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29+ Must-Have Gifts for Duck Hunters [2024 Edition]

We’ve made it really easy to find the best gifts duck hunters. We curated a list of the most unique and memorable gifts that any duck hunter will be sure to love. 

From delicious high-protein jerky snacks to custom leather tags to duck hunting gear, there’s something special for every type of duck hunter out there. 

We started our extensive  research by reviewing hunting publications, hunting blogs, and other review lists of top duck hunting gifts. 

We then went straight to the source and spoke with Will Schuett, a life-long duck hunter, who started duck hunting at just five years old. 

Will shared with us just how much duck hunting means to him: “My grandfather and dad shared their passion for the outdoors with my sister and me. We loved going and the excitement of the anticipation of the sunrise and potential for seeing some birds. That feeling has remained the same for me two plus decades later. I love seeing the march wake up in the morning and the grit it takes to be successful. The birds are always a bonus and a treat to prepare after the hunt!” 

Will Schuett wearing Gun Windstopper Gloves

He also gave us the inside scoop on finding the best gift possible for the duck hunter in your life: “Waterfowlers are tough on their gear. The pursuit puts you in a wide range of conditions and often not the best weather. Quality gear that holds up and keeps you in the field is a must.” 

We’ve included some of his favorites below. They include all duck hunting essentials and the best duck hunting gear. 

Also, if you’re in a pinch, don’t forget that an all-in-one jerky box is the perfect snack for your loved one to bring along on their next duck hunting excursion!

1. Duck Call Lanyard 

Duck Lanyard

Any avid duck hunter will appreciate a duck call lanyard. Did you know that ducks see more colors than humans which gives them a greater ability to spot movement? That’s why having a good lanyard is essential. They ensure that you won’t make unnecessary noise digging in your pockets for equipment. Rather, you’ll have it right on your handy lanyard. This lanyard is incredible because it’s made of premium military grade real nylon that can hold its own against even the toughest environments. 

Shop at Amazon: Duck Call Lanyard - $14.90

2. Gunner Windstopper Glove 

Gunner Windstopper Gloves

These waterproof gloves made of goatskin leather are a perfect ducking hunting gift because they prevent your fingers from going numb when it’s late in the season. This is critical to maximize trigger feel. These gloves also feature a seamless liner, a stretch-woven forefinger that gives precise trigger control, and a reinforced pusher thumb. Any waterfowl hunter will appreciate and welcome these durable gloves. 

Shop at Amazon: Sitka Windstopper Glove - $109.00

3. Leather Hunting Log and Ammo Case Gift Set 

Leather Hunting Log

This hand-crafted leather hunting log and ammo case is essential for hunters that want to document their hunting trips. The log is crafted in top-grain leather with rough-cut pages hand sewn into the binding. Besides being beautiful, it is also portable and easy to throw in your bag before hitting the woods. 

Shop at Rustico: Leather Hunting Gift Set - $94

4. Camo Low Back Seat Cover

Camo Seat Covers

If you want to get your duck hunter friend a truly thoughtful gift, go with this camo low back seat cover. This cover protects your car from any sort of abrasion that might occur during hunting season. Make any duck hunter’s life easier with this convenient and safe seat cover. 

Shop at Amazon: Camo Low Back Seat Cover - $69.99

4. Top Flight Open Water Mallards

Open Water Mallards

Every duck hunter needs good duck decoys. Absolutely wow the hunter in your life with these open water mallards that are wildly realistic, sturdy, and perfect for the open water. If you’re not careful you might just mistake these decoys for the real thing!

Shop on Amazon: Top Flight Duck Back Water Mallard Decoy (6 pack) - $109.99 

Shop on Avian: Topflight Open Water Mallards - $169.99

6. Mud Seat with Padded Camo

Mud Seat

If you want to hit a home run, look no further than treating the special person in your life to a mud seat. With three steel lateral support, this mud seat allows you to sit comfortably anywhere, even in the middle of open water. How cool is that? Lightweight and portable, this mud seat even comes with a shoulder strap for easy transportation. 

Shop on Amazon: Mud Seat with Padded Camo - $67.82

Shop on Mojo Outdoors: Mud Seat with Padded Camo - $67.82

7. Boot Dryer

Boot Dryer

Many successful hunts result in wet or muddy boots. Do the hunter in your life a favor and give them The Original 2-Shoe and Boot Dryer that sanitizes, dodorizes, and dries shoes conveniently after an excursion. Not only does this dryer provide immediate help, it also helps preserve the condition of your gear over the long-term, allowing your shoes to last longer. 

