Clever Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which means it's time for you to start thinking of gift ideas. Don't panic. We've got you covered with our curated list of unique Valentine's Day gifts your significant other will love. Because nothing says "I Beef You" like a good ole' jerky gift. 

The first on our list is timeless, delicious, and a home run. The Jerky Box. Choose from a variety of 5 different themed boxes suited for your sweetheart. (See below!)

Jerky Boxes are the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Why? It's simple! 

They are:

  • Super Convenient - comes in a really cute branded box

  • Incredibly Thoughtful - who wouldn't want a box filled with jerky?

  • Joining a Rich Tradition - support a local, family business with over 90 years of history 

One of Everything


If you're looking for something smaller, yet still thoughtful and ridiculously clever, send a Beef Jerky Gram instead. Similar to a Valentine's Day Gram, our Jerky Grams bring nostalgic memories of a childhood favorite. Choose from a variety of themed grams fit for every type of person!

Other reasons why Jerky Grams are the perfect Valentine's Day gift. It's simple! 

They are:

  • Super affordable - each gram is under $20 and ships FREE 
  • Incredibly thoughtful - who wouldn't want a cute gram filled with handmade beef jerky goodies?
  • Creative - each gram comes with a unique and custom designed card featuring a hand drawn image. Personalize your gift with a heart-felt note 
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Jerky Gram

For those of you who are indecisive (no judgment) in choosing which beef jerky gift to go for, don't worry! We have the perfect solution for you. Simply give the gift of a People's Choice Beef Jerky e-Gift Card. It's really a win - win!


A beef jerky gift card is the ultimate Valentine's Day gift because it:

  • is incredibly unique 
  • gives the receiver of the gift card the option to choose his or her flavors 
  • is affordable in every way - select the designated amount from $5 - 500+! (You can ever have too much jerky)
People's Choice Beef Jerky E-Gift Card

People's Choice Beef Jerky Gift Card