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35+ Standout Gifts for Deer Hunters [2024 Edition]

This gift guide is a must read if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the deer hunter in your life. We all know the planning and precision that goes into deer hunting. Choose one or a few of our many useful gifts to support your favorite deer hunter’s lifestyle and passion.

And, don’t forget when it comes to outdoor adventures, protein rich snacks are imperative. Our One of Everything Jerky Box is the perfect gift option because it’s easy to throw in your bag and will keep the deer hunter in your life full day long. Oh, and did I mention it’s absolutely delicious? Keep reading for the best gifts for deer hunters.

Deer in the wild

Keep reading to find all of our curated gifts for deer hunters. 

1. The Total Deer Hunting Manual 

The Total Deer Hunting Manual

The Total Deer Hunting Manual is the perfect gift for deer hunters of all levels. Long-time editors at Field & Stream magazine and lifelong deer hunters, authors Scott Bestul and Dave Hurteau have come together to produce a manual for deer hunters of all kinds. From bow hunting, to muzzleloading, to traditional rifling, there are expert tips between these pages for every type of deer hunter out there. Whether a beginner or lifelong deer hunter, this book is a great reference point. 

Shop on Amazon: The Total Deer Hunting Manual - $17.99

2. Deer Hunting Processing Kit 

Processing Kit

This deer hunting processing kit is a great gift for the hunter that spends money getting their deer butchered. It’s a game changer because it allows the deer hunter to process their game themselves. Saving both time and money, any deer hunter will appreciate this thoughtful gift. 

Shop on Amazon: Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit - $49.99

3. Deer Attraction Spray

Deer Attraction Spray

Deer attractant spray is a simple yet effective gift that any deer hunter will be sure to use. This gel stream from Tink’s shoots 10 feet, doesn't wash away in the rain, won’t dry out in the wind, and you can use it during pre-rut and rut seasons. This is a must have for every deer hunter!

Shop on Amazon: Deer Attractant Spray - $13.08

4. Deer Call

Deer Call

We are big fans of this Illusions Systems Extinguisher Deer Call. Why? Because you can adjust the noise to sound like a buck, a doe, or a fawn. With topnotch technology, this deer call is the best selling communication system on the market. Even if the deer hunter you’re shopping for has a couple of different calls under their belt, they will love trying this one out.

Shop on Amazon: Deer Call - $26.99

5. Gut and Butt Tool

Gutt and Butt Tool

For the deer hunter that field dresses their game, look no further than this gut & butt tool. It won’t take up too much space in their bag yet it’s highly effective. The best part? You don’t have to break the bank with this practical gift. 

Shop on Amazon: Gut & Butt Tool - $15.99

6. Game Bags

Game Bags

The majority of hunters probably have game bags. However, a deer hunter needs a game bag that is highly effective as their game is a little bit larger than let’s say a duck hunter’s. These big game bags are not only washable and reusable but they can also be stretched up to 21 inches. They are breathable to prevent any spoilage of meat and they feature a reflective strip so that they can easily be located by flashlight in the dark. Any deer hunter will surely appreciate this upgrade.  

Shop on Amazon: Game Bags - $21.59

7. Deer Gutting Gloves

Hunting Gloves

These scent free gloves are a must for any deer hunter that field dresses their game. It will keep their hunting clothes clean and make for the most seamless experience possible. Easy to dispose of, this pack includes 3 long gutting glove sets and 3 nitrile glove sets to be worn together. Truly a win, win!

Shop on Amazon: Deer Gutting Gloves - $16.99

8. Buck Archery Target

Buck Archery Target

Help the deer hunting in your life catch big bucks with this buck archery target.  This 3D deer target stands with the body size of a 200 pound buck. Not only that, this target has an extremely easy arrow removal. Polyfusion technology fuses the internal layers to the inner target wall resulting in uniform layer compression and ease of arrow removal. Allow the deer hunter in your life to hone in on their skills with this meaningful gift. Perfect for your treestand hunter.

Shop on Amazon: Bucks 3D Archery Target - $151.46

9. One of Everything Jerky Box

One of Everything Jerky Box

This is no wild game jerky, but it is the best beef jerky out there. Keep the deer hunter in your life satiated all outing long with our one of everything jerky box. With several flavors and styles to choose from, this box is sure to delight. It’s not only delicious, but rich in protein which is essential for any outdoor adventure. Keep him delighted while he's working on that handmade duck call.

