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Beer & Jerky Pairing

I believe it would be difficult to find a more natural pairing combination than an ice cold beer and the salty and versatile snack known as beef jerky. Luckily enough, People’s Choice Beef Jerky have provided me with an opportunity to do some pairing reviews. With their rich family history of producing a wide range of small batch beef jerky since 1929, I knew I would have lots of opportunities to pair just the right beer with just the right jerky.



 Orange Honey Teriyaki - Tasting Kitchen Collection

Tasting Notes:

Sweet aspects that one would expect from a teriyaki jerky, but this one has big orange flavor leading the way. As the sweetness fades away you are left with a savory, meaty taste.

 Pairing Suggestions:

Blonde Ale or Pale Ale

 My Pairing Choice:

Burdock Brewery

Vermont Blonde

ABV: 4.5% 

 Tasting Notes:

Begins with bready and crackery malts that provide a semi sweetness. Picking up some tropical zest flavoring in the mid-sip, before a slightly floral hops aspect hits your tongue with little to no bitterness. A touch of spice on the backend, with a prickly carbonation, cleanses the palate after each sip.

 Pairing Notes:

These two have combined in a way  that elevates one another. Don’t get me wrong - the beer and the jerky are great individually, however together, they make for a spectacular tasting experience. The semi-sweet beer sets a backdrop to showcase the big flavorings of the jerky, while the zesty and floral elements of this particular beer, play off the orange flavoring of the jerky very well.