Schon DSGN

Made With Purpose: Schon DSGN

If you’re going to do one thing, you should do it really, really well. That seems to be the principle behind Schon Dsgn’s approach to making pens. While most writing tools on the market today are throw away items, meant to be rapidly used and tossed as obsolete, Schon Dsgn opts to make long lasting, heirloom quality pieces.

It all starts with engineer Ian Schon, who designs and prototypes Schon pens at home in Boston, Massachusetts. Each pen is carefully crafted with high quality materials across an array of different finishes. The pens then go through a rigorous finishing process and each one is hand inspected before being shipped.

Available in classic metal finishes (like bronze or brass) and in new, modern materials (like aluminum and titanium), pen enthusiasts can find seven different options to choose from at Schon’s.