21+ Easy Zero Calorie Snacks That Will Keep Your Waist Trim

Zero calorie snacks aren't necessarily 0 calories, but instead usually contain very few calories and are helpful for weight loss. The reason they are called zero calorie despite actually having 0 calories is because they take more energy to digest than what they provide in calories. 

Often times, these foods have a small amount of calories, but are full of nutrients and fiber making them a good option for your health. Whether or not you're trying to lose weight, these guilt-free snacking options will satisfy your cravings without compromising your waist band! 

We've compiled a list of healthy zero calorie foods that are both savory and sweet, but more importantly contain bountiful health benefits. You can also find more balanced snacks to keep you healthy

Whole Fruits 

1. Berries 

Bowl of berries

Berries are an ideal low-calorie snack because they contain essential vitamins and minerals to support your health. They also contain lots of water and a low Glycemic Index which is beneficial for digestion. Low or medium GI foods are broken down more slowly and don't spike blood sugars immediately. 

 2. Apples


Not are only apples delicious and come in a variety of kinds, but they are packed with fiber and are highly nutritious. 

3. Watermelon 


If you're really trying to lose weight watermelon is a great zero calorie snack food option because 90% of its weight is water. It will make you fuller faster because of its water content and it also is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

4. Grapefruit


In addition to being very low in calories, grapefruits are good for your immune system and promote weight loss. 

5. Apricots 


Apricots serve a good source of vitamins A, C, E, and beta carotene. If you're craving something sweet, these are a great zero calorie option to go for. 

Whole Vegetables

6. Cucumbers


These are our go to zero calorie snack food. They contain very low amount of calories and are made up of 95% water. They'll fill you up without all the calories. 

7. Carrots 


Carrots are full of excellent nutrients like beta carotene, fiber, Vitamin K, potassium, and antioxidants. Raw carrots also are very low in calories with 50 per cup. 

8. Beets


Beetroot or beets are packed with healthy minerals, vitamins, and fiber and all aid in satiation. 

9. Red Bell Peppers 

Red Bell Peppers

These vegetables are great to snack on by themselves or added to a dish without adding many calories. They are filled with essential nutrients and also contain a compound called capsaicin, which has been found to increase fat burning. 

10. Celery 


It doesn't get any lower in calories than celery. One large stalk only contains 10 calories. Celery is full of water and fiber, which boosts digestion and aids in weight loss. 

11. Lettuce


Lettuce serves as a negative calorie food meaning the process of digesting it burns more calories than the number of calories in the vegetable. 

12. Watercress 


Not only is this one of the oldest known leafy vegetables consumed by humans, but its extremely healthy and low in calories. It's rich in potassium which is one of the most important minerals in your body. 

13. Rutabaga 


This vegetable serves as a good source of fiber as well as a low calorie snack food because it only has 37 calories per 100g. It's a hearty vegetable packed with all the goodness cruciferous vegetables typically contain. 

14. Arugula 


This leafy green packs a punch in both flavor and nutrients. It has a peppery flavor palette and is filled with folates, potassium, calcium, and vitamin K.  

15. Asparagus 


Asparagus is a low calorie food option and also a versatile ingredient that can be roasted, BBQed, or baked. It offers antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and zero fat. All around a win. 

16. Broccoli 


This vegetable is rich in vitamins C and K and can be consumed in a number of ways like being steamed or used in a stir fry. It supports heart health and can be linked with immunity against certain diseases. 

17. Cabbage


Cabbage is most commonly used in east asian cuisines. It's rich in vitamin C and K and serves as a low calorie food. 

18. Cauliflower 


This is a low-carb plant that is grown in a variety of colors. It's also very popular in the gluten-free diet. The best part is that it can take on many shapes like rice, crusts, and mashed potatoes. 

19. Fennel


If you've never heard of fennel before it's an aromatic of the carrot family. It's fragrant and nutritious, but more importantly it has a high amount of vitamin C and potassium.

20. Kale 


We all know kale is a superfood. It's been made into chips, smoothies, soups, and all other sorts of dishes. It packs a nutritional punch with vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, copper, iron, manganese, folate, and vitamin B6.  

21. Zucchini 


This is a versatile squash that is rich in vitamins and minerals and offers several health benefits such as improved digestion and a lower risk of heart disease. 

22. Turnips 


Turnips like other cruciferous vegetables are high in fiber and can make you feel fuller longer. It helps to stabilize blood sugar and prevent constipation. 

Bottom Line

Consuming zero calorie foods will hopefully aid in weight loss because these foods are full of vitamins and nutrients without being highly caloric. Zero calorie foods don't necessarily refer to foods that have 0 calories, but rather that it takes more energy to digest than what they provide in calories. 

For more weight loss foods, take a look at these quick and easy snack recipes.