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30 Greatest Gifts for Hunters

Surprise and delight the hunter in your life with a hunting gift that hits the mark. 

From delicious, high-protein hunting snacks to functional tactical gear, there’s a gift for every type of hunter on your shopping list. We’ve skipped the boring, expected hunting gifts like another knife or pair of boots. Instead, we’ve highlighted creative, out-of-the-box ideas that go above and beyond.

Keep reading to find the unique gifts for hunters. 

Also, don’t forget, our one of everything jerky box is the perfect gift for any hunter. With several flavors to try, they can throw a different bag of jerky in their hunting bag each time they embark on an excursion.

Let’s dive into the best gifts for hunters.

Hikers at nightfall

1. Antler Grilling Set

Antler Grilling SetIt’s safe to assume that the hunter in your life also loves to grill. 

Featuring antler handles, this grilling set is a great way for the hunter in your life to show off their passion. Made of stainless steel, this trio comes with metal tongs, a fork, and a spatula — all necessary tools when working the grill. 

Shop on Amazon: Antler Grilling Set - $40.99

2. Electronic Predator Call

Electronic Predator Call If the hunter in your life doesn't already have this electronic predator call, it’s a game-changing upgrade to the traditional hunting call. When it comes to hunting gear, this call is top-notch. 

This device can play a range of species sounds and even play two sounds simultaneously. With over 3,000 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, it’s field-tested and hunter-approved.

 Shop on Amazon: Electronic Predator Call - $99.99

3. Balaclava Ski Mask

Balaclava Ski Mask Treat the hunter in your life to this versatile ski mask that protects from the cold, wind, dust, and UV rays. Its breathable fabric makes it perfect for all weather conditions.

The hunting camouflage pattern design will match the majority of gear in your hunter’s closet. The best part? This low price point is an ideal gift if you’re on a budget. 

Shop on Amazon: Balaclava Ski Mask - $12.99

4. Leather Hunting Log Book

Leather Hunting Book This artisanal leather hunting log book is the perfect way to help the hunter in your life document their escapades. The book comes with templated pages to record all aspects of your hunting trip including weather, barometer, hunt setup, scents used, weapons used, and more. 

Shop on Amazon: Leather Hunting Log Book - $48.99

5. Portable Espresso Maker

Portable Espresso MachineHunting season means early mornings. Coffee goes a long way.  A portable espresso maker is a gift they never realized they needed. All you need is ground coffee and hot water and you’re good to go. Not only does this coffee maker weigh less than a pound, it’s also made of durable, scratch resistant material, making it the perfect hunting accessory. If you want to take this gift a step further, throw in your favorite portable coffee mug.

Shop on Amazon: Nanopresso Espresso Maker - $84.90

6. Beef Jerky Box

One of Everything Jerky Box When it comes to hunting snacks, simplicity is best. 

Beef jerky is a great option as it is non-perishable, portable, and filling! Give the hunter in your life the jerky box of their dreams with our trusty sampler box. With several different flavors to try, from super spicy to old-school traditional, the hunter in your life is guaranteed to find their new favorite jerky!

Shop now: One of Everything Jerky Sampler Box - $84.99

7. Buck, Buck, Moose Cookbook

Buck Buck Moose CookbookWritten by James Beard Award Winner, Hank Shaw, this game cookbook is the perfect gift to add to any hunter’s collection. 

The book is packed with recipes on how to cook a wide variety of wild game including venison, deer, elk, moose, antelope and caribou. The hunter in your life will gain an endless amount of delicious recipes to try. They’ll be a pro at cooking wild game.

But that’s not all. The book also provides extensive instructions on how to butcher, age, cure, and store your venison. Any outdoor enthusiast who also loves getting after it in the kitchen will absolutely love this read. You can even find a full history lesson of venison as well! 

Shop on Amazon: Buck, Buck, Moose Cookbook - $24.99

8. Bison Meat Sampler

Bison Sampler Kit Any avid hunter is guaranteed to love this bison meat sampler. This sampler pack features ribeye steak, bison chuck roast, ground bison, and bison burgers. Buck Wild Bison is also top quality and only uses meat that is farm-raised and free of antibiotics and hormones.

Shop on Buck Wild Bison: Bison Meat Sampler Bundle - $126.00

9. Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones If your hunting-obsessed pal enjoys a cold beverage or two, stainless steel bullet whiskey stones are truly the perfect gift. Subtle, creative, and timeless, these whiskey stones are the perfect addition to any bar or man cave. The best part is they will keep your whiskey chilled all night long!

