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19 Essential Foodie Gifts for Him

We all know that finding the perfect gift for the men in your life during the holidays can be tough, especially if you’re shopping for a foodie. The good thing for you is that we are self proclaimed foodies and know the way to one’s heart. As they say, it’s typically through their stomach!

We live deep in the world of food. Not only because we have been in the food industry for the last 90+ years, but also because we live in one of the most amazing food cities in the world. Are we biased? Maybe. Are we proud? Definitely. 

Either way, we know a thing or two about food. We’ve put our passion to the test to create this foodie gift guide for him. The list below ranges from inexpensive fun gift ideas for a friend to more involved gifts for the obsessed home cook. There is something for all types of foodies on this list. Keep reading to see our favorite picks!

Any good foodie loves trying new things. If you really want to go all out, cut to the chase and give them our One of Everything Jerky Box. This sampler pack is the best present because there are so many different flavors to try! Happy sampling.

1. Gesshin Stainless 210mm Wa-Gyuto

Gesshin Stainless Gyuto If you want to elevate your home cooking game, you need the right tools. The most vital and versatile tool in the kitchen is undeniably the chef’s knife. And, there really is not a more thoughtful gift than a high quality knife. Queue the Gesshin Stainless 210mm Wa-Gyuto

This knife is the perfect gift for the guy who is getting down and dirty in the kitchen on a daily basis. Made by Jonathan at Japanese Knife Imports in Beverly Hills, CA in collaboration with a partner based in Japan, the blade is made with AUS-8 Steel, which means it is durable and sharpens easily, making it perfect and versatile for home cooks and chefs alike. 

Shop on Japanese Knife Imports: Gesshin Stainless Gyuto - $135.00

2. Toiro Kitchen: Classic-Style All-Purpose Donabe

Kuro-Yu Wood Knob DonabeThe donabe is one of Japan’s oldest cooking vessels, and also one of the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen tools we’ve seen! Donabe means “Clay Pot” in Japanese, and is typically used in Japanese households for making hot pot or “nabe.”

This classic-style all-purpose donabe from Toiro Kitchen is perfect for everyday cooking. This donabe is made out of highly heat-resistant clay and features a porous body with incredible heat-retention ability. Your home chef friend will be able to cook up a beautiful braised dinner, and then not be ashamed to leave this beautiful piece on the countertop!

Shop on Toiro Kitchen: Kuro-Yu Wood Knob Donabe - $120.00

3. Anova Precision® Vacuum Sealer Pro

Anova Vacuum SealIf you are a true foodie, you understand the true power of a solid vacuum sealer. To the layman, you may be reminded of old food saver infomercials where there was only one use for these sealers: keep food fresh for longer periods of time. Not any longer!

Now, home cooks are using vacuum sealers to marinate, sous-vide, ferment, and preserve. We love the Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer Pro because it offers a double seal to make handling vacuum sealing liquids clean and easy! It also features built-in bag storage and a built-in bag cutter. This thing is sleek! 

Shop on Anova Culinary: Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer Pro - $99.99

4. Ooni Koda Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Kodi Gas Powered OvenYes, we put a pizza oven on the list, and we have good reason to. Imagine getting your friend or family member a pizza oven for a gift. They’d be forced to cook you pizza for eternity. You have the ultimate guilt trip to a lifetime supply of homemade pizza. You’re welcome!

Okay, seriously though...the  Ooni Koda pizza oven is awesome. This small, countertop oven is extremely portable and only requires a propane tank to be fired up. Within 15 minutes, this oven is hot enough (932°F) to pump pizzas out at only 60 seconds per pie. 

Shop on Ooni: Ooni Kodi 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven - $399.00

5. Whitebark Workwear Hemp Bakers Couche

Baker's CoucheThe Covid quarantine sparked an incredible increase in the trend of baking bread at home, and we’re assuming your foodie friend was a part of that wave. While we do have plenty of keto-friendly jerky options, we still love our bread.

That’s why we threw Whitebark Workwear’s Hemp Baker Couche on our list. Baker's couche is flax linen used to support dough, typically used for shaping baguettes. Whitebark Workwear’s Baker Couche is made out of sustainable and durable hemp. The couche is antimicrobial (prevents mold on fabric) and is made right here in Los Angeles, California. For any foodie that means serious business when it comes to their bread making, the couche is a wonderful option.

