A Handy Guide to the Best Jerky Resources

We love all things beef jerky here at People’s Choice Beef Jerky. I mean…it’s in our DNA. Being in the industry, we are exposed to a whole range of jerky types from different flavors, to various species, and all kinds of styles. And we’re always on the hunt for more. If you’re reading this article, I think it’s safe to say, so are you. Here is a list of our favorite beef jerky resources. We encourage you to check them out! You just might find your next favorite jerky (after People's Choice of course!).

Best Beef Jerky

Steve of Best Beef Jerky Reviews is the Godfather of jerky reviews. He has tried and reviewed hundreds of jerky products over the years including beef, pork, turkey, deer, and even clam (clam!?). Steve evaluates each jerky against a set of key criteria including “snackability,” flavor complexity, and advertised flavor. We couldn't agree more. These are the essential components of a quality jerky. And Steve is a real go-to resource for jerky reviews. We give Best Beef Jerky Reviews a BEST (★★★★★).

Jerky Ingredients

Mark of Jerky Ingredients has created one of the most comprehensive jerky review sites out there. He takes a highly detailed approach to his jerky reviews, evaluating different jerky products against three primary categories: Ingredient, Taste, and Bag Design. He also includes excellent photographs of the product which give consumers great insight into the actual product. Jerky Ingredients is a great resource to learn more about your favorite brands while also discovering new products. Mark and Jerky Ingredients wins a score of EXCELLENT (10/10).

Jerky Up

Ron of Jerky UP has created one of the foremost jerky directories on the Internet: an essential resource for any jerky lover. You can search for brands by name or state. They even have a list of international jerky brands. But that’s not all; Jerky Up curates video content and links to a lot of other awesome jerky-related items.