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27+ Hilarious Gag Gifts for Hunters [2024 Edition]

Hidden beneath the camouflage and the thrill of the hunt lies a hunter's joyable sense of humor! If you’re looking for gag gifts for hunters that add a touch of levity to their outdoor adventures, you’ve come to the right place.

For example, our One-of-Everything Beef Jerky Sampler Box is the perfect gag gift because it’ll be funny at first thought but delicious to the last bite. Give the hunter in your life some gourmet dried meat to take on their next hunt. They’ll thank us later.

From hilarious hunting accessories to witty trinkets, the world of gag gifts for hunters is never ending. Whether you're looking to surprise a fellow hunting enthusiast or simply seeking a comical gesture to share among your hunting group, these gag gifts for hunters are sure to tickle the funny bone.

1. Customized Hunting Bobblehead

Customized Hunting Bobblehead

A customized hunting bobblehead is the ultimate gift. Not only will it be memorable but it will leave the recipient laughing for days. This bobblehead from Bbobbler is hilarious, unique, and of course features an all camo outfit.

Shop on Bbobbler: Custom personalized hunter hunting bobblehead - $88.00

2. Hunting-Opoly Board Game

Hunting-Opoly Board Game

There are a lot of great gifts for hunters on Amazon, and this is one of my favorites in particular. This may be a bit more of a dad's game, but if you’re looking for something a bit less serious and more playful, this is the perfect option for you. Have a little friendly competition amongst your loved ones with this new game night hit.

Shop on Amazon: Late for the Sky Hunting-opoly Board Game - $19.99

3. Tic Tac Gun

Tic Tac Gun

This Tic Tac gun will make your hunter fall in love with their favorite breath-freshening candy all over again. This fiendishly clever contraption will turn the Tic Tacs in your pocket into sugary ammo that'll be able to fire a distance of approximately 10-15ft. Even your avid bow hunter won’t help but love this gift.

Shop on Etsy: Tic Tac Gun - $14.99

4. Trophy Boyfriend Tee

Trophy Boyfriend Shirt

If the hunter you’re shopping for happens to be your boyfriend, then this short sleeve shirt is the perfect gag gift to get him. Nuff said.

Shop on Etsy: Trophy Boyfriend Tee - $12.99

5. Duck Butt

Duck Butt Decal

This gift really takes the cake when it comes to funny hunting gifts. These butts are solid foam with three suction cups for a great hold to any clean surface. Put on the rear window of your trucks and the laughs of duck hunters and waterfowl hunters alike will follow.

Shop on Etsy: Duck Butt - $20

6. Rubs of the States

Rubs of the States

If the person you’re shopping for likes to hunt, they also most likely like to grill too. In this sampler set you will receive 5 different rubs in 2" diameter tins, making gift giving easier than ever. Help the hunter in your life take a trip around the United States with rubs inspired by Lexington, NC, Memphis, TN, East Texas, Kansas City, MO, and Santa Maria, CA.

Shop on Etsy: Rubs of the States - $27.95

7. Embroidered Toilet Paper

Embroidered Toilet Paper

This is the perfect gag gift for the hunter in your life who already has everything they need. Give everyone a good laugh when this gift is unwrapped.

Shop on Etsy: Embroidered Toilet Paper - $15.56

8. World’s Okayest Hunter Mug

World's Okayest Hunter Mug

This mug might slightly hurt the feelings of the gift recipient, but that’s what makes a great gag gift, right? Whether it’ll be for drinking their morning coffee before a hunt, evening tea, or hot chocolate when they get back from a long day in the deer stand, this mug is the perfect gift for your (just okay) hunter.

Shop on Etsy: World’s Okayest Hunter Mug - $15.06

9. Deer Hunting Beer Glasses

Deer Hunting Beer Glasses

We all know how much hunters love to crack a cold one, and this four pack of beer glasses has all your hunters favorite sayings on them. A great novelty gift, this is sure to give them a good laugh and a convenient gift they’ll actually use all in one.

Shop on Etsy: Deer Hunting Beer Glasses - $39.97

10. If You Can Read This I’d Rather Be Hunting Socks

If You Can Read This I'd Rather Be Hunting Socks

There’s nothing better than a good pair of funny socks. When your hunter is around the house and kicking his feet up, he’ll be sure to let everyone know he’d rather be hunting. Whether he is a backcountry hunter, an experienced hunter, a big game hunter, they’ll be sure to rock these socks around the house. And at least this way he won’t have to say it every other second.

Shop on Etsy: I’d Rather Be Hunting Socks - $12.99

11. Chocolate Bullets Gift Set

Chocolate Bullets Gift Set

Throw out the milk chocolate-covered raisins, and surprise your hunter with this sweet treat. This gift box includes 5 bullet-shaped chocolates handcrafted from delicious dark chocolate. So realistic, they won’t even know it’s chocolate until the first bite.

Shop on Etsy: Chocolate Bullets Gift Set - $24

12. Custom Hunter Cartoon Portrait

Custom Hunter Cartoon Portrait

This gift is sure to be a favorite for years to come. Get the hunter in your life a personalized portrait of himself doing his favorite activity: hunting! Print and frame this portrait for a fun gift they can hang up in their man cave.