Shop on People’s Choice: One of Everything Jerky Box - $84.99

10. Scent Destroyer for Hunting Clothing

Scent Destroyer

If you’re looking for an extra special gift for the deer hunter in your life, this scent destroyer for hunting clothing is worth the splurge. It features an OZ Radial Nano that uses ozone technology to naturally destroy almost all types of odors. It also features ample storage including 12 different pockets and a built-in rechargeable battery. If you’re looking for a gift that will make the deer hunter in your life’s day to day easier and more convenient, this is an unforgettable gift. 

Shop on Amazon: Scent Destroyer - $349.99

11. Christmas Deer Hunting T-shirt

Christmas Deer Hunting Shirt

A great holiday gift that any deer hunter will be sure to appreciate is this goofy Christmas deer hunting t-shirt. It’s a play on Santa’s reindeers and different meat you can make out of them. Any hunter will get a kick out of this.  

Shop on Amazon: Funny Deer Hunting T-shirt - $16.89

12. Deer Hauler Cart

Deer Hauler Cart

If you know the deer hunter you’re shopping for has a habit of hunting big trophy game, this deer hauler cart is a must! Made out of heavy duty steel axle, this cart can haul game that weighs up to 750 pounds. No more dragging hefty game out of the woods, this cart is a total game changer. Perfect for mobile hunting and your mobile hunter.

Shop on Amazon: Rage Powersports heavy duty big game deer hauler - $161.99

13. Cellular Trail Camera

Cellular Trail Camera

An essential for every deer hunter is a trail game camera so that you can track which time of day is the most strategic for a good hunt. This cellular trail camera is great because it requires no SD card and automatically connects to the strongest signal out there. Not only that, it offers high quality photos and video with sound, day and night. At only $79.99, this high quality trail camera is a total steal.

Shop on Amazon: Cellular Trail Camera - $79.99

14. Deer Decoy

Deer Decoy

Any deer hunter will have a field day with this realistic mule deer decoy. This 3D decoy features ultra-realistic detail for luring in whitetail deer. Not only does it feature an anatomically correct posture and true to life size, it’s also collapsible and portable, a total win-win for luring in bucks galore. Help the hunter in your life catch mature bucks by looking right at the deer's nose with this one.

Shop on Amazon: Outdoors Masters Series Deer Decoy - $119.00

15. Heated Deer Socks

Heated Socks

For the deer hunter that hunts throughout the winter, these heated deer socks are a great gift. These battery operated socks stimulate blood circulation which is essential during cold days out in the field. Prevent the deer hunter in your life from having frozen toes with this practical and important gift.

Shop on Amazon: Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks - $79.99

16. Meat Smoker

Meat Smoker

Reward your favorite deer hunter for all of their hard work with this easy to use steel charcoal meat smoker. Featuring a built-in thermometer with a detailed temperature scale, it’s easy to do both cold and hot smoking. Smoke, grill, steam, bake, braise, and roast with this multifaceted cooker. With 452 square inches of cooking space, there’s ample room for fresh game. Whether the deer hunter in your life is a seasoned smoker or new to the game, they will definitely love experimenting with this nifty meat smoker.

Shop on Amazon: Charcoal Smoker - $99.99

17. Antler Hat Clip

Hat clip

A simple yet fun gift is this antler hat clip. It’s easy to attach to any type of hat. This clip was designed by an avid bowhunter and was field tested for quality assurance. Not only is this clip stylish, it allows the deer hunter in your life to wear their passion right on their head which will lead to many wonderful conversation starters. 

Shop on Amazon: Hat Clip for Deer Hunter - $13.99

18. 2023 Bucks Wall Calendar

Bucks Wall Calendar

Everyone loves a good calendar, especially ones with fun photos. This 2023 Bucks Wall Calendar is perfect for any deer hunter because each photo will be a daily reminder of their passion. This is a very fun gift that will last all year long!

