Tasting Kitchen Garlic Ginger & Beer Tasting

Tasting Kitchen Garlic Ginger & Beer Tasting

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I believe it would be difficult to find a more natural pairing combination than an ice cold beer and the salty and versatile snack known as beef jerky. Luckily enough, People’s Choice Beef Jerky have provided me with an opportunity to do some pairing reviews. With their rich family history of producing a wide range of small batch beef jerky since 1929, I knew I would have lots of opportunities to pair just the right beer with just the right jerky.

Tasting Kitchen Garlic Ginger

Tasting Notes: This jerky has a nice meaty taste combined with the saltiness of soy sauce. Garlic & ginger provide for a spiced finish with a lasting warmth.

Pairing Suggestions: Rye Ale or Amber Ale

My Pairing Choice: Boshkung Brewing Co. (Campfire, Rye Ale)

ABV: 5.5% IBU: 20

Tasting Notes: This one starts with toasted bready grains, that provide a toffee sweetness. The sweetness is then curbed by an earthy hops, which combines with a smokey flavor in the mid-sip. Picking up some of the rye spices on the finish, that create a warming feel. In the aftertaste, the smokiness slowly fades away and you are left with a dry mouthfeel.

Pairing Notes: I wasn’t sure what I was going to pair this jerky with at first, but when I opened the fridge and saw this beer, I knew I needed to try out this rye & ginger combination. I can confidently say it did not disappoint - this is just what one needs on a cool fall hike. The smokey taste from the beer helps intensify the natural smokiness of the meat, while the spices of each, combine together to make a spice bomb of warmth. 

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