30+ Naturally Gluten-Free Snacks to Savor

Finding snacks that are delicious and quick can be difficult with a gluten intolerance, which is why we’ve created a complete list of naturally gluten-free foods that will keep your body happy and your taste buds satiated. 

Even though there are many convenient gluten-free packaged snacks in stores, most contain added sugars and are high in calories. It’s important for people with celiac disease to choose snacks rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals because gluten-related intestinal damage may increase risk of nutrient deficiencies.

Naturally gluten-free snacks that are sure to keep you satiated 

  1. Popcorn 
  2. Banana with Almond Butter
  3. Beef Jerky
  4. Hard boiled egg
  5. Edamame 
  6. Avocado
  7. String Cheese 
  8. Hummus 
  9. Dried Sweet potato chips
  10. Rice Cake
  11. Plain yogurt
  12. Fresh fruit
  13. Celery with peanut butter 
  14. Trail Mix
  15. Pickle
  16. Green Olives
  17. Cottage cheese with peaches 
  18. Turkey wrapped cheese sticks
  19. Instant oatmeal 
  20. Baked apple slices
  21. Black bean dip 
  22. Oats 
  23. Plain Yogurt
  24. Beans 
  25. Legumes 
  26. Quinoa 
  27. Corn
  28. Buckwheat 
  29. Potatoes 
  30. Polenta 
  31. Fresh Meat
Someone opening a bag of Limon Con Chile

Beef jerky is the ultimate naturally gluten-free snack!

It’s simple! Our gluten-free beef jerky line is made with clean ingredients, a simple process, and doesn’t contain any gluten. We offer a variety of 9 different flavors ranging from sweet to spicy and everything in between. High in protein, our gluten-free beef jerky can provide many healthy benefits, especially for those with celiac disease. Gluten-free foods may help ease digestive symptoms, reduce chronic inflammation, boost energy and promote weight loss. 

Bottom Line

Naturally gluten-free snacks don’t have to be difficult to find. Shop our full gluten-free beef jerky line up for an easy fix.