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Float Trip Essentials: 29 Can’t Forget Items

There are few summer activities better than floating down a fresh body of water in beautiful sunshine. Like most outdoor adventures, a little planning and preparation will unlock a relaxing and enjoyable day on the water.

We prepared this float trip checklist that covers gear, safety, clothing, and provisions.

People floating down river on tubes.

What to Bring on a Float Trip

Float Trip Gear

1. Your Vessel of Choice (This can be an inner tube, raft, canoe or kayak. Don’t forget an air pump if necessary.)
2. Tube Repair Kit
3. Dry Bag
4. Bungee Cords
5. Ziplock Bags
6. Umbrella
7. Towel
8. Waterproof Cell Phone Case or Floating Phone Case

    Float Trip Safety

    9. Sunscreen
    10. Chapstick
    11. First Aid Kit
    12. Bug Spray
    13. Wet Wipes or Hand Sanitizer

      Float Trip Clothing

      14. Swim Suit
      15. Cover Up
      16. Rash Guard
      17. Floating Sunglasses
      18. Hat
      19. Water Shoes (River Sandals or Neoprene Booties)
      20. Dry Clothes

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        Float Trip Provisions

        21. Water
        22. Drinks
        23. Snacks
        24. Cooler (Don’t forget a raft for your cooler. They even sell floating coolers.)
        25. Ice

          Float Trip Extras

          26. Waterproof Camera
          27. Water Guns
          28. Noodles
          29. Waterproof Speaker

            What Not to Bring on a Float Trip

            1. Books
            2. Electronics
            3. Expensive Sunglasses
            4. Valuables
            5. Unnecessary Items

              Download a printable float trip packing list here.

              Packing the car for a trip.

              Float Trip Pro Tips

              • Keep it light. You don’t want to be weighed down with unnecessary gear.
              • Sun protection is critical. Make sure to protect yourself from the sun.
              • Drink plenty of water. If partaking in adult beverages, drink responsibly.
              • Do your part. Clear your letter, pack out what you pack in, and clean up after yourself. Keep the river water clean and clear.
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