So much about being an entrepreneur is turning a passion into a product and then that product into a business. Cocktail Crate founder Alex Abbot Boyd had a passion for beverages.

He started out by riding his bike to test craft beers in American Midwest. After that, Alex moved on to tasting teas in the Himalayan Mountains and elsewhere around the world. Finally, he settled on cocktails, which have consumed the last five years of his life. The wide variety ingredients, colors, tastes and mixology techniques had him hooked. Now he had to figure out a way to share it with the world.

Enter a big idea and a modest Kickstarter campaign. The idea was to find a way to bottle all of those beverage-based insights Alex had learned over the years and deliver them in a fun, easy way to people. The Kickstarter campaign raised $5,000 and funded his first few mixer batches. All of those initial batches were hand bottled and hand labeled in a basement by Alex himself.

Today, Cocktail Crate mixers are available throughout New York City and in a handful of international retailers. Alex is still busy creating new mixer recipes, eager to connect with people who love cocktails as much as he does.

Check out Cocktail Crate’s online store here, or follow along as they grow via Instagram.