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Insider's List of Butcher Shops in Los Angeles [2024]

Los Angeles has a rich and diverse mix of quality butcher shops. From old-school meat markets to fancy whole animal butcher shops, there’s an option for any meat lover.

We've been handcrafting beef jerky in the heart of Los Angeles for over 90 years and four generations, so we know a thing or two about butcher shops in LA. In fact, we sell our jerky to some of the butcher shops on this list.

Looking for poultry, seafood, aged beef, marinated meats, holiday roasts, or specialty cuts? There’s a butcher on the list that can hook you up. Traveling home for the holidays or no longer live in Los Angeles but still want something from your local butcher? You can order online from most of the butcher shops on this list and they’ll ship their quality meats across the country.

Ditch the supermarket and support your local business. Purchase premium-quality, well-sourced, and perfectly-butchered meat from your local butcher. You'll thank us — meat from a butcher just tastes better. 

Let’s dive into the best butcher shops in Los Angeles.

1. A Cut Above Butcher Shop

Santa Monica, CA

A Cut Above Butcher Shop in Santa Monica.

A Cut Above Butcher Shop focuses on whole-animal butchery and sources their meat from premium ranchers such as Snake River Farms, Marcho Farms, and Novy Ranches. They also dry age in-house if you’re looking for an extra special piece of meat.

This Santa Monica-based butcher shop was opened by Eddy Shin, a chef for over 20 years and veteran of Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse in Downtown Los Angeles. He knows a thing or two about butchery and meat.

They also offer some fire sandwiches if you’re looking for a quick lunch while shopping for some meat.

Phone Number: (310) 998-8500

Address: 2453 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Website: A Cut Above Butcher Shop

2. Continental Gourmet Sausage

Glendale, CA

Continental Gourmet Sausage in Burbank

This German butcher in Glendale is all about sausages and encased meats. They handcraft everything in-house and offer an impressive selection of sausages, hot dogs, liverwurst, cheddarwurst, bratwurst, and knockwurst. They also offer select European goods, snacks, and beers. 

If you’re lucky, they’ll grill up a few samples while you wait for your order.

Phone Number: (818) 502-1447

Address: 6406 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA 91201

Website: Continental Gourmet Sausage

3. Gwen Butcher Shop

Hollywood, CA

Assortment of meat

If you’re looking for the creme de la creme when it comes to high-end cuts and cured meats, Gwen is the best bet. But be prepared to pay a pretty penny. Don’t worry, it’s worth it.

The Gwen Butcher Shop is attached to the Gwen Restaurant in Hollywood and offers dry-aged ribeyes, Jidori chicken, and Kubota pork. House-made cured meats include duck speck, ‘nduja, salami, rillette, and other delicious meat treats. Gwen Butcher Shop is one of the premier makers of cured meats with an incredible selection.

Phone Number: (323) 946-7500

Address: ​​6600 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Website: Gwen Butcher Shop

4. Huntington Meats

Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA

Butcher in Huntington Meats in Fairfax

Anyone who’s been the Original Farmers Market in La Brea has run across this old-school butcher. This family-owned and operated business offers a superb selection of beef cuts. They source their meat from California’s Harris Ranch. One of their specialty cuts is the massive tomahawk steak. 

They even sell our beef jerky as one of their gourmet meat snack options. Make sure to say hi to Jim for us if you stop by this meat shop!

Phone: (323) 938-5383

Address: 6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Website: Huntington Meats

5. Marconda’s Meats

Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA

Marconda’s Meats in Fairfax

One of the oldest butcher shops in Los Angeles, Marconda’s Meat has been around since 1941. Marconda’s Meats is also located in the Original Farmer’s Market at the Grove. They are family-owned and operated with three generations working behind the counter.

They are a great resource for harder-to-find cuts of meat such as liverwurst and tongue loaf.

Don’t sleep on their poultry arm, Marconda’s Puritan Poultry. They skin, cut, de-bone, and custom cut all kinds of poultry products.

Phone: 323-938-5131

Address: 6333 W 3rd St Stall 514, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Website: Marconda’s Meats

6. McCall’s Meat and Fish Company

Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA

McCall’s Meat and Fish Company in Los Feliz

McCall’s Meat and Fish Co embodies the spirit of a neighborhood butcher shop. 

Karen Yoo and Nathan McCall’s passion for quality butchery really comes through in the perfectly-portioned fresh cuts of fish and beef. As you wait in line for your turn at the counter, don’t be surprised if they share some insights, tips, and recommendations on how to prepare different cuts.

Their selection is not limited to fresh seafood and well-marbled cuts of beef, they also offer fresh-baked goods, artisan cheese, and other quality provisions. This is a must visit for anyone on the Eastside.

Phone: (323) 667-0674

Address: 2117 Hillhurst Ave #2003, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Website: McCall’s Meat and Fish Co

7. Peads and Barnetts

Santa Monica, CA & Hollywood, Los Angles, CA

Peads and Barnetts

When it comes to pork in Los Angeles, Peads & Barnetts is one of the best options. They raise their pigs outdoors in a beautiful natural setting with a focus on growing them slowly and feeding them the best possible diet. That means no soy, no corn, no GMO foodstuffs or animal byproducts.

