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25+ High-Five Worthy Gifts for Personal Trainers [2024]

If you're looking for the ultimate gift for your personal trainer, we've got you covered with a list of thoughtful, unique gift ideas from workout equipment to workout clothes. 

Your workout trainer or instructor becomes a big part of your life and perhaps you're wanting to get them a little something this year as a token of your appreciation. 

We've made a gift list that varies in price range and types of presents that are suited for every type of trainer. 

We are by no means fitness professionals (we handcraft beef jerky after all), so we conducted extensive research to find the best gifts for your fitness instructor.

We started by scouring the internet for not just run-of-the-treadmill gifts. We reviewed fitness publications, exercise blogs, and other review lists of the top fitness gifts.

We then went straight to the source and spoke with Scarlet Stoker, a F45 personal trainer and fitness coach based out of Georgia. She gave us the inside scoop: “Getting a good gift from someone you’re training is kind of like a cherry on top of the client trainer relationship you have created. Being a part of someone’s fitness journey, giving them the skills and confidence to be better and healthier is pretty awesome, so any gift they want to thank you with is just extra kindness.”

Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional Scarlet Stoker (Source: Paul Sun)

A great gift for fitness lovers is a workout gift that is unique, thoughtful, and useful. The best part? It doesn’t have to break the bank.

Looking for a quick and easy solution? An all-in-one, high-protein jerky box is a great consumable gift basket. Plus, you can customize the box with a handwritten card.

Keep reading for other great gifts for personal trainers, guaranteed to pump them up! 

1. Workout Dice

Workout DiceThis is for the trainer who teaches group fitness classes. Each one contains 6 sides that have fun exercises written on them. Toss the dice and the one that appears on top is the next workout to appear. The best part is that each exercise doesn't require training equipment so this can be performed anywhere! 

Shop: Skywin Workout Dice - $15.99

2. Handheld Massage Gun 

Handheld Massage Gun

We all know that working out can cause soreness like no other. This massage gun can effectively relieve muscle fatigue and pain post working out. It also has other benefits like promoting blood circulation and relieving lactic acid. It's lightweight and has 20 speed levels so it brings different levels of intensity based on your needs. This is the right gift for all fitness fanatics. The best part is that this model is on the affordable side. 

Shop: TOLOCO Massage Gun - $119.99

3. Weight Plate Ornament

Weight Plate Ornament

This one goes out to the person in your life in the fitness industry that loves Christmas and is sentimental around the holidays. It's a handmade ornament that has 3D printing on it and looks exactly like a weighted plate for lifting. 

Shop: Weight Plate Ornament - $12.00+

4. Release and Recover Ball Set 

Release and Recover Ball Set

This set of 3 lightweight massage balls is one of those personal trainer gifts essential to target post-workout tension in all muscle groups. Each ball is designed for on the move and allows you to target those deep rooted knots for a good massage. It comes in 3 different sizes that will each alleviate pain in small, medium, and large muscle groups. 

Shop: LuluLemon Release and Recover Ball Set - $28

5. People's Choice Beef Jerky Box 

Health Nut Jerky Box

If your trainer loves healthy, high protein snacks then look no further. Our Health Nut Jerky Gift Box is the perfect all-in-one gift solution that will satisfy any meat eating trainer. It's filled with sugar-free, carb-free, high protein and high quality beef jerky that's the perfect post workout snack. Also a great option for birthday gifts.

Shop: People's Choice Beef Jerky Health Nut Jerky Box - $42.99

6. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set 

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

This is ideal for those who need some natural healing from the inside out. This lets you calm an overactive stress system while managing pain and soreness. With over 7,000 ergonomically engineered spikes, this acupressure mat activates your body's healing response and unblocks stagnant energy pathways. 

Shop: AJNA Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set - $49.95

7. Bala Bangles

Bala Bangles

Bala Bangles add a steady but comfortable resistance to any workout. At 1 pound each, they are versatile and can be worn on both the wrists and ankles for training and recreational activities. Whether you're walking, doing laundry, or training your core, these comfy weights will help you get fit. This workout gear is perfect to use while training clients.

Shop: Bala Bangles - $55

8. Full Face Sculpt Kit 

Full Face Sculpt Kit

This kit is perfect for a post workout session. It's filled with amazingly energizing face cleansers and masks that will help your face recover while also lifting and brightening it. Each product also comes with a series of facial exercises for enhanced efficacy. 

Shop: Face Gym Full Face Sculpt Kit - $75

9. Fit Radio 

Fit Radio

This gift is perfect for the personal trainer that loves music. Treat them to 6 months of Fit Radio, a top-rated fitness music app. Each song has a specific number of beats per minute designed to keep energy levels high which your trainer will truly appreciate.

Shop: Fit Radio - 6 months for $47.94

10. Daily Harvest Smoothies

Daily Harvest Smoothies

These ready-to-blend smoothies from Daily Harvest are the perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of meal prepping. Sourced from sustainable fruits and vegetables, these smoothies taste great and are great for you. The best part is that these will save your trainer precious time in the morning when the gym is waiting. 

Shop: Daily Harvest Smoothies Set of 9 - $51.41

11. Doing Things Hat

Doing Things Hat

This fun and trendy hat from Outdoor Voices is the perfect way to let your trainer know that you admire their active lifestyle. A great addition to any workout outfit, this hat is truly a special touch for the fitness fanatic in your life. The perfect gift for people of all fitness levels.

Shop: Doing Things Hat - $28

12. Unisex Massaging & Recovery Sandals

Massage & Recovery Sandals

Get your trainer off of their feet and into these hip and relaxing recovery sandals. Designed to give athletes comfort before and after a workout, this gift will allow your trainer to minimize their recovery time. 

