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39+ Gifts for Food Bloggers They'll Actually Want [2024]

It can be difficult to shop for a food blogger who has it all in the kitchen, but this foodie gift guide features ideas they’ll actually use and appreciate!

We know a thing or two about blogging about food. We’re LA’s Original Beef Jerky Company. We’ve not only been handcrafting beef jerky for years, but we’ve been blogging about it too. From food styling, food photography, and content development, we’re offering insider tips on the ultimate gift guide for food bloggers.

Whether searching for Christmas gifts for food bloggers or any other time of year, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect gift. 

Any good foodie loves trying new things. If you need a quick gift, our test kitchen beef jerky is the perfect option.

Keep reading for the best gifts for food bloggers!

Foodie blogger in front of camera.

Photography Gifts for Food Blogger

1. Photography Backgrounds

Photography backgrounds

A food blogger is always on the hunt for new backgrounds. New backgrounds keep photography fresh and vibrant. 

Here’s a pro tip: most backgrounds for food bloggers are fake! You can purchase artificial surfaces for any material or texture such as marble, wood, stone, slate, and blank colors. Replica Surfaces offers hyper-realistic photography surfaces ready for any food photographer. Create over 150 combinations by mixing and matching popular surfaces. Our personal favorite is the white marble which offers elevated class and taste.

Shop: Replica Surfaces White Marble - $77.00

2. Table Top Lighting Kit

Table top photo studio

Any professional food blogger will tell you, the key to a great photo is lighting. The Foldio1 Mini Studio from OrangeMonkie will help any food blogger take beautiful, high-quality photos from the convenience of their home. No need for a professional photography studio, this portable box provides the perfect photography environment.

Shop: FOLDIO1 Mini Studio from Orange Monkie - $29.00

3. Overhead Tripod

Overhead tripod

Most serious food bloggers will have a tripod as part of their food photography set-up. But most food bloggers don’t have an overhead tripod that helps with top-down shots. This is key as most food photos are angled from the top down.  

Shop: Neewer 72.4-Inch Aluminum Camera Tripod Monopod - $129.99

4. Portable Reflectors

Portable reflectors

Glare, hot spots, and reflections are a food photographer’s worst nightmare. That’s why portable reflectors are essential to quality food and lifestyle photography. The multiple reflector types will give the food photographer a range of shading and tone options for the finished shot.

Shop: Neewer Portable 5-in-1 Collapsible Round Multi Disc Light Reflector - $15.99

5. Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

Adobe creative studios

Adobe is the ultimate tool for all things photo editing. From apps such as Photoshop to Lightroom, any serious food photo editor uses a combination of the Adobe tools. The Adobe Creative Cloud brings together the best creative apps and services and can be purchased as part of a monthly subscription. When it comes to great gifts for food bloggers, an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription is a sure winner.

Shop: Adobe Creative Cloud (one month subscription) - $52.99 

6. Camera Coats

Camera Coats

This is one of the most unique food blogger gifts. A camera coat is exactly what it sounds like — a cover for a DSLR camera. The padded, fitted design makes it easy to protect a camera while it’s around the photographer’s neck or in a bag. Voted one of Huffington Post’s favorite travel products in 2020, the camera coat is a guaranteed winner. Available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Shop: Camera Coat Brown Leatherette Padded Bag - $40

7. iPhone Tripod

iPhone Tripod

For those still shooting on a smartphone, a tripod made specifically for an iPhone is a good gift for a food blogger. They can easily set-up a scene and keep the phone steady during the shoot.

There’s no shortage of cell phone tripods, but the GripTight™ GorillaPod® is a great solution. It’s durable, versatile, and won’t let the food photographer down. Plus, it has universal compatibility so it can pair with any size or type of phone. When it comes to gifts for Instagram food bloggers, an iPhone tripod is a real winner.

Shop: GripTight™ GorillaPod® Stand PRO - $64.99

8. iPhone Camera Lens

iPhone Camera Lens

The iPhone takes incredible photos, even when compared to professional cameras. The secret to taking next level food photos are customizable camera lenses made for the iPhone. One of the best rated lenses for iPhone cameras is the 18mm Wide Lens from Moment. It offers edge to edge coverage for crystal clear clarity. The food blogger in your life will take unbelievable photos with this attachment.