Shop on Amazon: Whiskey Stones - $26.99

10. Camo Crocs

Camo CrocsWhen people think of what to give a hunter, sturdy boots for the field often come to mind. But what does a hunter wear post-hunt, when he or she wants to relax? Camo Crocs! Give the gift of comfort and allow the hunter in your life to relax while still rocking camo with these fantastic slip-on croc clogs. 

Shop on Amazon: All Terrain Camo Clogs - $40.99

11. Top Flight Open Water Mallards

Top Flight Open Water MallardsEvery duck hunter needs good duck decoys. Absolutely wow the duck hunter in your life with these open water mallards that are wildly realistic, sturdy, and perfect for the open water. If you’re not careful you might just mistake these decoys for the real thing! For more duck hunting gifts, check out our gift guide made specifically for duck hunters

Shop on Amazon: Top Flight Duck Back Water Mallard Decoy (6 pack) - $109.99 

Shop on Avian: Topflight Open Water Mallards - $169.99

12. Hunter’s Vest

Upland Hunter's VestWhen it comes to hunting clothing, this hunter’s vest from LL bean is top-notch. It’s versatile enough to go with any hunting shirt. 

Breathable, water-repellant, and roomy, this vest features ample pocket space that will allow you to fit and organize shells, valuables, sunglasses, and game. Help your hunter look good and feel good with this convenient vest.  

Shop on LL Bean: Upland Hunter's Vest - $109.00

13. Tree Seat

Millennium Tree SeatHunting requires long stretches of not moving. Comfort in the field is essential. This silent seat from LL bean can hold up to 300 pounds and is both portable and easy to set up. The best part is this tree seat will keep the hunter in your life dry all season long! 

Shop on LL Bean: Millennium Tree Seat - $109.99

14. Binocular Harness

Hybrid Binocular Harness Want to impress your hunter? Give them a gift they never knew they needed. This binocular harness allows you to go hands-free. Not only that, the straps evenly distribute weight over the shoulders, ensuring the utmost comfort.

Shop on Cabela’s: Hybrid Binocular Harness - $19.99

15. Personalized Deer Cutting Board

Personalized Deer Cutting BoardThis handmade deer cutting board is the perfect personalized gift for any deer hunter who also likes to cook. Handmade with maple, mahogany, white oak, and wood, this personalized cutting board is guaranteed to impress. You can get as creative as you want with what to engrave and this could even be used as a kitchen centerpiece. 

Shop on Etsy: Personalized Cutting Board - $48.41

16. Turkey Box Call

Lynch Turkey Box CallThe World Champion Turkey Box Call has been around for more than 75 years. Designed for turkey hunters by turkey hunters, this unique box call features a 2-sided construction that lets you create hen sounds on one side and gobbler call on the other. It is also completely handmade out of straight-grain mahogany wood that reproduces realistic calls that you can’t get from plastic. Impress the turkey hunter in your life with this timeless box call. 

Shop on Amazon: Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call - $47.99 

17. The Complete Guide to Hunting

The Complete Guide to HuntingSteven Rinella is a big name in the hunting community. His podcast, The MeatEater, has thousands of active listeners.    

His comprehensive big-game hunting guide is an absolute must for hunters of all levels. From equipment recommendation to hunting strategies to scouting hunting locations and everything in between, this book has every resource you could possibly imagine to strengthen your hunting skills. 

Shop on Amazon: The Complete Guide to Hunting - $22.99

18. Trail Camera Viewer for iPhone

Trail Camera Viewer This trail camera viewer is a super convenient gift for any hunter that uses a trail cam. It features a free app you can download on any cell phone which was created specifically for hunters to instantly view and share trail camera photos and videos directly from their SD card without having to import. 

This device is compatible with all iphones and most tablets. It’s also compatible with every single trail cam on the market. If the hunter in your life constantly documents their trails, then you can bet that this camera viewer is the perfect hunter gift for them. 

Shop on Amazon: Trail Camera Viewer for iPhone - $24.95

19. Tactical Flashlights

Mini Flashlights with Belt Clip These mini tactical flashlights make for the perfect stocking stuffer and are ideal for any hunter that likes to hunt at night or at dawn. The beams in these flashlights can sweep light over the length of two entire football fields. The flashlight itself is zoomable, and it comes with several different modes of use. 

Guaranteed to quite literally brighten any hunting excursion, these flashlights are a safe bet to impress. 

Shop on Amazon: Mini Flashlights with Belt Clip - $9.99

20. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Rechargeable Hand WarmersA must have for any hunter is rechargeable hand warmers. These hand warmers from Ocoopa are made of high-tech aircraft grade aluminum. They heat up instantly and have three different temperature options. The best part? You can even use these hand warmers as a charging port for your iphone should you run out of battery in the field! These will keep your favorite hunter’s hands warm all winter long and give them peace of mind during their outings.