Shop on White Bark Work Wear: Hemp Baker's Couche - $30.00

6. Now Serving Los Angeles Gift Card

Now Serving Now Serving is the most amazing hidden gem in Los Angeles. This is a bookstore focused solely on selling cookbooks, food magazines, and cooking accessories. Ken Concepcion and Michelle Mungcal opened Now Serving in 2017 and have now amassed 1,500 titles and a cult following from local chefs, home cooks, and food enthusiasts.

Now, we know that it may still be tough to find the foodie in your life the perfect book, magazine, or accessory. Maybe you don’t know what cuisine he’s into, or what they want to learn more about...either way, we got a solution. The Now Serving Gift Card. Name a price and send it on over to your giftee. Trust us, they will be thanking you.

Shop on Now Serving LA: Now Serving Gift Card

7. Brightland Olive Oils & Vinegars

Brightland Oil & VinegarIs there any other liquid in the kitchen as essential as oil and vinegar? We don’t think so. Together, these precious liquids play a key role in balancing out a dish. This is why we recommend the Brightland Mini Essentials Gift Box. This is a great gift for the foodie guy in your life because he probably wouldn't think to buy this for himself. 

Brightland is an amazing organic olive oil and vinegar company based in California. The Mini Essentials gift box features their best selling vinegars and olive oils, packed in petite bottles, and wrapped in one box. Plus, they are including a complimentary, custom-designed blank holiday card with every order!

Shop on Brightland: The Mini Essentials - $70.00

8. ChefSteps Studio Pass

ChefStepsIf you want to give the gift of knowledge that will level up his cooking, this is the gift you are looking for. ChefSteps is technically a smart kitchen product company, but they also sell this thing called the Studio Pass.

The Studio Pass gives you access to incredible food science focused recipes and guides. In the food world, knowledge truly is power. Once you understand how cooking works, you demystify the experience, and learn how to improvise using food science. You are no longer stuck mindlessly following recipes. You will be gifting culinary freedom! 

Shop on Chef Steps: Studio Pass - $69.00

9. Sightglass Coffee Blend

Owl's Howl

Coffee may not be a food, but food nerds like us tend to geek out over coffee quite a bit. If the man in your life is a coffee fanatic, we have found some particularly awesome coffee coming from Sightglass Coffee. Sightglass Coffee is an independent, sibling-owned coffee company based in San Francisco, California.

You can't go wrong with any of their roasts, but we love the Owl's Howl. It features cacao nib, stone fruit, and candied orange peel. This delicious profile is the ultimate gift for the coffee enthusiast in your life!

Shop on Sightglass Coffee: Owl's Howl - $19.00

10. Las Jaras Wines 2019 Glou Glou

Glou Glou Natural WineLas Jaras Wines has quickly become a power player in the booming natural wine market. This company is the culmination of Eric Warheim (of Tim and Eric) and Joel Burt, and is based out of Sebastopol, CA. Anyone who enjoys natural wine will love how approachable the Glou Glou is.

It is incredibly refreshing with intense berry notes and enough acidity to pair with your favorite pasta. It is definitely recommended for any of the wine lovers in your life! Perfect for Christmas, Father’s day, birthday’s, or really any occasion, you can never go wrong with a good bottle of wine. 

Shop on Las Jaras Wine: 2021 Glou Glou - $28.00

11. The Chef’s Press

Chef's PressThis is the perfect gift for the guy that loves to cook up a steak.

The Chef’s Press may not be the most exciting gift on the list, but it is one of the most effective tools in the kitchen and ideal for any foodie that considers themselves a grill master. This 13 oz press is perfect for burgers and duck breast, but can be stacked to press thick cut steaks, pork chops, and cauliflower steaks. The press can also be used to weigh down ingredients when marinating, and keeping bags submerged while cooking sous vide! 

Shop on The Chef's Press: 13 oz. Chef's Press - $21.50

12. Compound Butter Magazine Subscription

Compound ButterCompound Butter is an LA based, biannual publication encompassing food, art, and everything in between. 

Each issue features a new exciting theme which the amazing artwork, excerpts, photos, and articles revolve around. Feel free to browse a few issues online. If your favorite foodie also loves reading about pop culture, this is a great option for him. These magazines are not only great reads, but make for a great coffee table decoration as well. Personally, we recommend gifting the four issue subscription.  

Shop on Compound Butter: Four Issue Subscription - $60.00

13. Spam Brand Air Freshener

Spam Air FreshnerThis is arguably the best stocking stuffer on any list this year. 