Shop: Moment Wide 18mm Lens - $129.99

9. Ring Light

Ring Light

For serious food content creators, a ring light can make a self-filmed video look very professional. With a bendable gooseneck, the ring light can also be used to shoot shadow-less food shots on a table as well. Versatile and useful, this is a great food writer gift.

Shop: UBeesize 12’’ Ring Light with Tripod - $36.99

Kitchen Tools for Food Blogger

10. Vitamix Blender

Vitamix Blender

This is definitely a splurge gift for a food blogger, but they will be forever grateful. A Vitamix is an incredibly versatile kitchen tool that can be used for a variety of foods. The TurboBlend Three Speed offers easy control with multiple speed settings to achieve a variety of textures. Plus, the pulse feature provides quick bursts of power for chopping ingredients.

Shop: Vitamix TurboBlend Three Speed - $399.95

11. Mini Food Processor

Mini Food Processor

Most food bloggers will have a full size food processor, but sometimes a job won’t require the full version, which can be a hassle to set-up, use, and clean. Enter the mini food processor. At only 4 cups, this device is easy to put into action. Because of its size, the mini food processor is very portable and can make any kitchen task easier.

Shop: Cuisinart Elite 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder - $59.95

12. Food Scale

Food scale

Food bloggers that bake will appreciate a quality food scale. The only way to achieve pinpoint measurements and perfection is the use of a food scale. The Nicewell food scale has a 22lb capacity and is water-resistant, making it a great option for the food blogger’s kitchen. 

Shop: Nicewell Food Scale - $21.99

13. Baking Sheet

Baking Sheet

Sheet pans are the workhorse of any kitchen. They are perfect for roasting, baking, and even serving. Rather than buy a boring metal version, grab a colorful sheet pan that can also be used in photo shoots. Imagine a freshly baked batch of cookies on a pretty baking sheet, yum!

The half-size sheet pans from Great Jones are an excellent option. Made in the USA of aluminized steel and reinforced steel rods, these sheet pans are ultra durable. Plus, they are coated with nonstick ceramic coating.

Shop: Great Jones “Holy Sheet” Sheet Pan - $35

14. Quality Chef’s Knife

Quality chef's knife

Any chef or food blogger will agree, the must-have tool in the kitchen is a solid knife. The gorgeous knives from Made In will add a pop of color to the food bloggers kitchen which is great for photoshoots. They will thank you again and again for this quality knife.

Shop: Made In 8 Inch Knife - $89

15. Air Fryer

Air fryer

Air Fryers might not be the “coolest” kitchen devices out there, but it can be really helpful when trying to achieve fried dishes without the hassle of hot oil. The food blogger in your life will definitely enjoy putting an air fryer to work.

Shop: Instant Vortex Plus 7-in-1 Air Fryer Oven - $129

16. Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet

A quality cast iron is a kitchen tool that can transform a home cook into a professional food blogger. It’s the perfect way to achieve a great sear on a piece of meat or roast vegetables to a perfect doneness. If they already have a cast iron skillet, a Dutch Oven is a great alternative. Both options look great in a photo shoot.

Shop: Lodge 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet $27.95

17. Insta Pot


A slow cooker is a great addition to the kitchen of a foodie blogger. They can explore recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—all in the Instant Pot. There’s an entire sub-section of recipes online that are made only in a slow cooker. Could be the next series from your food blogger!

Shop: Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker - $89

18. Stand Mixer

Stand mixer

When it comes to baking, a stand mixer is a must. A mixer helps food bloggers make an incredible range of foods. From pizza dough to desserts, the sky’s the limit when it comes to things you can make with a stand mixer. There’s really only one name for stand mixers and that is Kitchen Aid.

Shop: Deluxe 4.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer - $379.99

19. Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

For any food blogger that specializes in Asian food, a rice cooker is a great addition. It can cook all kinds of rice to a perfect level of doneness. This will save the food blogger in your life time, money, and energy.

