Beef Jerky Wholesale Distributor

How do I become a wholesale distributor or retailer of your beef jerky?

Gourmet meat snacks, and beef jerky specifically, is one of the fastest growing products in the food industry. Sales of jerky topped $1 billion in 2017 and are expected to grow 4.2% on an annualized basis through 2022 according to research from IBIS World. We are always looking for new distributors, retailers, roadside fruit-stands, farmers markets, and fundraising programs to sell our premium jerky products. We place great value in our team of independent distributors and retailers. They are an integral part of our success and relationship with our loyal customers. We offer competitive and fair prices to ensure partner profitability.

Why People's Choice Beef Jerky? 

  • Join a 90 year and four generation tradition of the best beef jerky.
  • Stand behind these products. All our our jerky products are handcrafted in our USDA facility to the highest food standards. We only source 100% USA beef, always fresh and the highest quality.
  • Offer your customers truly unique jerky options featuring gourmet, on-trend flavors that will give you a competitive advantage in the market. 
  • Enjoy higher sales velocity and better margins through our competitive pricing and high-perceived value products.
  • Receive the highest quality service and attention from our team.  

If you are looking to become a People's Choice Beef Jerky wholesale distributor, please contact us for more information.