Beef Jerky Scented Candle

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Finally a candle for a guy who likes working with tools, growing a beard and enjoying bourbon after a hard day's work. The People's Choice man candle brings the savory smell of beef jerky to your woodshed, man cave or study. Forget ocean breeze, vanilla cupcake and potpourri. Our man candle brings a hardy wooden wick, long lasting soy wax and the manly smell of beef jerky to the holidays. We partnered with Wax & Wick to create the perfect man candle (mandle?). Now you can enjoy the smoky, mouthwatering scent of beef jerky where ever you are.  Burn Time: 50 - 60 hours, 3 hours per session.  WARNING: You may find the candle irresistibly tempting to eat. Please don’t.  Wax & Wick  Micro-batched, hand-crafted, and created out of necessity. Wax & Wick candles are made using 100% soy wax, high quality fragrance oils, and wood wicks. They add their fragrances at...


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***SPECIAL HOLIDAY FLAVOR, LIMITED TIME ONLY. Dark coffee, bittersweet chocolate, the wistfulness of the season. Sweetness with a touch of spice. Our holiday Maple Brown Sugar Beef Jerky is for those who appreciate the sweeter things in life, and of course, good old-fashioned beef jerky.  So sweet we're only offering the Maple Brown Sugar for a limited-time this holiday season.  The People's Choice Tasting Kitchen is focused on crafting new and interesting flavors with fresh ingredients and simple techniques. Our goal is to deliver a sophisticated snacking experience that celebrates a global culinary perspective while remaining true to our handmade tradition. Special Ingredients & Process Whole cuts of 100% USA beef are thickly sliced, glazed with a blend of golden brown sugar, rich molasses, and sweet maple flavor, and then slow-roasted for five hours. Tasting Notes Maple syrup and brown sugar add a sweet note to thick-cut beef jerky slices, making for an irresistibly...