Shop: Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker, 4-Cup Uncooked - $52

Education Gifts for Food Blogger

20. Food Photography Book

Food photography book

Food bloggers are always working on their craft, so the gift of additional development is a great idea. The Tasty Food Photography eBook from Pinch of Yum is a great resource that is easy to send. Over 13,000 bloggers have taken their food photography to the next level with this book. It’s loaded with tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to make food photos look incredible.

Shop: Tasty Food Photography eBook - $29.00

21. Food Blogger Conference

Logo for food blogger conference

An important part of the food blogging world is networking. A creative food blogger gift is a ticket to an industry conference. They can learn new ideas, network with other bloggers, and even win some new business. The International Food Blogger Conference is one of the biggest in the world and has been around for over 12 years. Full ticket price is a bit pricey, so a creative and thoughtful idea is to contribute whatever amount you like towards the ticket.

Shop: Admission to the International Food Blogger Conference - $345.00

22. Fancy Food Show Conference

Fancy food show logo

Another conference option is a snack and food show. This is a great opportunity for a food blogger to see what’s out there and learn more about emerging trends. The Fancy Food Show happens twice a year—once in San Francisco and once in New York City. It’s the ultimate food and snack show and a great opportunity for food bloggers. 

Shop: Pass to Fancy Food Show - $59.00

23. Social Media Strategy Book

One Million Followers Social Media Book

Social media is critical for a food blogger and having a strong strategy is important. For any food blogger looking to gain exposure and grow their followers, the book—One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days—is a great resource. The food blogger in your life will appreciate the chance to learn and grow their blog. 

Shop: One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days - $20.99

Food Stylist Gifts for Food Blogger

24. Trendy Apron

Trendy apron

Any serious food blogger needs a quality apron. Cooking can get messy and an apron is there to prevent any major spills. When it comes to chef-quality aprons, there’s really only one choice in the food world and that’s Hedley & Bennett. Born in a professional kitchen and tested by chefs around the world, this is the ultimate apron for a serious cook and food blogger.

Shop: Hedley & Bennett The Essential Apron (Denver) - $85

25. Cute Napkins

Cute napkins

Linens napkins are an excellent way of adding a pop of color to food photography. Plus, they are durable enough to use everyday. Designed with the relaxed look of linen with the strength of cotton, these are soft and durable. Plus, they come in a range of colors!

Shop: Food52 Five Two Everyday Soft Cotton Napkins - $30

26. Vintage Silverware

Vintage silverware

Exceptional flatware makes all the difference between a basic photo and an extraordinary one. The key is versatility. Don’t be afraid to browse your local flea market or vintage shops. You can snag a variety of options for pretty cheap. Etsy is also a great resource for vintage silverware. 

Shop: Vintage Silverware on Etsy - $24

27. Unique Plates

Unique Plates

When it comes to food photography, smaller plates, bowls, and dishes are best. They keep the food front and center and offer more versatility. Classic white is the most appetizing and lets the food really shine, but mixing colors can bring more intrigue to a photo. Again, options are key for food bloggers, so anything you find will be a winner.

Shop: Unique Plates on Etsy - $10.00

28. Cutting Boards

Cutting boards

A cutting board is both a great kitchen tool and prop for a photo shoot. There’s one name in quality cutting boards and that’s Boos Boards. These are beautiful and durable. If the food blogger in your life opens up a gift to find a Boos Board, they will be forever grateful. 

Shop: Cherry R-Board Round 1-1/2" Thick - Reversible - $113.95

29. Letter Board


A customizable letter board is one of the more unique foodie gift options on the list. This board from Letter Folk is a classic, striking piece that can be used in photoshoots and in the kitchen. It has a light oak frame and jet-black felt. The creative food blogger can really put this gift to use.

Shop: The Writer Oak Letter Board - $100

30. Gifts Cards

Gift card to Williams Sonoma

Still stumped for gift ideas for food bloggers? A gift card is a great solution to give the food blogger in your life the ability to grab their own gift. Choose from any retailer of kitchen or home goods. You know they’ll love this, because they get to choose. Some of our favorite spots include Food52, Williams Sonoma, and Sur La Table.

