13 Unique Hiking Gifts You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Man preparing to hike a mountain.

Finding unique hiking gifts for that outdoor lover in your life can be a real challenge. On top of already having it all, they have very specific tastes and preferences. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of hiking gifts that are truly one-of-a-kind. That hiker in your life won’t believe they’ve made it this far without one of these awesome hiking gifts.

Let’s dive into the best unique hiking gifts, perfect for the outdoor enthusiast.

1. Multifunctional Headwear

Multifunctional Headwear

A multifunctional headwear piece is a do-it-all performance item that can be worn over twelve different ways. It can be used as a face cover, headband, and beanie. It’s a perfect addition to any hike because it can help in all kinds of weather. From sunny, warm days when you need shade, to overcast, cold days when you need warmth. 

We love the headwear options from Buff. They are engineered with a four-way, seamless, ultra stretch fabric. It features UPF 50 protection and is made with 95% recycled material. 

Shop: Buff Multifuncion Headgear Original - $20

2. Customizable Wooden Walking Stick

Customizable Wooden Walking Stick

A serious hiker knows the importance of walking sticks. They can serve as an extra set of arms and minimize the impact of tough trails. There are several options when it comes to hiking poles, but the wooden walking stick is truly one-of-a-kind. It will add function and style to your hiker’s game. 

Our favorite walking stick brand is Brazos. These are custom-made walking sticks—always handcrafted, one at a time, in the USA. The Backpacker Walking Stick is made with high-density oak giving it strength and hardness. The walking stick is a handcrafted beauty, ready for the trail.

Shop: Backpacker Walking Stick - $71.99

3. Beef Jerky

One of Everything Beef Jerky Gift Box

This might not register at the top of your list, but beef jerky is a fantastic hiking gift—especially a high quality beef jerky ready for the trail. Beef jerky has been a favorite of the outdoor world for generations. It’s both lightweight, packed with protein, and delicious. No hike is complete without a tasty and nutritious snack.

A real hiking buff will love our beef jerky. With a range of flavors and styles, the hiking lover is guaranteed to love our artisan-crafted jerky.

Where have you been all my life!?

A friend of mine hooked me up with People’s Choice Beef Jerky and I couldn’t be happier. I was getting sick and tired of protein bars and was looking for an alternative on my hikes. I found my new favorite snack. It checks all the boxes and I’m so glad I found it.

—Chad T, Oakland, CA

Shop: One of Everything Beef Jerky Gift Box - $72

4. The Dyrt Pro Camping App Subscription

Dyrt Gift Certificate

Give the gift of discovery. There’s nothing like finding a new trail for a hiking lover. The Dyrt Pro Camping App will let the hiker in your life find new spots in their area and beyond. Loaded with reviews, incredible photos, and fantastic ideas from local experts, this is an easy gift for a hiker that will be a big winner.

Shop: The Dyrt Pro Camping App - $35.99

5. Hiking Decor on Etsy

Picture of a hiking trail wall art

Etsy can be a great place for unique hiking decor gifts. You can find the perfect piece of art that will let the hiker in your life show off their passion. Options range from art, to candles, and even Christmas ornaments. Outdoor themed decor is a great gift for hikers that are truly passionate about the outdoors. 

Shop: Hiking Decor on Etsy

6. Patches and Pins from National Parks

Patches and Pins from National Parks

Hikers love to share their passion for the outdoors and patches and pins are a great way to do that. You can search for their favorite national park and purchase a range of options. They can sow these patches onto jackets, shirts, and backpacks. Talk about wearing your passion on your sleeve!

Shop: Yosemite Half Dome Sunrise Dome Patch - $7.99

7. Burnable Business Cards

Burnable Business Cards

The burnable business card definitely tops the chart when it comes to unique outdoor gifts. The birchwood fire starter can be stored anywhere and fits in a wallet. Each card is infused with a wax accelerant that makes it a great fire starter. While your every-day hiker won’t be starting any campfires soon, it’s a good insurance plan in case something goes wrong.  Plus, it’s a great conversation piece.

Shop: Burnable Business Card - $8.00

8. Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle

A quality water bottle isn’t the most unique hiker gift out there, but this isn’t your ordinary hiking water bottle. The Flux Water Bottle from HydraPak is shaped like a hard bottle, but compresses like a soft flask. Plus, it weighs 60 percent less than the average water bottle. This incredible invention will let the hiker finish their water and compress the bottle for easy storage.

Shop: Flux™ 1.5 L Flux Ultra-Light Reusable Bottle - $25

9. Headlamps

UCO Gear Headlamp

Serious hikers don’t just hike during the day. They will wake up early in the morning before the sun rises or even stay out past sunset. That’s where a headlamp comes in handy! The headlamps from UCO Gear feature quality straps, a real wood inlay, and over 200 lumens of light. Easily switch between High, Medium, Low, and Strobe lighting options. 

Shop: UCO Gear Headlamp - $24.99

10. Waterproof Playing Cards

Waterproof playing cards.

Entertainment and relaxation are items that are often forgotten on the hiking trail. What better way to relax at the top of the mountain than play a casual card game? Add in some snacks and beverages and you have a full-on picnic. 

A set waterproof playing cards is a great option when relaxing outdoors. Around the campsite or at the top of the mountain, playing cards are a great way for a couple to have a bit of fun.  

Shop: Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards - $5.99

11. Hiking Log Book

Hiking Log Book

Serious hikers love to record their favorite hikes. They can save all the important details and compare with their friends and family. Data points such as location, date, weather, elevation gain/loss, time, distance, conditions, difficulty, and additional information are helpful things to record and use for future hikes.

Shop: Hiking Log Book - $6.99

12. Hiking Fanny Pack

Hiking fanny pack

Other packs get a lot more love than the fanny pack, but it offers incredible versatility and comfort for a hiker. There are many options out there from casual to high-tech. The Knockabout bag from Mountain Smith is a hybrid waist and shoulder option that swings around from the back to the front with ease. With plenty of organization options, this fanny pack is a great solution for a day hike.

Shop: Knockabout Fanny Pack - $34.95

13. Blister Prevention Tape

BFF® Blister Prevention Tape

No pain, no gain doesn’t have to be your hiker’s motto. With a little planning, you can help them stay comfortable while on long hikes. The blister prevention tape from KT Tape is designed to create a barrier between skin and clothing that prevents rubbing and blisters. The material is ultra-durable, breathable, and flexible. It easily conforms to skin and can be used in most common areas.

Shop: BFF® Blister Prevention Tape $9.99

Bottom Line

Teriyaki beef jerky on a hiking trail

Finding the perfect gift for the hiker in your life doesn’t have to be a challenge. Hopefully this list introduced a few new ideas that will let you be the king or queen of the mountain. Don’t forget to pick up the ultimate unique gift for hikers— beef jerky!

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