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Is Beef Jerky Keto? The Dirty Little Secret

Beef jerky can be keto as long as it has 0g carbohydrates and 0g sugar. Not all beef jerky is keto. It is important that you read the ingredient list and nutrition label to ensure that there are no carbohydrates or sugars.

Once you find a jerky that is keto-friendly (carb free and sugar free), you can pair it up with a high-fat food item to make the perfect keto snack.

Our Old Fashioned Original Beef Jerky has zero carbs.

What They Don't Want You to Know

A quick survey of national jerky brands shows a range of carb and sugar counts in jerky. Some have as much as 10g of carbs per serving – nearly half the daily carb allowance for most people on the ketogenic diet!

The dirty little secret in the beef jerky industry is that sugar and sugar-based ingredients are used to help with production yields.

It can take anywhere from 2-3 pounds of raw meat to make finished jerky as the cooking and dehydrating process pulls out moisture. This makes the jerky shelf stable, but it also makes it expensive.

By adding sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, honey and other sugar-based ingredients, jerky makers can make additional profit, hence the prevalence of sweeteners in jerky products.

Not All "Keto-Friendly Jerky" is Sugar-Free

Another growing trend is the spread of jerky products claiming to be keto-friendly.

There is no official designation or certification to qualify a jerky as Keto-friendly. Be wary of any official stamp or claim that a product is Keto-approved. Always check the label.

Trying to capitalize on the popularity of the keto diet trend, many jerky companies will claim to be keto-friendly, but a closer review of the nutrition labels reveals 1-3g of carbohydrates per serving.

This is by no means a deal-breaker, but if there is a jerky on the market that contains zero carbs and zero sugar, why not choose that option? Shop our range of 100% sugar-free beef jerky

The Best Jerky for Keto Followers

I’ve been on Keto for over 7 months, reached my goal loss (30 lbs) in the first 15 weeks and have maintained it ever since with the help of this jerky that I eat every day. I’m addicted to it. It is one of the very few options on the market that’s keto friendly and I buy it inRead more about review stating The best jerky for Keto followers bulk to save on shipping. Plus, it’s delicious! I’m also on the auto-shipment to save even more. Hot & Spicy is my favorite. It’s not too hot & spicy, just the right amount to give it a nice kick. I highly recommend it.

Gloria O.

Can you eat beef jerky on the Keto Diet?

A Keto-Friendly snack made with beef jerky, nuts, salami, and olives.

Yes, you can eat beef jerky on the Keto Diet, just make sure it's carb free and you don't over-snack which can kick you out of ketosis. 

In a perfect world, snacking wouldn’t be needed when on the keto diet. In fact, the ketogenic diet is known for regulating your blood sugar and busting cravings and the midday energy slump. The high-fat content of the diet will keep you satiated for longer. Plus, you can eat to fullness because calorie restriction is not a key component of this diet.

One of the best ways to set yourself up for success and remain compliant on the keto diet is to meal prep. But, let’s be real, we don’t live in a perfect world.

Jerky Crisp Banner

Family, travel, kids, random cravings and a busy work schedule can all act as barriers to reaching your keto goals. This is where keto beef jerky can be your ace in the hole.

For an on-the-go solution, keep keto-friendly jerky on hand. Stash some in your purse, gym bag, glove compartment or desk at work.

Jerky is a shelf-stable snack, meaning it does not require any special handling or refrigeration. It is perfectly safe in a cool, dry place. Most jerky has a one-year shelf life, making it a perfect choice for your keto snack stockpile. Most jerky snacks come in smaller, resealable bags making them easy to open, store and enjoy.

This Jerky is the Best

As a keto follower, this is definitely the best jerky out there. A nice bang without the worry of needless carbs. I love the big bag!

Torry C.

How much beef jerky can you eat on keto?

Our Old Fashioned Beef Jerky has been sugar-free since 1929.

Keep in mind that over-snacking can stall weight loss, but if you’re really in a bind, jerky can be a great go-to carb-free snack. Don’t forget to combine it with high-fat food items to make it perfectly keto.

When cooking seems like too much, use zero-carb beef jerky as the foundation of a keto-friendly meal – with almost no preparation needed. While an excellent source of quality protein (and low in carbs and sugar), one of the drawbacks of jerky for the keto diet is the low-fat content.

This helps the jerky stay fresh longer without spoiling, but only adds a minimal amount of fat to your diet. With the simple addition of some high-fat foods, you can make the perfect keto snack or meal.

Take a bite out of your hunger with these tasty options.

Old Fashioned Beef Jerky + Olives + Cheddar Cheese
Carne Seca Limón con Chile + Avocado + Lime

Almost no preparation required! Keto basics like cheese, avocados, olives and macadamia nuts with the addition of healthy, sugar-free jerky helps to keep healthy fats front and center while minimizing carbs.

Need a little inspiration? Here are some examples from our best keto customers. These are easy and quick keto meal options that can be made in no time!

Why is People’s Choice Beef Jerky the Best Jerky for Keto?

You can rest assured that our People’s Choice keto-friendly jerky is 100% free of sugar and carbs. When we say keto-approved jerky, we mean absolutely zero added carbs or sugar. Just make sure you check to see that it’s a keto-friendly option.

These jerky products are a great option for the keto diet: high-quality protein, 0g sugar, and 0g carbs. We use a minimal amount of added spices and ingredients so the final product registers zero carbs and zero sugar.

On the one hand, this creates an old-fashioned style jerky that celebrates the natural meat flavor. On the other hand, it makes the best low carb jerky.

When customers ask us: “can I eat beef jerky on the Keto diet?” We can answer them with absolute honesty and confidence.

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***We do not claim to be medical or nutritional experts. This article is intended to serve as an introduction and thought-starting tool. The only rule in health and nutrition is that each person is different, and no one rule applies to everyone. Please consult your physician when making any health-related decisions.