Shop on Amazon: The Original 2-Shoe and Boot Dryer - $119.99

Shop on Peetdryer: The Original 2-Shoe and Boot Dryer - $119.99

8. Onx Hunting App

Onx Hunting App

For a truly unique gift for the duck hunter in your life, look no further than onX, the #1 hunting app that has powerful 3D mapping solutions. This app combines critical land data with on-the-ground exploration which allows you to build a perfect map. This can really change the game and elevate their duck hunting endeavors. 

Shop on onX: OnX Hunting App - $99.99 yearly subscription

9. Storm 400 Headlamp

Storm 400 Headlamp

When it comes to duck hunting, you absolutely need a solid headlamp. We recommend the Black Diamond Storm 400 headlamp. It has brightness memory, night vision, and is waterproof which makes it perfect for any weather conditions. 

Shop on Black Diamond: Storm 400 Headlamp - $37.46

Shop on Amazon: Storm 400 Equipment - $39.00

10. Yeti Hopper Flip Cooler

Yeti Hopper Flip Cooler

This leak proof Yeti cooler is the ultimate treat for any duck hunter. It features extreme insolation, guaranteed to keep your on-the-go food or drink ice cold. Additionally, it features a high-density fabric that withstands both punctures and UV rays.

Shop on Yeti: Hopper Flip 12 Soft Cooler - $250.00

Shop on Amazon: Yeti Hopper Flip Cooler - $250.00

11. Duck Knowledge Metal Tin

Duck Hunting Knowledge Medal Tin

This unique and interesting gift for a duck hunter is suitable for man caves, offices, and garages. It features a variety of different ducks in a vintage-like aesthetic ideal for any duck hunter. Plus, it's under fifteen dollars so you won't be breaking the bank.

Shop at Amazon: Duck Knowledge Metal Tin Sign - $14.99 

12. Duck Commander Pro Series Duck Call 

Duck Call

This is a must-have gift for any and all duck hunters. It's incredibly easy to use and has a research-driven design to sound exactly like a mallard hen. It also has a patented riveted double reed so it makes it easy to sound like a pro. Truly a win-win here. 

Shop at Amazon: Duck Commander Pro Series Duck Call - $48.88

13. The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook 

The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook

If you're in the hunting world, then you know the famous Steven Rinella. He's a staple and an icon when it comes to anything and everything involving hunting. This cookbook offers his favorite must haves and exotic meals using wild game including waterfowl - in other words mallards, wood ducks, and wild geese. This will be your next favorite book. 

Shop at MeatEater: The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook - $35.00

Shop at Amazon: The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook - $19.67

14. People's Choice Beef Jerky Some Like it Hot Spicy Box

Spicy Jerky Box

 Snacks are always important, especially during hunting trips. Beef jerky is the most ideal hunting snack because it's portable, delicious, and packed with protein so it will keep you fueled for long periods of time. It's also an all-in-one gift box that comes with an assortment of unique beef jerky flavors suited for every type of carnivore out there. 

Shop at People's Choice Beef Jerky: Spicy Beef Jerky Gift Box - $42.99

15. Waterfowl ALPS Outdoor Camo Backpack 

Camo Backpack

It's important for hunters to be able to carry all their gear in a one-stop-shop backpack. This backpack comes fully equipped with a stow-away game tote and has padded shoulder straps and waist belts for ultimate comfort. The best part is that it has a self-standing hard bottom preventing the bag from falling over. 

Shop at Amazon: Waterfowl Backpack - $79.59

Shop at ALPS: Waterfowl Backpack - $119.00

16. Waxed Canvas Gun Sleeve

Gun Sleeve

This waxed cotton canvas gun sleeve is not only super durable, it's also high quality and won't break the bank. It has a size-flexible velcro closure, hand strap, shoulder strap, and a lightly padded interior that's fully lined in soft tricot to prevent scratching on your gun. 

Shop at Duck Camp: Waxed Canvas Gun Sleeve - $59

17. Hunting Knife Set 

Hunting Knife Set

This 14 piece knife set is ideal for gutting, skinning, and processing any type of animal including water fowl. The total weight is less than 24 ounces making it the lightest, most compact knife set for butcher game in the field. It's also not insanely expensive. 

Shop at Amazon: 14 Piece Knife Set - $26.99

18. Duck Hunting Calendar 

Duck Hunting Calendar

Everyone loves a good calendar especially when there's cute dogs on the cover. This calendar is a stunning, full color tribute to Labrador Retrievers in action across the marshes, forests, and prairies of North America. This is the best of the best when it comes to duck hunting dogs. 

