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7+ Easy and Edible Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Below is a list of curated holiday gift ideas for your neighbors. 

With traditions disrupted and festive gatherings suspended indefinitely, it’s more important than ever to find safe ways to spread holiday cheer. 

Enter the art of gift giving—a no-fail way to spread joy to those who matter. And who better to start with than your neighbors?

If you’re wondering how to navigate gifting etiquette when it comes to the good people next door, don’t worry, we’re here to help you avoid any uncomfortable situations and plan for a successful gifting season. 

1. Mason Jar Filled with Twizzlers

Fill a jar of Twizzlers with a handwritten note that says "Twizz the Season." It's easy, simple, and oh so creative! 

2. Peppermint Hot Cocoa Jar

This jar is full of cozy vibes. Fill a mason jar with peppermint hot cocoa mix along with marshmallows and cute mini candy canes! 

3. Gingerbread House Kit

Making a gingerbread house is fun and delicious! Gift your neighbor a DIY gingerbread kit. It's simple and easy and has all the essentials! 

4. Sweet and Savory Butter and Bread Basket

Sometimes sweets can be overdone especially during the holiday season. Switch things up with a gourmet bread basket and delicious butters to accompany it! 

5. Christmas Candy Bottles

Fill a cute glass jar with an assortment of delicious candies and treats! It really can't get any easier than this. 

6. Homemade Jam

If you feel up to it and love to bake, this is right up your alley. Make some homemade jam and put it in a cute jar. Your neighbors will appreciate all the effort. 

7. Popcorn Treats

Fill a bag or jar with sweet caramel popcorn and add a personalized tag saying "Just poppin' in to wish you happy holidays!" 

Should I give my neighbor a Christmas gift?  

Carne Seca Limon Con Chile Wrapped in Christmas Bows

Let’s be honest. These past couple of years have been the Grinch of all years. With so many of us bunkered down at home unable to see friends and family, your neighbors have been your community more than ever (even if it’s yelling over a fence or waving across the street). So if you’re debating whether or not to give them a holiday gift, the answer is yes, go for it! 

Whether they’re the type of neighbor you casually wave to as you leave your driveway for work, or the ones you have over for wine night while the kiddos play, a small gesture goes a long way. And if not now during the season of giving, then when? Chances are, it’ll make you smile too. After all, they say that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes when he tried it.

Christmas gifts for neighbors don’t have to break the bank

Beef Jerky Christmas Gift

Simple gifts that are meaningful and unique are usually the ones that matter the most. With a little creativity and thoughtfulness (as well as our guidance), you’ll be the talk of the block. 

Let’s start with the basics. 

Enter the edible gift (and no, we’re not talking about the unpalatable, disturbingly heavy loaf of fruitcake your great aunt sends you every year.) We’re talking about delicious treats that will make the jingle bells rock. The best part about giving your neighbors a gift they can eat, is that it won’t take up permanent storage space in their house, making it the perfect casual choice for someone you might not know super well. Plus, edible gifts are a little easier on the Earth. And we could all really benefit from a happy Earth in 2021. Eh?

Our go-to consumable gift for neighbors?

People's Choice Beef Jerky Christmas Gifts

Beef jerky, of course. It’s delicious, thoughtful, easy, and unique! Not to mention, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg because we have smaller sampler bags at only $6 a piece. Bundle your favorite flavors with some holiday ribbon and a personalized gift tag and you’re all set! Yes, it’s really that easy. 

With the wide selection of flavors ranging from sweet to heat, it’s fun to mix and match flavors to create bundles based on your neighbor’s palette preferences. 

When in doubt if you’re indecisive, you can’t go wrong with our best sellers like the Old Fashioned Original, Cowboy Peppered, and Limon Con Chile. Or if you really want to stay in the holiday lane, bundle 3 small bags of our popular seasonal favorite - Maple Brown Sugar! It’s thick and chewy with a rich maple syrup, spiced cinnamon, and sweet vanilla fusion. It’s basically the epitome of Christmas in every bite. Or so we’ve been told. 

Beef Jerky Box

For those who think tying a ribbon around a jerky bag is too much work (no judgment, we know 2020 has taken a toll) you can also purchase an adorable pre-packaged jerky box filled with an assortment of flavors. They are convenient and full-proof and if you don’t want to hand deliver it yourself (thanks to Covid) you can ship it directly to your neighbor’s door! We have a diverse selection of themed boxes to fit everyone’s palette so shopping is painless for you. 

Personalization of the neighbor holiday present is key. 

Seasoned Greetings Holiday Card

As we mentioned before, dazzle those jerky bundles with festive ribbon and a gift tag to make it more personalized. But if you really want to ooh and ahh your neighbors, add a witty holiday card with a customized message for only $1! You can’t go wrong with Seasoned Greetings as it’s a crowd pleaser. But if you’re feeling feisty (and you know your neighbor will get a laugh) go with the cheeky Bite Me card (some things never go out of style).

Tip: We recommend giving the Bite Me card to people who have a sense of humor. In other words, hold off on giving one to Scrooge. 

When should I deliver the gift to my neighbor?

People's Choice Beef Jerky

We know this is a busy time for everyone. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend dropping your gift off three to five days before Christmas. It’s enough time for them to enjoy it before the craziness of the actual holiday. 

With our upgraded shipping options for faster shipping, we still recommend getting your shopping done early! Unexpected shipping delays by carriers are not uncommon especially during this time…and if we’ve learned anything this year it’s to expect the unexpected. 

Happy shopping!