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Christmas Gifts for Older Brother Gift Guide

What to Get Your Brother for Christmas

Older brothers are a special bunch. 

For most of us, an older brother is equal parts role model, coach, and best friend.  As much as they teased and tormented you growing up (and in most cases still do), they are always there for you. That’s why you want to find the perfect brother gift this year. Something that is unique, thoughtful, and shows how much you care.

Which you do. I mean, you’re thinking “what to get your brother for christmas” and found this article. The hard part is over. Now, all you have to do is choose from one of these unique gifts for brothers to show him how much you love him (just in case you don’t say it enough). 

Let’s be honest, finding the best Christmas gifts for your brother is especially important this year. You might be celebrating from a distance which means that your brother gift needs to be a homerun. Batter up! We got you. 

Whether you’re looking for a funny gift that will bring a smile to his face, a personalized gift made just for him, or something off the beaten path, this list will have something for everyone. Avid readers, foodies, trendsetters, sports enthusiasts, this list will help you get the best gift for brothers this year.

Maybe you inherited a brother through marriage? This list is also perfect for Christmas gifts for brother-in-law. 

To help save you time, we’ve researched the latest and greatest gifts for brothers.  This list represents companies big and small with a focus on independent, small businesses. You can order from the comfort of your couch and have the gifts shipped. Our goal is to write the ultimate guide for cool gifts for older brother.


For the brother who always has the inside scoop...

Los Angeles Field Guide

Your older brother has always been your guide (for better or worse). Now’s your time to return the favor. The Field Guides from Wildsam are well-curated travel guides on some of the world’s best locations. Each guide includes interviews, expert picks on things to do, day trip itineraries, and recommendations on books, films, and music. 

We’re partial to the California Field Guide, but you really can’t go wrong. Take this gift to the next level and plan a trip with your older brother and use one of these fantastic guides. Shared experiences are the ultimate brother gift after all.  

For the brother who likes photography... 

Polaroid Camera

A Polaroid Camera is the perfect gift to capture both nostalgia and utility. This will transport your older brother to his younger days when instant cameras were all the rage. Updated with new technology and design, the Polaroid OneStep takes beautiful images and is easy to use. Your brother can pick it up and start using, nothing to think about but the cool new photos he will be taking. Maybe of you?

For the brother who takes his smoked meats seriously...

BlueDOT Thermometer

Used by professional and amaetuer cooks alike, the BlueDOT® Alarm Thermometer with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology will allow him to take his meat smoking game to the next level. He can take advantage of both the built-in alarm and bluetooth technology. This means spending more time with you and less time with his meat. 

For the brother who drinks a lot of coffee...

Trade Coffee

For the brother that lives and breathes coffee, a rotating subscription of different coffee blends is a dream come true. Your brother, as a true coffee lover, spends a lot of time researching and finding new coffees to try. This coffee subscription will do the hard work for him. 

Trade Coffee believes that every cup of coffee should be the best ever. Launched in 2018, Trade offers 400+ roasted-to-order coffees. Your brother is guaranteed to find his new favorite coffee, or at least achieve a state of constant caffeination. 

For the brother who is a home barista...

Fellow Coffee Kettle

Keeping with the coffee theme. If your older brother already has his favorite coffee, then he’ll need the right tools to make that coffee really bloom (see what we did there?). 

The folks over at Fellow offer a variety of high quality coffee accessories. The two items we would recommend are the Coffee Canisters for keeping coffee beans at peak freshness and the Coffee Kettle which will maintain the hot water at the perfect temperature. A true coffee connoisseur knows that the small details make all the difference. Now you can help your brother achieve coffee nirvana.    

For the brother who loves wine... 

Wine Condom

There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting a half finished bottle of wine. Not that we normally have any issue crushing a full bottle, but it can happen from time to time. Thankfully, this is an experience your wine loving brother can avoid with Wine Condoms. This clever new invention rolls down outside the bottle for a water tight seal. The wine stopper is 99.9% effective at preventing unplanned spillage.

Both functional and hilarious, this is a great stocking stuffer and conversation piece that will have the whole family laughing.

We promise this will make even the most uptight wine snob smile. 

For the brother who loves to grill...

Sloan Brand

Is your brother a real meat and potatoes kind of guy? Is he normally out back with the BBQ and a cold one? Does his diet consist of three steaks a day? 

Then there’s no better meat lover gift than a custom steak brand from Sloan Brands. Yes, you heard correctly. Give the gift that will let your brother literally brand a steak with his own initials or symbol. 

Just make sure he doesn’t yell “yee-haw” as he brands the poor thing. 

For the brother who loves craft cocktails…

Honest John Bitters Sample Set

The secret to a great craft cocktail lives in the details. 

