Fulton & Roark

Made With Purpose: Fulton & Roark

Less complicated, more enjoyable. That’s the goal in business (and in life too) isn’t it? That’s also Fulton & Roark’s approach to making men’s grooming products. They weren’t satisfied with just making good smelling cologne or high quality shave cream. They obsess over the details to make sure everything they make just works.

Their cologne is designed to avoid spills and fit easily in your pocket. Not only does the stainless steel container look good, but its durable and travel friendly. Their shaving cream is a departure from the typical foam, gel and butter options in the market. Their ultra-slick, low foam cream is easy to use, hydrates as you shave and was recently named best new grooming product by Men’s Health.

That’s how Fulton & Roark rolls. They don’t merely craft great products, but a great experience from start to finish. Their mission is to make grooming a pleasure rather than a chore. Mission accomplished.

You can find Fulton & Roark products throughout the United States and also Internationally in Canada, China, France and beyond.