They butcher their pork fresh at the beginning of the week and sell it at the Santa Monica and Hollywood Farmers Market, as well as the best restaurants across Los Angeles. They offer a variety of cuts from shoulder roasts, pork belly, pork toro, as well as bacon and porchetta. 

Phone: (760) 877-0722

Address: 1305 2nd Street. Santa Monica, CA 90401

Website: Peads and Barnetts

8. Rabbi’s Daughter

Westwood, Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi’s Daughter in Westwood

Looking for a kosher butcher in Los Angeles? Rabbi’s Daughter is a great glatt kosher butcher option in Westwood. This neighborhood gem offers a tremendous selection of grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb and veal, as well as free-range chicken.

That’s not all. Rabbi’s Daughter offers a menu of deli sandwiches, matzo ball soup, salads, and other signature lunch specials. Anyone who cares about kosher, this glatt kosher butcher shop is under the supervision and inspection of Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Bukspan.

They are also a really friendly, neighborhood butcher shop that can answer all our questions.  

Phone: (310) 234-2600

Address: 2322 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Website: Rabbi’s Daughter

9. Standing’s Butcher

Melrose, Los Angeles, CA

Standing’s Butcher on Melrose

True butcher shop aficionados will agree, there’s really nothing like a beautiful meat case. And Standing’s Butcher has one of the best meat cases in all of Los Angeles.

Head butcher Jered Standing opened Standing’s in 2017 and has built a reputation for high quality meat and expert cooking advice. His goal was to open a butcher shop that combines local, sustainable sourcing and extraordinary customer service.

Don’t be surprised if Standing’s becomes your go-to neighborhood butcher shop.

Phone: (323) 413-2212

Address: 7016 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Website: Standing’s Butcher Shop

10. Villalobos Market

East Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Villalobos Market in East Hollywood

If you’re looking for carne asada and other traditional Mexican-style cuts of meat, Villalobos Market is your go-to option. The meat case is packed with classic Mexican cuts and meats such as ranchera, costillas, ground beef, codorniz, and carne seca. 

Planning a taco party? They also have a full section of produce, tortillas, and anything else you’ll need.

Phone Number: (323) 665-6217

Address: 5244 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Website: Villalobos Market

11. Garni Meat Market

Pasadena, California

Garni Meat Market in Pasadena

Size doesn’t always matter. Garni Meat Market is a small butcher shop that is packed with high quality meats. This family-owned and operated business opened up in Pasadena in 1995 and focuses on Armenian marinades and specialities. 

They also offer butcher-shop classics such as rib-eye, whole chickens, and pork chops. We recommend the marinated chicken wings, house-made luleh, and dips and spreads.

If you’re looking for an Armenian butcher shop, Garni Meat Market is a great option.

Phone Number: (626) 798-2676

Address: 1715 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104

12. Park’s BBQ Butcher Shop

Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

Park’s BBQ Butcher Shop in Koreatown

Those familiar with this world-renowned Korean BBQ restaurant will be surprised to discover they also have a butcher shop. They now sell the same cuts from the restaurant including galbi, prime rib, beef ribs, and other Korean specialities. 

You can also pick-up Korean specialty items such as kimchi, bean pasets, and ssam. This is definitely a high-end butcher shop but for those looking for a Korean butcher shop, it’s a great choice.

Phone: (213) 380-1717

Address: 955 S Vermont Ave G, Los Angeles, CA 90006

Website: Park’s BBQ Butcher Shop

13. LA Fresh Poultry

East Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

LA Fresh Poultry in East Hollywood

Los Angeles has a wide array of fresh poultry butchers that slaughter chickens on-site. You can recognize these locations by the giant rooster sculptures on the roofs of the buildings.

They cater to a diverse clientele of home chefs, professional cooks, and immigrants looking for a taste of home. There’s no better way to get the freshest of chicken. You can even pick out your bird. Let’s just say this isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s well worth it.

This is a great LA experience that any chef or home cook will truly enjoy.

Phone Number: (213) 739-0303

Address: 121 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004

14. Butcher & Booze

Glendale, CA

Butcher & Booze in Glendale

Butcher & Booze is known for their insane selection of Wagyu from Japan. Their meat case is like a candy store for meat lovers. But it does end there. They also offer a great selection of spirits such as Bourbon from Kentucky, Cognac from France, and wine from Napa. 

Those looking for Kobe beef and Wagyu from around the world should definitely check out Butcher & Booze.

Phone Number: (747) 277-1117

Address: 305 N Central Ave, Glendale, CA 91203

Website: Butcher & Booze

15. European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen

Beverly Hills, California

European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen in Beverly Hills

One of the more unique butcher shops in Los Angeles, European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen features a variety of South African specialities including Boerewors, Biltong and Droewors.

South African expats in Los Angeles claim the authentic South African specialities taste just as good as the ones from home. They also have chocolates, rusks, chutney, and fruit gums.

They also offer a range of sausage options with flavors from around the world. 

Phone Number: (310) 276-1331

Address: 9109 W Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Bottom Line

Come purchase factory fresh jerky from LA's Original Beef Jerky Co.

Los Angeles has a fantastic tradition of quality meats and butchery. You’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for at one of these quality meat markets.

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