parks or even just the outdoors, giving him Minimalist National Park Playing Cards is a perfect option. Plus, it might inspire a fun trip in the future! This specific gift directly gives back to support Youth Education. So, you are really giving two gifts with this one!

Feel free to check out other awesome gift ideas from Parks Project.

Shop on Parks Project: National Park Playing Cards - $14.00

12. Angeleno Wine Co. 

Alonso Family Vineyard Syrah

If your man is a wine aficionado look no further than Angeleno Wine Co. Angeleno Wine Co. is making wine naturally in Downtown Los Angeles from local vineyards in Los Angeles. Yes, that’s correct, grapes sourced from LA County. How fun is that!

We especially love the Alonso Family Vineyard - Sryah. This earthy wine has a beautiful purple hue. It also ferments on the stem, giving it extra spice and grip. Treat any guy who appreciates a good bottle of wine with this delicious varietal. 

Shop on Angeleno Wine Co.: Syrah - $35.00

13. Bavel Cook Book

Bavel Cookbook

For the guy that loves cooking, Bavel’s cookbook is a must-have. Originally published in 2021 by iconic chefs Genevieve Gergis and Ori Menashe, this cook book details how to make the delicious recipes featured at Bavel, a staple in the LA restaurant scene.

Diving into middle eastern cuisine, you’ll see everything from Bavel’s famous pita bread, to shawarma spice blends, to beef cheek tagine, and everything in between. The recipes in this book are mouthwatering and the cooking fanatic in your life will learn a great amount just by reading this. 

Shop on Amazon: Bavel: Modern Recipes Inspired by the Middle East - $22.70

14. Mollusk Surf Shop Ikat Beach Blanket

Beach Party Blanket

When out-of-towners think of Southern California, they tend to think of surf culture. We think that Mollusk Surf Shop encompasses that vibe perfectly at their Venice Beach storefront.

This beach party blanket is the perfect gift for the guy that is always at the beach, or enjoys spending time outside. Either way, it’s our go-to blanket when we want to post up with some friends outside! 

Shop on Mollusk Surf Shop: Beach Party Blanket - $88.00

15. General Admission Mushroom Glass

Mushroom Glass Set

General Admission embodies Southern California culture, men’s style, and everything in-between. However, we are most fascinated by their home goods collection. 

The mushroom glass is definitely one of our favorite pieces of homeware on the market right now . It’s the ultimate gift for any guy that appreciates the small details in a good cocktail.

At only $12 per glass, it’s reasonably affordable.  

Shop on General Admission: Mushroom Glass Set - $56.00

16. California x Sqirl Gift Bundle

California x Sqirl Gift Bundle

For the ultimate California foodie gift, see Sqirl’s California Gift Bundle. This selection of premium LA food gifts is perfect for any special occasion coming up in your guy’s life. Whether it be a birthday, promotion, or you just want to shower your man in love, this is a gift that goes above and beyond. 

Featuring small batch Californian brands, you get to taste a variety of full size, top-quality, unique food items. The bundle includes independently selected highgrade olive oil, California gummy bears, buttery caramels, artisanal pasta, kokuho rice, seaweed, Shiitake Mushroom Jerky, red wine vinegar, and of course a jar of Sqirl jam. Truly representative of California speciality food, this gift basket is perfect for anyone whether they are local to LA or missing California from across the country. 

Shop on Sqirl: Sqirl Away: California x Sqirl Gift Bundle - $150.00

17. SUAY Linen Napkin Set

Linen Napkin Set

These sustainable linen napkins got IT! A great holiday gift option, this set is highly recommended for the eco-friendly guy who loves to host dinner parties. Supporting SUAY products means supporting reduced impact and ethical production. 

The linens are sewn in LA, using softened deadstock linen and low impact dyes. They are washable, durable, and ready to keep the dinner table – and your friends or family members face – clean! 

Shop on Suay: Linen Napkin Set - $56.00

18. Bestia Gift Card

Bestia Giftcard

LA natives Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis came together in 2010 to open their first restaurant, a multi-regional rustic Italian restaurant called Bestia. Today, Bestia is an absolute LA institution, making some of the most popular and delicious Italian food in Los Angeles. You can’t go wrong with treating the guy in your life to a giftcard to a mouthwatering dining experience and they make it really easy. You can buy an e-gift card in a matter of seconds on their website, or you can pick up a physical copy in the store. You’ll just have to hope that he brings you along as his date!

Shop on Bestia: eGift Card

19. This is Los Angeles - Estevan Oriol

This is Los Angeles

Estevan Oriol is arguably the most famous Los Angeles based Street Photographer. You may have caught him in the recent Netflix documentary: LA Originals.

His most recent book This Is Los Angeles is his largest publication yet and does an excellent job depicting LA as a whole. The book is essentially Estevan’s portfolio, capturing the last 20 years of his career documenting real life in Los Angeles. Any guy who is interested in photography or just loves LA, this is truly a thoughtful gift. 

Shop on Estevan Oriol: This is Los Angeles - $100.00

Bottom Line

Guys can be difficult to shop for. That’s why we created a gift guide specifically for guys that love Los Angeles. If your guy is a true Angeleno, he will love anything on this list. If you really want to go all out for him, mix and match a few items. When we think of LA, our mind goes straight to food and culture. From chile oil to cook books to wine, and everything in between there truly is something on here for every guy out there. 

And since we’ve been making delicious handcrafted jerky out of the same brick building out of the heart of downtown since 1929, our jerky boxes truly have LA in their blood. For the perfect gift that every guy will absolutely love, shop our delicious One of Everything Sampler Box.