Simply a Spam brand air freshener. Does anybody really need it? No. But it’s hard to pass up at just $2.50. While the freshener does feature a can of Spam, it doesn’t actually smell like any pork product, so it’s still fully functional! 

Shop on Spam Store: Spam Brand Air Freshener - $3.50

14. Martini Gift Crate

Martini Gift CrateIf the foodie in your life appreciates a craft cocktail, this Cocktail Shaker Gift Set from Williams Sonoma is the perfect option. This set is guaranteed to elevate any happy hour following hours of prepping in the kitchen. Featuring a boston shaker, a hawthorne strainer & jigger, a wooden muddler, this set has all of the equipment necessary to make the ultimate at home cocktails and will take your dinner parties to the next level. 

Shop on Williams Sonoma: Crafthouse by Fortessa Cocktail Shaker Set - $119.95

15. Milk Bar Gift Set

Milk Bar Gift SetAlmost everyone has a sweet tooth and it’s safe to say the foodie in your life probably falls into that category. Treat them to a delicious gift that they will definitely appreciate with the Milk Bar Chocolate Lover’s Dream. This set features a Chocolate Confetti Cookie Tin, Chocolate B’day Truffle Dozen Box, and two Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Crush Ice Cream Pints. Let’s say that again. Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Crush. These sweet treats sound like a total win-win to us. The best part? They ship anywhere throughout the United States!

Shop on Milk Bar Store: The Chocolate Lover's Dream - $82.00

16. Aroma Cool-Touch Rice Grain Cooker

Aroma Rice CookerAny budding chef will absolutely love a rice cooker. While it may sound boring, a rice cooker can take your cooking to a whole new level. Perfect for rice, steamed vegetables, meat, and much more, this is a great gift for every type of foodie out there - if they don’t already own one that is! This model from Aroma has over 40,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and sells for only $42.75. Talk about a budget friendly item that is made to last. 

Shop on Amazon: Aroma Housewares Rice Grain Cooker and Food Steamer - $42.75

17. Non Stick Frying Pan

Madein Frying PanThe majority of people that have worked in a kitchen know and love Made In and it’s a safe bet that any foodie will love it too. Made In is a family owned company that has a 100-year history in the kitchen supply industry. Not only that, they also use real world class chefs as product development partners which is likely why they make some of the highest quality of cookware on the market! 

We chose their non-stick frying pan because it’s an absolute game changer when it comes to cheffing it up in the kitchen. This thing will save you hours in cleaning time and it’s made without any of the toxic chemicals that give non-stick a bad rep. This pan is truly a treat and the foodie in your life will be ecstatic to add this to their collection.

Shop on Made In: Non Stick Frying Pan - $89.00

18. Cheese of The Month Club

Murray's CheeseIf the food obsessed guy you’re shopping for is a cheese head, look no further than Murray’s Cheese. A New York Staple, Murray’s is famous for their outstanding cheese which is why they made it possible to purchase it online throughout the United States. 

We recommend the Classic Cheese of the Month club where the selection is chosen for you. You can subscribe for a single month or you can do a monthly subscription and pre-purchase for up to a year’s worth of cheese. You will get the highest quality selections from the best international and domestic producers that are hand-picked at peak ripeness. To absolutely treat the foodie guy in your life, we highly recommend this unique set up. He will surely love it.

Shop on Murray's Cheese: Classic Cheese of the Month Club - $63.00

19. One of Everything Sampler Box 

One of Everything Jerky BoxA list of gifts for a foodie wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate foodie gift basket. Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through food. 

The perfect way to show appreciation to any guy in your life, is with our top-selling beef jerky box which features our most popular flavors. From our Classic line to our Old Fashioned line to our adventurous Tasting Kitchen flavors, there is a diverse selection of flavors to try but we think that you will love them all! Give the man in your life the ultimate foodie gift with this absolutely mouthwatering jerky box featuring our premium, hand-crafted jerky.

Shop People's Choice: One of Everything - Jerky Sampler Box - $84.99 

Bottom Line

One of the more delicious parts of our job is the recipe testing that goes on in our beef jerky test kitchen. The benefit of crafting artisanal jerky in small batches is that we can experiment and explore a diversity of flavors from spicy jerky to sweet jerky, teriyaki jerky, and hot beef jerky. 

Our goal is to deliver a sophisticated snacking experience that celebrates new ingredients while remaining true to our handmade tradition. This is the type of jerky that is sure to stoke out your foodie friend or family member!

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