Shop: Williams Sonoma Gift Card

31. Custom Shapes and Props

Custom shapes and props for photography

Erikson Surfaces offers artists and photographers the opportunity to create fantastic food content. They offer double-sided photography backgrounds, risers, and props that range in texture, color, and style. The lightweight surfaces, shapes, and windows are available for purchase or rental. The styling will fit any food photographer's vibe.

Shop: Erikson Surfaces Staircase Set - $185.00

Office Gifts for Food Blogger

32. Standing Desk

Standing desk

This might not be the first gift for a food blogger to come to mind, but a standing desk is really helpful when cooking in the kitchen all day. Rather than hunching over to type, take notes, and email, a standing desk will keep a food blogger productive and healthy. We promise they’ll be obsessed. 

Shop: Standing Desk - $37.99

33. Personalized Notebooks

Notebook on white background.

Notebooks are a necessity for a food blogger. They can be used for a range of tasks such as to-do lists, recipe ideas, and taking notes while cooking a new recipe. Take it from professional food bloggers, you can never have too many notebooks. Take the gift to the next level with a personalized notebook. We love the option from Papier.

Shop: Papier Colorblock Personalized Notebook - $26.99

34. Social Media Scheduling Tool

Social Media scheduling app

Managing social media is very important to food bloggers, but it can be time consuming. There are several tools out there that can make this process much easier. Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool that gives a food blogger the ability to streamline their content sharing process. The tool allows scheduling photos and video posts, creating hashtags, and reviewing statistics. It’s a food blogger’s dream!

Shop: Tailwind App (1 Month) - $9.99

Unique and Gourmet Ingredient Gifts for Food Blogger

35. Olive Oils

Olive oils

Quality olive oil is a staple of any serious kitchen. When shopping for a food blogger, make sure to find a bottle that can also double as a prop for a shoot. The bottles from artisan olive oil producer Brightland are a great example. Made in the Central Coast of California, Brightland oils and vinegars will surprise and delight the food lover in your life.

Shop: Brightland Olive Oil The Duo - $74

36. Vinegars

Katz vinegars

When it comes to world class vinegar, there’s only one name, and that’s Katz. This is authentic, barrel aged vinegar that is made slowly to maintain the flavor and integrity of the vinegar. The simple, elegant bottles make amazing props on a photo shoot as well.

Shop: Katz House Vinegar Gift Box Set - $40

37. Spices

Spices on a white background.

Any food blogger will attest, the quickest way to elevate a dish is with global spices. A pop of color, a hit of flavor, you name it and spices can help. Give the gift of flavor to your favorite food blogger. We highly recommend spices from World Spice Merchant. The Global Grill Spice blend comes with Shawarma Spice, Harissa, and Cuban Spice. It comes in a cute packaging that can add a global flavor to a photo shoot.

Shop: World Spice Merchant Global Grill Spice Blend (3 Pack) - $42

38. Coffee

Klatch coffee

Coffee is the behind-the-scenes hero for any food blogger. It keeps them fueled and energized for long photoshoots and recipe development days. One of our favorite coffee brands is Klatch Coffee. They source only the very best coffee - which means the coffee tastes great. Plus, you can sign up your food blogger for a coffee subscription. The gift that keeps on giving.

Shop: Roaster's Choice Blend (3 Months) - $54

39. Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky on white background.

A food blogger gift guide wouldn’t be complete without beef jerky. You might be wondering? Why would a food blogger want beef jerky? During long days of on-the-go work, the food blogger might not have time to eat a full meal or even a snack. That’s where beef jerky comes in. All natural, high protein, and convenient, beef jerky is a great snack to throw in a bag or stash in the pantry, ready for use whenever the food blogger needs it. Plus, if the food blogger is a true foodie they’ll love the gourmet flavors.

Shop: Simple & Savory Beef Jerky Sampler Box - $28.99

Bottom Line

Foodie Blogger taking a photo.

Be the winner this year and shop the best gifts for bloggers out there. Make sure to give the food blogger in your life something they actually want or need. Don't forget, beef jerky makes for a great gift for any occasion.

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