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7 Essential Carnivore Diet Podcasts Not to Miss

Podcasts are one of the most effective ways to improve your knowledge and understanding of the Carnivore Diet. Whether you’re debating going full carnivore and looking for success stories to persuade you, or you’re a seasoned vet who loves listening to leaders in the carnivore space talk about more in-depth topics to help maintain motivation, there is a podcast for you on this list.

1. The Carnivore Cast

Hosted By: Scott Myslinski

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The Carnivore Cast is a carnivore centric podcast hosted by our friend Scott Myslinski. You can expect weekly episodes with guests in the carnivore space ranging from Carnivore veteran Mark Bell to another friend of ours, Bella (@steakandbuttergal). Each guest brings their own unique piece of meaty advice to the table to help you succeed in your own carnivore lifestyle.

2. MeatRx Podcast

Hosted By: Dr. Shawn Baker and others

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 Recommended Episode: 

MeatRx is best described as an online carnivore community founded by Dr. Shawn Baker–whose well known for popularizing the Carnivore Diet on his episode of the Joe Rogan Experience where he was promoting his book: The Carnivore Diet.

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The MeatRx podcast promotes amazing success stories told by real people that have seen dramatic health improvements due to the elimination of plant foods in their diets. Shawn Baker MD also posts Carnivore Community Meetings where he talks with medical experts about how to take control of your life and improve overall health.   

3. Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino MD

Hosted By: Paul Saladino MD 

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Recommended Episode: Dr. Paul Saladino is in an MD, an author, an entrepreneur, and a huge carnivore diet advocate. Like Dr. Shawn Baker, Saladino appeared on an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience to promote his book on the Carnivore Diet: The Carnivore Code.

As a doctor, Saladino is incredibly thorough in his research and provides excellent advice backed by scientific studies. This podcast is an extension of all of his continued research, and is dedicated to understanding what truly leads to living a healthy life.  

4. Primal Edge Health Podcast

Hosted By: Tristan Haggard

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Primal Edge Health is more than just a podcast. It’s an online community for people interested in transforming their lives through a keto or carnivore based lifestyle. Their dedicated to publishing helpful resources such as podcasts, recipes, and offering advice to those willing to make a change. 

Tune in to the Podcast where Tristan challenges the stagnant status quo and examines other possibilities while having inspiring, in-depth conversations with other members of the low-carb community.

5. The Fat Fueled Family Podcast

Hosted By: Danny Vega and Maura Vega

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Recommended Episode:

The Fat Fueled Family Podcast is a podcast dedicated to empowering families to lead a healthier lifestyle through diet, exercise, and relationship building. Their weekly podcasts feature an awesome range of guests from owners of carnivore diet based snacking products to authors of carnivore diet based cookbooks.

6. Human Performance Outliers Podcast

Hosted By: Zach Bitter

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Recommended Episode:

The Human Performance Outliers Podcast hosted by Zach Bitter, is the ultimate health podcast with a direct focus on health, fitness, and nutrition. While Zach may not host a carnivore-centric podcast, he does bring on experts who touch on the keto/carnivore lifestyle quite often. It’s a great supplemental podcast to fit into your daily listening routine while on the Carnivore Diet.

7. Better, Stronger, Faster: A Performance Enhancing Podcast

Hosted By: Chris Bell and William Shewfelt 

Listen on: Spotify

Recommended Episode:Hosted by Chris Bell and William Shewfelt, Better, Stronger, Faster truly is a performance enhancing podcast. From training and the carnivore diet to the power of mindsets and interviews with top industry leaders in the fitness and entertainment communities

Chris is best known for his directing, producing, and writing of documentaries, including  Bigger, Stronger Faster. William on the other hand is a health advocate and actor, known for starring in Power Rangers.