Shop on Amazon: 2023 Bucks Calendar - $9.99

19. Knit Cap with Deer Blaze

Knit Cap with Deer Blaze

Sticking out in the field is an important safety precaution. We’re big fans of this blaze orange knit cap featuring a sweet embroidered deer. It’s stylish and will keep your favorite deer hunter protected. At only $7.99, this gift is a total steal.

Shop on Amazon: Outdoor Cap Knit Watch Cap -$7.99

20. The Pocket Guide to Field Dressing, Butchering, and Cooking Deer

A Hunter's Quick Reference Book

    This pocket guide to field dressing, butchering, and recipes and techniques for every hunter is a great resource for deer hunters of all skill levels. Whether the deer hunter you’re shopping for is newer to the game or totally seasoned, they will find this guide useful. It features step by step advice accompanied by straightforward photos that will guide you through each processing option after the deer is down. While it's a complete guide to hunting, its compact size is quite easy to bring with you in the field for reference as well!

    Shop on Amazon: The Pocket Guide to Field Dressing - $9.99

    21. John Deere Men's Baseball Hat

    John Deere Baseball Hat

    A punny gift option for the deer hunter in your life is this John Deere Baseball Hat. It’s funny, stylish, and reflects a passion for hunting. If the deer hunter you’re shopping for loves a good baseball hat, be sure to add this to their collection. Plus, John Deere is a trusted brand by all hunters alike.

    Shop on Amazon: John Deer Men's Baseball - $18.70

    22. Full Grain Leather Deer Wallet

    Leather wallet

    Is the deer hunter in your life in need of a new wallet? Look no further than this trifold that is burnished in full grain leather, and features an embossed whitetail deer. It also has ample room featuring 8 credit card slots. There is nothing better than a handcrafted and stunning gift. The best part? You’ll be supporting a small business, something that we always love.  

    Shop on Amazon: Full Grain Leather Mens Trifold Wallet - $45.00

    23. Deer Hunting Travel Coffee Mug 

    Coffee mug

    If you’re looking for a great hunting gift for your dad, we’ve got you covered. Maybe your dad is where you inherited your passion for hunting from and you want to give him a little something to say thank you. This tumbler is the perfect way to deliver that message and celebrate a mutually shared passion. Your dad is guaranteed to smile everytime he sees this touching gift!

    Shop on Amazon: Deer Hunting Tumblr - $15.99

    24. Deer Hunting Log Book

    Deer hunting log book

    Whether he's a turkey hunter, deer hunter, or bird hunter, help them record their outings with this useful deer hunting log book. Every hunter knows that the information they gather from each trip will only make their next excursion better, and what better way to guarantee this reflection than writing it down. It's also a great way for them to recall their hunting memories. Super simple yet very effective, this deer hunting log book is great for deer hunters of all levels!

    Shop on Amazon: Deer Hunting Log Book - $7.79

    25. Deer Hunting Hoodie Sweatshirt

    Deer hunting hoodie sweatshirt

    Most people love sweatshirts and hunters are no different. This deer hunting hoodie is perfect for any deer hunter because it’s comfortable and fun. Featuring a deer in the center filled with different hunting words, this simple design is a definite crowd pleaser. Perfect to take on the go to deer camp or hunting camp.

    Shop on Amazon: Deer Hunting Hoodie Sweatshirt - $40.99

    26. Personalized Name Antler Letter

    Personalized name antler letter

    If you’re looking for a unique gift to wow the deer hunter in your life, these personalized name antler letters are an amazing option. You could get just one, or spell out an entire word. These antler letters will definitely surprise and delight the deer hunter in your life and would look great in any man cave. This is one of the best gifts for the deer hunter in your life.

    Shop on Amazon: Pine Ridge Personalized Antler Letter - $11.99

    27. Camouflage Deer Christmas Stocking

    Camouflage deer stocking

    This camouflage deer Christmas morning stocking is a great gift that the deer hunter in your life will use year after year. A great reminder of their passion, they will love seeing this stocking hang with all of the other festive decorations. Guaranteed to put the deer hunter in your life in the holiday spirit, this camouflage stocking is a timeless option. If it's not already on your Christmas list, add it.

