Wax and Wick Candle

Made With Purpose: Wax & Wick

If you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. A sentiment many independent businesses and artisans live by. That’s how Wax & Wick came to be – friends Kevin and Joe wanted to import and sell 100% soy wax candles in the US. The problem is, they couldn’t find a quality product.

Selling inferior candles just to make a buck didn’t seem right, so the guys set out to learn how to do it themselves. How hard could pouring a candle be anyways?

Pretty hard, as it turns out, but now Kevin and Joe were on a mission. After six months and over 50 pounds of soy wax, they finally settled on a process that produced a soy wax candle to their personal, exacting standards.

So why soy wax anyways? Compared to standard paraffin wax, soy burns almost twice as long, meaning Wax & Wick candles are much better value over the typical, max produced fare out there. When combined with unique wooden wicks and carefully selected fragrance oil (in awesome scents like espresso and whiskey), you get the ultimate “man candle.”