Tawny Goods

Made With Purpose: Tawny Goods

Starting out with a goal but having no idea of how to achieve is a common experience for many entrepreneurs. That was true for Los Angeles based Tawny Goods when they started out. A couple of college friends knew they wanted to build a company around the simple objective of quality, stylish footwear at an affordable price, but no idea how to achieve it.

Simple rarely means easy in business. The Tawny Goods cofounders had to go on the road and travel the globe to find a way to make their vision into a reality. Eventually, they happened upon a small town in Guatemala where they met some talented shoemakers. They left the village with a couple of custom shoes stuffed into their luggage and new direction for their company.

Today, the team at Tawny works closely with a family owned leather shop in Leon, Mexico to craft their products. Each pair of Tawny Goods shoes is made of 100% full-grain, Grade-A leather and purposely designed to be timelessly stylish and comfortable right out of the box.