Shop: PR Soles Original Sandals - $34.99

13. CBD Fitness Cream

CBD Fitness Cream

If anyone has sore muscles, it’s likely your personal trainer. Thank them for all that they do with this Cooling Menthol Relief & Recovery Cream. This is great to use after a tough workout and can easily be thrown into a gym bag for on-the-go use!

Shop: Highline Wellness CBD Fitness Cream -$29

14. Fuel Your Body Cookbook

Fuel Your Body Cookbook

Make your trainer proud and show them that you truly understand the importance of ,“What’s made in the gym is kept in the kitchen.” Written by certified sports dietetics & exercise physiologist Angie Asche, this book shares over 77 easy, delicious, and nutritious recipes. Your trainer can thank you later.

Shop Amazon: Fuel Your Body: How to Cook and Eat for Peak Performance - $18.49

15. Massage Gift Card

Massage Envy Gift Card

If you really want to help your trainer relax after a hard training session, look no further than treating them to a massage. Massage Envy offers eGift cards making this both a convenient and thoughtful gift. 

Shop here: Massage Envy eGift card - starting at $60

16. Keto-friendly Protein Bars

Misfits Protein Bars Variety Box

This is for the personal trainer that loves trying different protein bars. Not only will this variety box allow your trainer to try several delicious flavors, these bars will allow them to stay in line with their fitness goals as well. With 15g of protein and only 1g of sugar, these bars are the perfect option for anyone that is trying to build muscle. A fun gift alternative to whey protein powder and a protein shaker bottle.

Shop: Misfits Protein Bars Variety Pack - $28

17. Gym Approved Jewelry 

Paperclip Chain Necklace

Wow your trainer with a beautiful piece of jewelry from Ellie Vail, a brand that specializes in sweat proof jewelry. The best part is that they can keep their bling on when they hit the gym. 

Shop here: Carla Paperclip Chain Necklace - $63

18. Fat Burning Weighted Hula Hoop

Weighted Hula Hoop

As much as you know that your trainer loves being in good shape, you also know that they could use a little bit of fun. Guaranteed to get their heart rate up, this weighted hula hoop will give your trainer a unique workout experience that will allow them to switch up their regular routine and maybe have a couple of laughs. Perfect for bodyweight training and gaining lean muscle mass. This is a great gift because you can also use it in your home gym.

Shop Amazon: Dynamis Fat Burning Weighted Hula Hoops for Adults - $36.99

20. Gift Card of your choice

Gift Card of your choice

Sometimes the best gifts are the simple ones. Treat your trainer to a place that you know they love. Everyone appreciates a gift card.

Shop Amazon: Apple Gift Card - $25

20. Funky Sock Bundle

Funky Crew Socks Pack

Everyone that works out knows that you go through socks fast. Add some spice to your trainer’s outfits and save them time on laundry with these colorful and fun socks.

Shop Amazon: Men's Fun Set Dress Socks - $21.99

21. 2 in 1 Massage Balls & Foam Roller

The Original Worm

Upgrade your trainer’s foam roller with this portable massaging muscle roller. It combines massage therapy balls with a foam roller which will aid in your trainer’s recovery. The best part of the worm is that it’s so portable you can take it anywhere!

Shop here: The Original Worm - $24

22. Cold/Hot Massage Roller Ball

Cold/Hot Massage Roller Ball

This massage ball is designed to alleviate muscle soreness and accelerate sports recovery. By combining cold therapy with rolling massage, they effectively reduce muscle fatigue and tension, and improve blood circulation. Use pre or post workout to relieve pain anywhere from the neck to the feet.

Shop on Amazon: ​​Cold/Hot Massage Roller Ball - $17.99

23. The Mirror

The Mirror

This sleek mirror is designed to fit perfectly into anyone's home. However, it’s not just a mirror. It’s a yoga studio, it's a boxing ring, it's your new personal trainer, and it's so much more. Simply prop it up against the wall, turn it on, and you’ve got a perfectly curated studio workout experience. With thousands of different workout classes available, this is the ultimate gift.

Shop on Lululemon: The Mirror - $995

24. Cossac Fitness Journal & Workout Planner

Cossac Fitness Journal & Workout Planner

Of course there are tons of ways to track your fitness online; however, this is a great way to cut down on distractions while getting in your workout. It’s the perfect thank you gift for personal trainers. 

Shop on Amazon: Cossac Fitness Journal & Workout Planner - $15.97

25. Ultimate Gym Bag

Ultimate Gym Bag

Struggling with gift ideas for personal trainers? Get them something they really need, a duffel bag. Help store your recipient’s workout gloves, kettlebells, water bottle, workout clothing, and other workout items, with this 5-star rated bag. It’s the perfect gift for gym trainers, and they’ll love you forever.

Shop on Amazon: Ultimate Gym Bag - $29.99

Bottom Line

Beef jerky is a great, consumable gift for your personal trainer.

Finding gifts for personal trainers that aren't just another workout shirt or gym bag can be puzzling. With these unique gifts, you’ll surely find something that your trainer will actually use and appreciate. 

From funky socks, to sweat proof jewelry, to hula hoops, there are numerous thoughtful and inexpensive gift ideas that will show your personal trainer that you truly appreciate everything that they do for you.

And, don’t forget! Beef jerky is the ideal snack for any gym-goer. Our Health Nut - Keto Jerky Box is gluten-free, low to zero sugar, and LCHP. It’s the ultimate healthy gift option! Plus, it’s absolutely delicious. 

We guarantee your trainer will love to get a box of artisan jerky.

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