5 Scenarios You'll Find Me With Jerky

Here are the 5 times you'll see me enjoying jerky. It's one of my favorite high protein snacks. People's Choice Beef Jerky is one of my favorite beef jerky companies out there.

They handcraft all of their jerky in Downtown, LA. It's a family business and they really care about what they do.

See why People's Choice is my go-to. 

1. After a workout. 

Girl Snacking on Jerky

I drink beer after I work out. Ok, ok, it’s not after EVERY workout. It’s mostly after a long run or a super intense workout. I usually opt for a light lager with a low ABV and I only have one. Not only is it refreshing (duh) but it’s also a great recovery drink. I make sure to pair the beer with protein to enhance recovery time. I typically opt for People’s Choice Sweet Chili Habanero jerky because of its fiery kick. Nothing like a little spice to keep the heart rate up.

2. Getting ready to go out…aka Pre-gaming.

Jerky Pre Game Fun

I’m an advocate of a good pre-game session while I’m getting ready. Turn some music on, grab a beer and a snack and let the games begin. Peoples Choice Orange Honey Teriyaki is the perfect snack food for my pre-gaming routine. The sweet and savory flavor goes well with most beers and keeps my hunger at bay so I don’t have those late-night fast-food cravings.

3. Last minute gift ideas.

Jerky and Beer in a gift box

Whether you forgot your friend’s birthday, or you have no idea what to get your dad for Father’s Day, don’t under estimate the power of beer and beef jerky as a gift. Don’t know what type of beer they like? No problem! Get them a cool growler and a gift card and let them pick their favorite. Don’t forget to add a few bags of People’s Choice beef jerky to not only elevate the gift, but also give them something to munch on while they sip on some suds.

4. Binging with BAE.

Snacking on Jerky on the Couch with a Dog

I’m all about that #NetflixAndChill life. I like binging through seasons of a good show all cuddled up on the couch with some bites and brews. I often opt for People’s Choice jerky to munch on throughout my binge sessions because I don’t feel guilty demolishing the whole bag in one sitting. 

5. Brewery hopping. 

Brewery Hopping with Beef Jerky and Beer

Of course, I had to save the best for last and for good reason. Almost all of the breweries I have visited do not have food options or they have a food truck available. The only problem with food trucks is that most of the time they aren’t that healthy.

Because beer is mostly empty calories, I try to eat healthy-ish so that I’m not doing much damage. #Compromising. A tip I tell everyone new to the beer scene is to always have a snack or two with them during their brewery visits. I suggest bringing a bag or two of Peoples Choice jerky with you during brewery visits. It helps prevent you from going hangry and it also lets you get to enjoy the brewery space longer because you’re not leaving to go search for food.

Plus everyone likes the person who saves the day with snacks. You’re welcome.

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