Shop at Amazon: Duck Hunting Calendar - $14.99

19. Drunken Mallard Decanter 

Mallard Decanter

This is ideal for any duck hunter who also enjoys imbibing. This hand blown decanter with a glass mallard duck inside is extremely unique and crafted with the utmost craftsmanship. Besides being a decanter, it can genuinely be a collectible piece of art. 

Shop at Prestige Decanters: Drunken Mallard Decanter - $168.00

20. Handmade Leather Duck Key Tag

Duck Key Tag


Everyone loves a good accessory especially when it comes to sporting something you're really passionate about. This handcrafted leather duck keychain is made with top grain leather and hand finished for added beauty and endurance. All wildlife duck images are original artwork commissioned specifically for these items. 

Shop at Etsy: Handmade Leather Duck Key Tag - $8

21. Binoculars with Clear Low Light Vision


Binoculars are a great option to give to the duck hunter in your life because it will allow them to locate their target from farther away, reducing any unnecessary noise. These binoculars can be worn with both sunglasses and eyeglasses. The best part is that they’re are so small that you can use just one hand for easy on the go use. 

Shop at Amazon: Low Light Vision Binoculars - $35.99

22. Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff

Sound Amplification Earmuff

Help the hunter in your life get the job done with these sound amplification earmuffs. These earmuffs not only come with an adjustable headband for increased comfort, they also protect your hearing, a vital feature when it comes to hunting. 

Shop on Amazon: Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff -$75.33

Shop on Honeywell: Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff - $96.95

23. Polarized Sunglasses 

Polarized Sunglasses

This gift is ideal for the outdoor enthusiast in your life. Perfect for fishing, hunting, or any outdoor sport, these polarized sunglasses block glare, provide clarity, and are impact resistant. Keep your favorite duck hunter safe from the sun with these fun sunglasses.

Shop on Amazon: Polarized Lens Eyewear - $48.42

24. Duck Hunting Logbook

Duck Hunting Logbook

The best way to improve a skill set is to keep a record of where you are currently and what you would like to do differently in the future. Help the hunter fanatic in your life hone in on their skills with this simple yet useful Duck Hunting Logbook. 

Shop on Amazon: Duck Hunting Logbook - $8.99

25. Ammo Field Box

Ammo Field Box

Every hunter can always use a solid ammo box. This one is great because it has a brass-bailed latch closure and a water-resistant o-ring seal. It is also quite portable with its’ extra heavy-duty handle. You seriously can’t go wrong with this simple yet useful gift!

Shop on Amazon: Plano Ammo Field Box - $12.51

Shop on Plano Storage: Plano Ammo Field Box -$12.24

26. Duck Hunters Wall Art 

Duck Hunters Wall Art

This gift is perfect for the hunter who has a man cave. This wall art for duck hunters is not only light hearted and fun it is also a great synopsis of the passion for duck hunting, something that your favorite duck hunter will cherish for years. 

Shop on Great Big Canvas: Duck Hunters Wall Art - $59.99

27. Custom Personalized Hunter Bobblehead 

Custom Bobblehead

This is a gift they will truly remember or at least have a good laugh at. This custom bobblehead has a personalized touch that is unmatched and perfect for any hunter out there. You can also custom make your bobblehead by uploading a photo and choosing a specific body.  

Shop: Custom Personalized Hunter Hunting Bobblehead - $88

28. Duck Camp Mallard Hat 

Duck Camp Mallard Hat

You really can't go wrong with a trendy hat that's made of high quality. Also, who doesn't love a fat mallard!? This embroidered hat features a Drake Mallard on the front with an adjustable snapback. 

Shop: Duck Camp Mallard Hat - $32

29. On the Banks with Ducks Buckle 

On the Banks with Ducks Buckle

This gift is made for the hunter who likes to get spiffy and sport some fancy attire. This two tone German silver oval buckle has an idyllic pond scene and detailed mountains in the background with two gold ducks taking off from the water. These buckles have a lifetime limited warranty and are sure to make a statement. 

Shop: Ducks Buckle - $90

Bottom Line

Finding gifts for duck hunters can feel very niche. However, after conducting research and talking to duck hunters first-hand, we learned there is actually a lot out there that makes a wonderful gift. If duck hunters are anything, they are passionate, so if you invest the time in finding a thoughtful gift, you can bet that they will truly appreciate it. 

From wall art, to grade A gear, to a 3D mapping app, there is truly something for every type of duck hunter out there on this list. 

And don’t forget! Beef jerky is the ideal snack for a duck hunter. Flavorful, filling, and portable, our Simple & Savory Jerky Box is a foolproof gift option.

We promise that the duck hunter in your life will love getting a box of artisan, hand-crafted beef jerky.