Shop on Amazon: Ocoopa Hand Warmers - $23.69

21. Hunter’s Tote Bag

LL Bean Hunter's Tote BagThis hunter’s tote bag from LL bean is perfect for any hunter that loves waterfowling. Not only is this bag waterproof and camouflage, it is also double-stitched with nylon over the seams so that it will not break. The best part is it comes with a shoulder strap making it that much more convenient.

Shop on LL Bean: Zip Hunter's Tote Bag - $54.95

22. Deer Hunting Hat

Deer Hunting Hat This handmade deer hunting trucker hat is the perfect accessory to remind the hunter in your life of his or her passion. Versatile enough to wear from up on the deer stand or even just to crack open a cold one after a long outing, any deer hunter will love this hat. Featuring 100% top grain Italian leather and a laser engraved deer rack, this hat can easily go from the field to the city.

Shop on Etsy: Deer Hunting Hat - $33.00

23. Vintage Hunting Poster

Vintage Hunting PosterHunting is just as much about nostalgia as it’s about the actual activity. These handmade, vintage posters are timeless and fun. 

They can class up any man cave that needs a little love. Also great for young children that love hunting and the outdoors.

Shop on Etsy: Vintage Hunting Fishing Poster - $14.50

24. Fingerless gloves

Talus Fingerless Merino Glove There are many tasks in the field that require a delicate touch. Every hunter needs fingerless gloves. Perfect for all types of hunting, these gloves are made of 100% merino wool, optimal for trigger and release compatibility and all weather conditions.

Help the hunter in your life get the job done with these convenient and comfortable gloves. 

Shop on First Lite: Talus Fingerless Merino Glove - $25.00

25. Antler Mount

Antler Mount

For the hunter that’s looking to elevate his man cave, look no further than this Walnut Hollow Country Antler Mount & Display Kit. It’s easy to mount and features a solid oak crest plaque with a high-quality satin finish. The best part? You don’t have to break the bank. For only $24.99, this mount is an extremely thoughtful gift. 

Shop on Amazon: Walnut Hollow Country Antler Mount & Display Kit - $24.99

26. Camo Silicone Wedding Ring

Camo Silicone Wedding Ring

Perfect for any hunter who doesn't want to scratch their nice wedding ring, this camo silicone wedding ring from Kryptek will be an instant hit. It’s breathable and made to stretch, which is ideal for on the go movement. A simple yet thoughtful gift, this ring is a great gift for the married hunter in your life.

Shop on Amazon: Kryptek Camo Silicone Ring - $39.95

27. Camo Hoodie 

Camo Hoodie

For the cold winter months, we love this heavyweight hoody from Stika. It’s ideal to wear under gear and has stretch fleece insulation that retains core warmth while allowing moisture to rapidly move through the system. It’s lightweight yet will keep you warm and act as the perfect base layer.

Shop on Sitka: Heavyweight Hoody - $119.25

28. Elk Trucker Hat

Elk Trucker Hat

A simple gift that every hunter will love is a trucker hat. What’s better than a standard trucker hat? A trucker hat featuring an elk. Simple, timeless, look no further than this elk trucker hat from Lindo.

Shop on Amazon: Trucker Hat - Bugling Elk - $29.99

29. Customized Hunting Bobblehead

If the hunter in your life has a sense of humor, this is the gift for them. A customized hunting bobblehead is not only memorable but will leave the recipient laughing for days. This bobblehead from Bbobbler is absolutely hysterical and of course features an all camo outfit.

Customized Bobblehead

Shop on Bbobbler: Custom personalized hunter hunting bobblehead - $88.00

30. Personalized Deer Hunting Sign for Home Bar

Personalized Deer Hunting Sign

Another great way to elevate a hunter’s man cave is with this personalized deer hunting light up sign. A perfect backdrop for a home bar, this sign is a truly special gift. The best part? You can get as creative as you want with the customization.  

Shop on Amazon: Personalized Deer Hunting Gift for Home Bar - $159.00

Bottom Line 

Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, Father’s day, the occasion doesn’t matter. Any of the hunter gifts on this list are a guaranteed winner. 

The secret to finding the perfect gift for the hunter in your life is to go beyond the obvious items like hunting boots, hunting knives or hunting socks. Hunters are passionate about their craft so if you can find them an item that reminds them of and celebrates their passion, you’ll be the hero of hunting season. 

And don’t forget! Beef jerky is a simple and timeless gift that is perfect for hunting. You can’t go wrong with our One of Everything Sampler Box. They will have enough hunting snacks for the entire season.

We promise that the hunter in your life will love getting a box of delicious, hand-crafted beef jerky.