15+ Good Travel Snacks for Diabetics [Sugar-Free]

Finding a good travel snack for diabetics is simple with our curated list of both prepackaged and non-prepackaged foods. 

Whether you're on a road trip or on the go, you'll want to take one (or many) of these snacks with you on your next adventure 

It's imperative for diabetics to find healthy snacks with a proper balance of fat, fiber, and protein. Some of the non pre-packaged snacks we've put together have a decent amount of these nutrients, not to mention are delicious and filling. 

Continue reading for a diverse list of both packaged and non-packaged travel snacks that are ideal for diabetics. 

You can also find some mouthwatering packaged snacks for diabetics in our blog post.

Best Grab and Go Healthy, Non-Packaged Snacks for Diabetics (Includes Fruits and Fresh Veggies)

The following snacks are easy to throw in a plastic bag and be on your way. If you're looking for healthier food options, then you can't go wrong with portable snacks. Most are whole foods and pack a healthy punch. 

1. Berries 

2. Apples

3. Oranges 

4. Carrots 

5. Cucumber slices 

6. Celery sticks 

7. Mixed unsweetened nuts - (Any of your favorite kind of mixed nuts) 

8. Popcorn

9. Peanut butter single serve tubes 

10. Hard boiled eggs 

Prepackaged Travel Snacks for Diabetics 

When you're in a pinch and need to grab a snack to go, these prepackaged goodies will keep you fueled while also being diabetic compliant. 

11. Jerky Crisps 

People's Choice Beef Jerky's Jerky Crisps

First up on our list, is our latest product and one that fits the macro bill. These naked style jerky crisps are reminiscent of a chip, however, without any unhealthy ingredients. Made with simply beef, water, and salt these crisps will you keep you fueled and your blood sugar leveled. 

Shop: People's Choice Beef Jerky's Jerky Crisps - 

12. Keto Granola Bar

Keto Granola Bar

Granola bars may get a bad wrap, however, these MunkPack Keto Granola Bars are plant based, grain-free, and absolutely delicious. They're made with bee-free syrup instead of traditional honey and will keep you blood sugars stable while on the go. They also come in many different flavors and are a satisfyingly crunchy snack. 

Shop: MunkPack Keto Granola Bars - 12 pack $25.99

13. Packaged String Cheese 

Any string cheese found at your local grocery store.

There's a healthy range of different types of string cheeses you can find at your local grocery store. Most string cheese is low in carbs so it won't raise your blood sugar and will keep your hunger pains at bay. 

 14. Almond Butter Pack

Almond Butter Packet
These individual nut butter packets are essential for an on the go snack for diabetics. It's high in protein and will give you a quick energy bite when needed. Without any artificial sweeteners, it's the ideal snack for anyone. 

15. Cheddar Cauliflower Crackers 

Cheddar Cauliflower Crackers

From The Ground Up likes to keep it real with a plant-based twist on all your favorite snacks including these crunchy cheddar chips. They are low in fat, high in protein, and high in fiber making them the ideal travel snack for diabetics. They're also gluten and keto friendly to top it off. 

Shop: From the Ground Up Cheddar Cauliflower Crackers - $25.99 per 6 pack

What to look for in healthy road trip snacks for diabetics? 

Whether you're traveling near or far, having the right snacks when you have diabetes is important. First we want snacks that have a solid fat, fiber, and protein balance that will keep you full and fueled. 

Another important factor is that it can be portable and will easily hold up during a long travel day. Snacks that are typically shelf-stable are the best kinds since they will last longer. 

Low carb diabetic snacks are also a good idea when it comes to travel because blood sugars can be all over the place and lower carb options won't spike those levels. 

If you're wondering if beef jerky is good for diabetics, you can learn more about it on our blog!