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Father's Day Gift Guide: 21 Gift Ideas for Father's Day 2021

Time seems to be moving faster as we grow older….or maybe we're just moving slower? Either way, we're planning ahead and making moves earlier this year. We’re not waiting to the last minute this year, no sir. This year we’re getting a head start on Father’s Day.

For most of us our fathers are our main role models. They were responsible for shaping our childhood and teaching us silly jokes, hard work ethic, and proper morals that we still carry with us today. The important lessons that built our character and the things that we look forward to teaching our kids one day were learned from them. 

Although they could have been relegated to the "bad cop" role, we're old enough now to love them for keeping us in check and teaching us how to keep our chin up and keep moving forward.  

Now, it's easy to brush off Father's Day as just another hallmark holiday, but after what you just read above, I don't think that's an option anymore. Father's day is the day to thank the men in our lives–aka our dads–that paved the way for our success. And, honestly, it's just another fun excuse to put a smile on our father's faces!

One way to liven up this little holiday is by getting your dad a thoughtful gift. But what do you get a man that says he has everything?

That's where we come in! We put together a list of 21 Father’s Day gifts for Father's Day 2021. Enjoy!

1. Doctor Squatch Soap Starter Bundle

Dr. Sasquatch Soaps

Traditional men like our fathers tend to get a bad rap with the skincare routines these days.t Most of us can remember the big box of Irish Spring soap bars in the house as a child. And I'm not hating on you Irish Spring (If you're reading this, hit us up...down to run a partnered giveaway?), but I am saying that there are some better products out there for men these days.

Doctor Squatch happens to make some of these products, and trust us; they're products your pops can get behind. The Clean Starter Bundle is an excellent introduction to modern products that can clean up your dad's hygiene routine. 

2. Chemex Starter Kit

Chemex Starter Kit

If your dad is still drinking Folger's out of the drip coffee machine, this is the gift for you. He’d never buy it for himself, but it is something he needs. I mean, who drinks more coffee than your dad? Why let him continue to drown himself in mass-produced mediocrity. 

The Chemex Starter Kit is incredibly easy to use and will push your father to step up his coffee game. And trust us, he will be thanking you. 

3. The Original Meater

Meater Thermometer

It's no question that dads love cooking and eating meat. In fact, I'd take a wild gander the first person to try out the Carnivore Diet was a dad. 

The Original Meater is here to make sure that the next steak your dad cooks up is perfectly medium-rare (or however he likes it). The Meater is the first Bluetooth-enabled wireless meat thermometer. It's simple to operate, truly plug and play. We promise your dad will be able to understand this technology. If not, what a great opportunity to bond through a personal tutorial. 

4. Opinel No.08 Carbon Folding Knife with Sheath

Opinel Carbon Folding Knife

I know your dad probably doesn't need this. BUT, the Opinel No.08 Carbon Folding Knife is undeniably rad. Plus, they offer custom engraving. It's obvious that you should take them up on this offer by engraving "#1 Dad" into the knife. If you don't then I've lost hope for your father's day. Did I mention, this bad boy comes with its own sheath as well?

5. People's Choice Beef Jerky Box

Health Nut Jerky Box

Dads love meat, but not all dads enjoy cooking. So, grab him a People's Choice Beef Jerky Box to save him the hassle! These non-perishable provisions are perfect for his occasional fishing trip, post-workout treat, or midnight snack.  

Our tastefully curated Jerky Boxes come in a variety of flavors and styles. They're loaded with meat snacks, shipped in a cool box, and can be personalized with a fun Father's Day Card. Who could ask for anything more?

6. Raycon Everyday Earbuds

Raycon Everyday Earbuds

The younger generation of music may dominantly cosign the Raycon Everyday Earbuds, but that doesn't mean pops can't rock out to some classic rock in these things. If your dad is still sporting  wired headphones, you'll definitely want to consider getting him these earbuds. 

The earbuds are compact and lightweight, yet they deliver ultra-crispy sound directly to your ears. Throw on some Hendrix, and let your dad get lost in the haze of soundwaves.

7. Whoop Strap 3.0

Whoop Strap 3.0

Health has never been more important, especially for those of an older age.Thankfully in 2021, we have access to incredible technology that optimizes our health–both mentally and physically. 

One of those pieces of technology we love is the Whoop Strap 3.0. The third-generation Whoop Strap monitors strain, sleep, and recovery. It’s companion app offers personalized coaching to help optimize training and sleep schedules. 

8. People's Choice Beef Jerky Hat

People's Choice Beef Jerky Hat

For the dad that enjoys the outdoors so much that his hat from last year could pass as vintage. Our People's Choice Beef Jerky Hat, (and any other swag for that matter) is a simple, yet extremely practical beef jerky gift for your father. 

You're practically guaranteed to get crowned #1 kid if you get you dad this hat and a few bags of our handmade small-batch beef jerky. Alright, so that might be an exaggeration, but your dad will love and appreciate it!

9. Baxter of California Razor Set

Baxter of California

Fact: dads shave every morning. Well, most do, at least. They're traditional men that enjoy the routine of shaving and looking like a professional, and we back that! In fact, we encourage that. So much so that we're recommending the Baxter of California Razor Set.

This is a modern and stylish take on a traditional wet shaving set. It's completely chrome-plated and eco-friendly as it's fully reusable. It's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and sure to receive an audibly excited response from your pops!