You don’t need your brother to tell you that high quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship result in a delicious cocktail. Help your brother achieve mixed drink perfection with the Bitter Sampler Set from Honest John Bitters. Not your standard mixer ingredient, these are unique and hard to find flavors. This company uses only organic plant materials to create the bitters and are sourced from the Mountain Rose Farm in Oregon. 

As an extra bonus, let your brother know that you’ll happily try any of his cocktail creations.

For the brother who loves cocktails, but already has it all…

Soap Distillery Negroni Soap Bar

Our default gift for most occasions is a high quality bottle of booze. You can never go wrong with this option, especially for a brother who loves cocktails. 

Here’s the catch. Your brother can easily purchase a bottle of liquor at the store. You’re looking for something a little more unique. Something he can’t just pick up at any store. 

Enter Negroni Soap from the Soap Distillery.

The delicious smelling bar soap captures the beauty of the Negroni: bitter, floral, and sweet. This soap is made with a blend of sweet orange, neroli blossom, and hints of rose, bitter orange, and fir needle. Not only will your brother smell great, but it’s a great conversation piece. Just remind him not to eat/drink it.

For the brother who still has a velcro wallet…

Benjamin Bott Camo Leather Wallet

It’s time for your brother to step up his wallet game and you're the one to help him. Your brother is one-of-a-kind and his wallet should be the same. High quality, custom leather wallets are much more accessible than you think. 

Benjamin Bott Leather Goods handcrafts bespoke leather wallets with a high attention to detail. There is a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for a perfect brother. These wallets age beautifully and will take on more character with more wear (just like your brother).

For the brother who loves beer...

Teku Beer Glass

A true beer lover knows that glassware makes a big difference. 

The Rastal Teku Glass has become a favorite around the world for its remarkable design which enhances the drinking experience. The shape of the glass concentrates the craft beer’s aromatics and helps with proper head retention. From the taproom to world class beer tastings, this is the one of the world’s best beer glasses. Now your brother can enjoy his beer that much more, plus impress the ladies with the classy glasses (even if he’s drinking his favorite American light beer).   

For the brother who loves hot sauce...

Tame to Insane Challenge Box

Think your brother can handle the heat? 

This is the gift to settle the debate once and for all. The diabolical folks over at Fuego Box have curated the Tame-To-Insane Challenge Box. They scoured the hot sauce world and found the tastiest hot sauces at eleven different heat levels. This gift will let you go mano a mano to see who is the toughest sibling. Helpful tip: make sure to have the milk ready before you kick off the hot sauce tasting.  

For the brother who loves to cook...


Help your brother take his pasta night to the next level. That’s amore! 

The Sfoglini Pasta of the Month Club will deliver two pasta options each month—one box of signature organic pasta and one box of a seasonal specialty pasta. As a bonus, each delivery will include recipes and pairing suggestions.  

This is pasta you can stand behind.  Sfoglini pastas are made with organic grains grown on North American farms which are always milled in the US, bronze die extruded and slow dried (that good Italian way), and made and packaged with a whole lot of care in New York’s Hudson Valley. It’s all quality from the field to the bowl.

For the brother with a flare for fashion…

American Bench Craft Leather Bracelet

Buying clothing as a gift for your brother is risky business. You have to worry about things like size, fit, and style. Clothing is very personal, but finding something that your brother will wear and love feels like a challenge worth fighting for. 

Our recommendation? An expertly-crafted, leather bracelet from the artisans over at American Benchcraft. Equal parts rugged and fashionable, this is a bracelet that all types of guys will love. 

Our personal favorite is the Leather Cord Wrap Bracelet. This leather cord wrap bracelet has a unique, striking appearance. It is made from premium, round leather cord that has been precision cut from the center of the hide for utmost durability. The antique, brown leather cord and antique brass hardware create a handsome, classic looking bracelet that pairs especially well with casual wardrobe.

For the brother that has it all…

Health Nut Jerky Box

Delicious, consumable gifts are always a winner and there’s no better food gift than artisan beef jerky. Our handcrafted, high protein beef jerky will keep your brother fueled for his on-the-go lifestyle. Imagine his delight when he opens up your gift to find his new favorite jerky.  

People’s Choice Beef Jerky (that’s us) offers a range of all-in-one jerky gift solutions from our curated Jerky Boxes to the Jerky Grams. You can always order a range of flavors and create your own gift.

Take your brother gift to the next level with one of our cheeky greeting cards. Need to mail your gift from a distance? Add a card to your cart and we will hand write your gift message (with our best handwriting, of course).

No matter what you get your older brother, just remember, it’s the thought that counts. Just make that thought a curated box of jerky. We promise. He won’t be disappointed.