    Shop on Amazon: Camouflage Deer Christmas Stocking - $12.77

    28. The Deer Stand Devotional

    The Deer Stand Devotional

    Gift ideas for deer hunters can be hard to come across; however, if the deer hunter in your life is interested in religion, this book The Deer Stand Devotional is well regarded for incorporating prayer and Christ into deer hunting. A lifelong hunter and army veteran from Ohio, Aaron Futrell uses his degree in history to intertwine religion and hunting in a way that any hunter with a religious background will appreciate. It's also a great price.

    Shop on Amazon: The Deer Stand Devotional - $9.99

    29. Chocolate Buck Deer Poop

    Chocolate buck poop

    This gift is a little out there, but stick with me. From the whitetail woods or deer woods, any deer hunter who is also a prankster will absolutely love this hysterical gift. A perfect stocking stuffer or just a hilarious snack, these chocolate covered raisins aka chocolate buck deer poop speak for themselves. Plus, it could even be used as the perfect buck lure!

    Shop on Amazon: Chocolate Buck Deer Poop - $6.95

    30. Hunter with Deer Custom Bobblehead

    Hunter with Deer Custom Bobblehead

    If the hunter in your life has a sense of humor, this is the gift for them. A customized hunting bobblehead is not only memorable but will leave the recipient laughing for days. This bobblehead is a funny gift and of course features an all camo outfit with a deer. It's the ultimate gift.

    Shop on Best Face Gift: Hunter with Deer Custom Bobblehead - $86.90

    31. Knife Sharpening Stone

    Knife Sharpening Stone

    Every deer hunter needs a work sharp knife and tool sharpener. The quintessential tool of the hunter needs to be maintained, and it is important to find a tool that will do so. A good quality knife sharpener like this one will make sure your hunter's blade always has razor sharp edges, perfect for cleaning birds. Use on all knives, including buck knives and your hunting knife alike.

    Shop on Amazon: Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone - $39.99

    32. Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer

    Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer

    Help the hunter in your life with cooking wild game. This is one of the best gifts for hunters out there, whether they're backcountry hunters, rifle hunters, or big game hunters. We all know hunters hate wasting their meat, so what better gift to give them than a vacuum sealer? This machine will help keep the meat fresh in the freezer for up to 5x longer. This is one gift that will not go to waste (and neither will their hunt)!

    Shop on Amazon: Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer - $183.30

    33. Wild Shot Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

    Wild Shot Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

    With cleaning rods, brass wire brushes, mops, cleaning matches and more, this gun-cleaning kit has everything your serious deer hunter will ever need to keep their guns in great operating form. This kit is high quality, affordable, and will keep your experienced hunters gun shots in tip top shape no matter where his hunts may take him. This is an excellent tool to have.

    Shop on Amazon: Wild Shot Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit - $42.95

    34. LSO Whiskey Glasses and Whiskey Stones in Unique Box Display

    LSO Whiskey Glasses and Whiskey Stones in Unique Box Display

    Looking for unique gifts for hunters? Look no further. This whiskey set comes with two classic whiskey glasses, six whiskey stones housed in a six holder cylinder, heavy slate coasters, and stainless steel ice tongs, wrapped up in a high caliber hunting ammo box. With this gift, he’ll be ready for any mission. Add a custom engraving to make it extra special.

    Shop on Amazon: LSO Whiskey Glasses and Whiskey Stones in Unique Box Display - $73.97

    35. BenShot Rocks Glass with Real .308 Bullet

    BenShot Rocks Glass with Real .308 Bullet

    Now this is one cool gift for hunters and all the DIY dads out there. These high quality whiskey glasses have a real, lead-free, .308 solid copper bullet embedded into it. Being all individually handmade in glass workshops in Wisconsin, these will make for one special gun hunting gift.

    Shop on Amazon: BenShot Rocks Glass with Real .308 Bullet - $19.99

    Bottom Line

    These are the best deer hunting gifts out there. There’s something useful for any deer hunter out there no matter the experience level. Whether you want to give your favorite deer hunter a fun clothing item, practical equipment, or delicious non perishable snacks, we’ve covered it all. Choose one or mix and match a few gift ideas to surprise and delight the deer hunter in your life no matter the occasion. 

    And, when in doubt, keep it simple with our protein-rich One of Everything Jerky Box, perfect for any and every outdoor excursion.