10. Slow & Low Rye Whiskey

Slow and Low Whiskey

Call us old-fashioned, but we love a good whiskey, and so do our fathers. Slow and Low Rye Whiskey is a modern update to the historic category of rock and rye whiskey. It's a combination of 84 proof straight rye whiskey, a pinch of rock candy, plus the additions of raw honey, navel oranges, and angostura bitters.

This whiskey is a beautifully bottled old-fashioned cocktail that's meant to be served on the rocks. Save pops the time of making a cocktail by grabbing this bottle of Slow and Low. 

11. Ridgewallet


Is it just me, or does it seem like every dad has a generic tri-fold fake leather wallet that they picked up at some department store in the 90s? Well, the Ridgewallet is the exact opposite of that in terms of style. Plus, it will   last even longer than that trifold. 

The Ridge is built with a sleek design that focuses on functionality. A minimal wallet that isn't limiting. Update your dad's wallet, and remind him to treat himself to things like this more often, so you don't have to!

12. Cutino Hot Sauce Box

Cutino Hot Sauce

Is your dad a hot head? Not in the angry sense, but does he enjoy torturing his tongue with spicy sauce!? If your dad is still slathering Tabasco on his eggs in the morning–and that's totally cool, we love tabasco too–get him this customizable Cutino Hot Sauce Box

Choose from the core four sauce box which includes Cutino's Jalapeno, Habanero, Verde, and Chipotle hot sauces. Or, create a personalized box based on your dad's taste preferences, choosing from any of their seven hot sauces. We've been eyeing the Miso and Mango hot sauces ourselves! 

13. Greater Goods Coffee 

Greater Goods Coffee

So, you don't think your dad is ready for gift number 2. That's fine because you can still make a great cup of coffee using other methods. The key to a great cup of coffee? A great coffee. 

That's why we're recommending one of our favorite coffee companies: Greater Goods Coffee. They offer a solid selection of blends, single origins, and limited-release coffees. One thing we love about the company–other than their awesome coffee–is the fact that they give back to their community. Each bag of coffee purchased supports local non-profit organizations in their area. 

14. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind


For the dad who loves to read and enjoys learning about our species' wild history and evolution. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is a journey through our entire human history aimed at discovering why we are the way we are. Pick up a copy today and get your dad back on his reading game! 

15. Danner Jag Boots

Danner Jag

Whether your dad is a weekend warrior or an avid daily hiker, the Danner Jag is the boot for him. This boot made its debut in the '80s, and it still holds up both in terms of functionality and design. 

Honestly, they're just as comfortable around town as they are on the trails. So if your dad is into boots in general, this is the present for him!

16. Igloo Retro Picnic Basket

Igloo Retro Cooler

This is a fun gift to remind your pops of the good ol' days: the 90's. This bright Igloo Retro Picnic Basket is super fun and fully functional. 

The perfect gift for the dad that loves to take some brews out to the beach, park or... really just for the dad that loves brews.. The full-size cooler is designed with handles that meet to allow for easy one-handed carrying and enough capacity to carry you throughout the day.

17. Crocs Classic Clog

Crocs Classic Clog

Living near the coast in southern California, a dad rocking sandals and shorts is a common sight. Unfortunately, Dad's rocking Crocs is much rarer. We're here to increase the awareness of Crocs in the father community this Father's Day. 

The Croc's Classic Clog is lightweight, ultra-comfortable, and incredibly fun to wear. Fun is honestly the main reason we have these clogs on the list. We can guarantee this present will get a great response. 

18. NowServing Gift Card

 Now Serving Gift Card

Let's say your dad enjoys family dinners and even enjoys cooking them, and we appreciate that! But, is your dad's dinner sometimes missing that extra oomph. Maybe all he needs is a new cookbook! 

We are incredibly lucky to have NowServing as our local cookbook store. Walking in this store is truly like walking in a candy store for a food enthusiast. We recommend buying a gift card for your father and letting him choose a book that seems interesting to him. That way, he'll truly get to enjoy the fruits of his labor!

19. The Bruery Weekender Pack 

Breury Gift Card Beer Father's Day Gift

Is a Father's Day Gift Guide really complete if it doesn't have at least one beer gift option? We didn't think so either. Enter The Bruery Weekender Pack. This box of weekend plans contains a mixture of beers from The Bruery and Offshoot Beer Co. 

This Pack contains four four-packs of 16oz beers that include two hop-forward beers, a lager, and a gose-style ale. Let's just say if you get this for your dad, he's going to have a great weekend. 

20. People's Choice Beef Jerky Pint Glass

People's Choice Beef Jerky Pint Glass

Tight on money this year, but still want to grab your father a little gift to let him know that he's appreciated? Grab the man a practical PCBJ Branded Pint Glass. We're sure he'll put it to use. Add in a bag of beef jerky and a six-pack of beer, and you just made your day his own weekender pack! 

21. People's Choice Beef Jerky Father's Day Card

Father's Day Card

Last but not least, you have to get your father a happy Father's Day card. Thankfully we've got the perfect card for him: the personalizable You Always Steer'd Me Right card. Great for many occasions, but perfect for this one. It's a witty card that you can add a custom hand-written message to, and it's only $1! Easily the most effective and efficient personalized Father’s Day Gifts. 

The Bottom Line

No matter what you get your dad for Father's Day, just remember, it's the thought that counts.

Shop: People's Choice Beef Jerky

Happy Father's Day!!