Beef Jerky

Welcome to the Ultimate Collection of People's Choice Beef Jerky meat snacks. No matter if you're looking for traditional jerky or gourmet jerky; simple jerky or fancy jerky; sweet jerky or spicy jerky, we have a handcrafted jerky option for everyone. All of our premium beef jerky products are handcrafting in our jerky factory in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. We have the highest rated best beef jerky on the market. We have been handcrafting premium beef jerky products for over 90 years and four generations. From our family to yours, we invite you to browse our full collection of jerky flavors from jerky snack packs to jerky by the pound. Happy Snacking!


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Old Fashioned Beef Jerky The Old Fashioned line hasn’t changed much in the past 90 years.  A family jerky recipe, dating back to the 1920s, has been updated with all natural ingredients and a simplified process to create a jerky that celebrates the BEEF in beef jerky. It’s what real beef jerky is all about! The Old Fashioned line is a California fan-favorite and LA's Original Beef Jerky! Check out our jerky by the pound or protein snack packs. Special Ingredients & Process Thick cuts of 100% USA Beef are seasoned with a rich medley of natural spices—black peppercorns, sea salt, and smoked paprika (no sugar added)—then slow cooked for a minimum of five hours. The cowboy-style cuts of jerky enhance the rich meat flavor for a thick jerky with a great chew. The sugar-free jerky recipe and handmade process make this a natural beef jerky that is a Keto...


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Carne Seca Beef Jerky The Carne Seca line is inspired by the diverse culinary tradition of Downtown Los Angeles and its many migrant groups. Taste the flavors of Northern Mexico and the Southwest region of the United States. Focused on bold flavors, fresh ingredients, and simple techniques, our Carne Seca Beef Jerky features all natural ingredients and a simplified process to showcase the deliciousness of traditional Carne Seca Beef Jerky. Check out our jerky by the pound or protein snack packs. Special Ingredients & Process Whole cuts of 100% USA beef are cut into thick strips, marinated with lemon juice and an all-natural spice blend featuring cracked red pepper and guajillo chili powder, then slow-cooked for a minimum of 5 hours to craft the best beef jerky. All meat snacks in the Carne Seca Beef Jerky line are handcrafted with love by our family in our Downtown Los Angeles jerky...


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Classic Beef Jerky The Classic Beef Jerky line is one of our most iconic meat snacks: a Western-inspired, slab beef jerky. Each sheet of the Classic Line Beef Jerky is at least 30% bigger than our closest competitor - talk about Big Slab jerky. Most locals in Southern California will fondly remember purchasing whole slabs of the Classic Beef Jerky at fruit stands, gas stations, and neighborhood convenience stores. The original and ultimate road trip snack hasn't changed one bit and neither has our goal: to provide a better alternative to the processed meat snacks in the marketplace without compromising value. The Big Slab Bag (15-Count, 1.5 LB) comes with 15 slabs of jerky. Looking for the same great flavor and texture but in a more convenient size? The 3 ounce bag comes in a resealable jerky pack great for on-the-go snacking. Special Ingredients & Process Whole-muscle chunks of 100%...


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Artisan Jerky from Our Tasting Kitchen One of the more delicious parts of our job is the recipe testing that goes on in our beef jerky test kitchen at our jerky factory. The benefit of crafting artisanal jerky in small batches is that we can experiment and explore a diversity of flavors from spicy jerky to sweet jerky, Teriyaki jerky to peppered jerky, and hot  jerky to mild jerky. We are always searching for new flavors from around the world and we want to bring those special flavors directly to you. Our goal is to offer limited-edition, small batch jerky flavors on a regular basis. Check out our jerky by the pound or protein snack packs. Special Ingredients & Process Extra thick cuts of 100% USA Beef are seasoned with a robust medley of natural spices featuring Coarse Black Pepper, then slow cooked for a minimum of five hours. The cowboy...