Fat Fast Menu | A 5-Day Meal Plan for You

We've created a five day fat fast sample meal plan for those who are looking to follow a fat fast. 

The purpose of a fat fast is to help you either break through a weight loss plateau or kickstart your way into ketosis by burning fat quickly. By focusing on a calorie deficit where 80-90% of your calories come strictly from fat, you'll be able to achieve a state of ketosis in no time. 

A fat fast meal plan consists of high-fat foods and no carbs.

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5 Day Fat Fast Sample Meal Plan

Day 1

Breakfast: A cup of coffee with heavy whipping cream

Mid Morning Snack: Macadamia nut butter and 1/4 avocado 

Lunch: Full-Fat Mayo and tuna wrapped in lettuce leaves

Afternoon Snack: People's Choice Beef Jerky Extra Hot Mini Beef Sticks

Dinner: Scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese

Day 2

BreakfastStrawberries and Almond Chocolate Smoothie

Mid Morning Snack: Macadamia nut butter and 1/4 avocado 

Lunch: Cookie Dough Fat Bombs

Afternoon Snack: Pecans and 1/4 avocado

Dinner: Bacon wrapped sausages in butter 

Day 3

Breakfast: Pecan Pie Fat Bombs

Mid Morning Snack: People's Choice Beef Jerky Sea Salt & Pepper Beef Sticks

Lunch: Salmon cooked in butter and side leafy salad

Afternoon Snack: Salami and full-fall roll-ups

Dinner: Carrot Ginger Soup and handful of nuts

Day 4

Breakfast: Handful of nuts and a hard boiled egg. 

Mid Morning Snack: 1/4 avocado and a macadamia nut butter. 

Lunch: Chicken with 2 tbsp. mayonnaise

Afternoon Snack: 3 slices of bacon 

Dinner: 1 serving of Cheesy Creamed Spinach

Day 5

Breakfast: ½ cup of Iced Ketoproof Green Tea

Mid Morning Snack: 2 tablespoons raw coconut butter

Lunch: Egg salad with lettuce wraps 

Afternoon Snack: ½ serving of Keto Mocha Mousse

Dinner: Salmon with butter and asparagus 

Bottom Line

A fat fast menu meal plan will help you get into a state of ketosis quickly because you'll be consuming a low calorie diet with foods coming predominantly from fat. While this may help you kickstart your way into ketosis, it's not recommended to be a long term diet plan. 

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