Keto Diet Snacks

31 Quick & Easy Keto Snacks for Work [Low Carb]

Are you looking for quick, easy, and convenient Keto snacks for your work day? We've pulled together a list of the best keto work snacks.

What makes for a good keto work snack?

  • High in healthy fats, moderate protein, low carb
  • Net carbs under 2g per serving
  • Quick, easy, portable, and convenient
  • Requires very little to no prep
  • Delicious and filling

The beauty of the keto diet is you don’t have to count calories. Your focus should be on the daily net carb count. Each keto snack idea below is listed with the net carbs per serving.

Natural Keto Snacks for Work 

Nuts in a bowl for work

These are single ingredient, whole foods that are keto. These require minimal to no prep, making them great for work.

1. Sardines - 0g net carb
2. Hard Boiled Eggs - 1g net carb
3. Celery Sticks - 1g net carb
4. Avocado - 1.5g net carb
5. Brazil Nuts - 4g net carb
6. Pecan Nuts - 4g net carb
7. Raw Macadamia Nuts - 5g net carb

Packaged Keto Snacks for Work

Packaged Keto Snacks for Work

These are ready-to-eat keto snacks. No prep required. Rip open the package and get to snacking. These are great to store in your desk drawer or work bag.

8. Keto Beef Jerky - 0g net carb
9. Seaweed Snack - 0g net carb
10. Pork Rinds - 0g net carb
11. Bone Broth - 0g net carb
12. Cheese Crisps - 1g net carb
13. String Cheese - 1g net carb
14. Pickles - 1g net carb
15. Beef Sticks - 0g net carb

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Easy Keto Snack Recipes for Work

Keto Snack Chips

Have some time to prep snacks before work? These recipes feature simple ingredients and deliver great flavor with perfect macronutrients.

16. Kale Chips - 2g net carb
17. Keto Tortilla Chips - 2g net carb
18. 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Balls - 2g net carb

    Keto-Friendly Veggies for Work

    Keto veggie snacks for work

    Looking to add a few veggies to the work snack rotation? These are great low carb veggie snacks that are perfect for on-the-go.

    19. Celery - 1g net carb
    20. Olives - 0g net carb
    21. Cucumbers - 3g net carb
    22. Bell Peppers - 3g net carb

    You can always dip these crunchable veggies into a cream cheese, sour cream or cheese spread. Extra fat and flavor! 

    Sweet Keto Snacks for Work

    Keto Cookie Treat

    Having a sweet tooth on the keto diet can be a major challenge. Thankfully, there are some great sweet keto snack options that will come to the rescue at work.

    23. Cacao Nibs - 1g net carb
    24. Keto Chocolate Bark - 2g net carb
    25. Keto Cookies - 2g net carb
    26. Keto Bar - 3g net carb
    27. Dark Chocolate (70% or higher cacao) - 3g net carb
    28. Raspberries - 5g net carb
    29. Strawberries - 5g net carb
    30. Blackberries - 5g net carb
    31. HighKey Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies - 1g net carb

      *Moderation is important as these have higher carb counts. 

      Snacks to Avoid on Keto at Work

      Popcorn on a red table

      The office can be a minefield of sugar-laden, high carb snacks. Here are a few common office snack options that should be avoided on the keto diet. 

      • Popcorn - 14g net carb
      • Chips - 14g net carb
      • Pretzels - 22g net carb
      • Granola Bar - 27g net carb

      Bottom Line

      The path to weight loss and healthy living on the ketogenic diet can be challenging. The key is planning. Put yourself in the position to be successful and use this list to find low carb snacks for work.

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