Shop on Etsy: Custom Hunter Cartoon Portrait - $8.40

13. Gun Soap

Gun Shaped Soap

Make target Practice more fun with this unique soap gun set. Made from goat's milk and glycerin soap, you will receive 4 two-tone pistol soaps tucked inside their own kraft box finished off with an awesome target and a bullet hole tag. They’ll be sure to love it and get a laugh out of it at the same time.

Shop on Etsy: Gun Soap - $8.05

14. Fast Food Shirt

Fast Food Shirt

It's hunting season again! Who wants some fast food? No gag gift list is complete without a punny shirt, and this funny baiting deer shirt is sure to put a smile on your favorite hunters face.

Shop on Etsy: Fast Food Shirt - $16.95

15. Deer Poop Necklace

Deep Poop Necklace

Who would’ve thought people collected deer droppings, dry them, coat them in polyurethane, and turn them into a necklace? Well, here we are. Scentless or not, this necklace is sure to cause a great gag.

Shop on Etsy: Deer Poop Necklace - $16.99

16. Classic Beer Holster

Beer Holster

This beer holster is funny and convenient. It’s leather and attaches to your belt so there’s always a place to put your beer while on their next hunting trip. They’ll thank you later.

Shop on Amazon: Classic Beer Holster - $19.90

17. Moose Wine Bottle Holder

Moose Wine Bottler Holder

A perfect year round gift idea for any outdoor enthusiast or wine connoisseur; this makes for an unusual and funky home decor piece as it can fit in a variety of settings. It may be funny at first, but it quickly becomes a great piece of decor.

Shop on Amazon: Moose Wine Bottle Holder - $31.99

18. Moose Toilet Paper Holder

Moose Toilet Paper Holder

Perfect for the hunting cabin, give your hunters bathroom a slight makeover with this toilet paper holder. It’s funny, but also makes for great decor. They’re sure to laugh and love it.

Shop on Amazon: Moose Toilet Paper Holder - $57.99

19. Deer Toilet Brush Holder

Deer Toilet Brush Holder

Another great accessory for your deer hunters bathroom: a whitetail deer toilet brush holder. Perfect to accentuate the bear decor, this toilet brush holder is also sure to make your hunter crack a smile.

Shop on Amazon: Deer Toilet Brush Holder - $35.99

20. Bear Butt Bottle Opener

Bear Butt Bottle Opener

Give your hunter the opportunity to decorate his favorite wall with this bear butt. This will quickly become their new favorite gift, and you’ll find them opening bottles all day long.

Shop on Amazon: Bear Butt Bottle Opener - $19.99

21. Antler Handle Grill Set

Antler Handle Grill Set

If they like to hunt, they most definitely like to grill too, and this antler handle grill set is sure to appeal to everyone's inner hunter and adventurer. All hunters already have a sharp knife, so pair it with these stunning deer antler handles. They’re sure to crack a laugh and make a killer burger with this one.

Shop on Amazon: Antler Handle Grill Set - $40.99

22. Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses

Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses

Perfect for the rifle hunter in your life who likes to party, these shotgun shell shot glasses are sure to cause a laugh and a ruckus at your next big gathering. You may even call them whiskey bullets.

Shop on Amazon: Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses - $14.99

23. Buck Off DoorMat

Buck Off DoorMat

Chances are if they hunt, this doormat is exactly their kind of humor. Bring a laugh to everyone who enters their home with this gift.

Shop on Amazon: Buck Off DoorMat - $31.99

24. Hunting Tumbler

Eat Sleep Hunt Repeat Tumbler

Whether they’re on their way out the door for a hunt, on their way to work, or just simply running errands, this tumbler is the perfect gift for them. They’re sure to be happy to remind everyone of their sleep, eat, hunt, and repeat lifestyle.

Shop on Amazon: Hunting Tumbler - $19.95

25. Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers

Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers

Crack a little fun at the hunter in your life by getting them these grizzly bear paw slippers when they’ve got cold feet. Perfect for them to wear around the deer camp after a long day of hunting in the freezing cold.

Shop on Amazon: Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers - $19.90

26. Shotgun Shell Coaster Set

Shotgun Shell Coaster Set

Perfect for all hunting enthusiasts, this coaster set is sure to bring a smile to their face. This four pack of coasters is designed to look exactly like a 12 gauge shotgun shell, making the perfect gag gift.

Shop on Amazon: Shotgun Shell Coaster Set - $19

27. One-of-Everything Beef Jerky Sampler Box

One-of-Everything Beef Jerky Sampler Box

Chances are if they are an avid hunter, they’re also an avid meat eater, and what’s better than a big ‘ol box of dried meat? Trust us, this One-of-Everything Jerky Sampler box, full of different flavors and styles of beef jerky, is something they’ll actually be excited for. It’ll be a gift they remember forever but will be gone in seconds.

Shop on People’s Choice Beef Jerky: One-of-Everything Jerky Sampler Box - $84.99

Bottom Line

Whether you're aiming to give a father’s day gift, chuckle-inducing conversation starter, or an irreverent accessory that will leave your hunting buddies in stitches, our gift guide of the most uproarious and inventive gag gifts, like our One-of-Everything Jerky Sampler Box, will equip you with the perfect mixture of laughter and love for your next hunting rendezvous.