Sweet Chili Habanero


$ 6.00
The People's Choice Tasting Kitchen is focused on crafting new and interesting flavors with fresh ingredients and simple techniques. Our goal is to deliver a sophisticated snacking experience that celebrates a global culinary perspective while remaining true to our handmade tradition. Special Ingredients & Process Whole cuts of beef are sliced and then marinded in a dry rub of dried habanero peppers, red chili peppers, and cane sugar. Pineapple juice is added to ensure proper coating of the marinade and then the meat is slow-cooked for a minimum of two and a half hours.  Tasting Notes The first flavor to hit the palate is a bright fruit sweetness, almost tropical, that slowly accompanies the savory spice blend and the natural meat flavor. From there, the habanero heat slowly builds until it leaves you with a nice lingering burn, nothing overwhelming, but definitely present. The Sweet Chili Habanero is a sweet...