Eating healthy can be a challenge when you are constantly running from one activity to the next. Just taking the time to stop and eat at all takes effort and when you do it’s often a quick good-bye to health and hello to fast food. We’ve all been there.

But a busy week doesn’t have to mean the end of your nutrition plan—there’s a happy medium between following a healthy diet to the letter and giving up altogether and settling for the candy bar you happened to find at the bottom of your bag. With some advance planning, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel good.

Here are seven tips to help keep you on track with eating healthy even when your calendar is chock full.

1. Keep Long-lasting Snacks on Hand

It’s hard to make decisions when you’re starving—and it’s especially hard to make good choices about food. You’ll thank yourself later if you’ve got healthy snacks on hand when you need them. There’s something to be said for having fruit and veggies readily available, but there’s only so long an apple in your purse or a banana in your glovebox will last. To make sure you’re never without a snack when you need one, stock up on foods that will keep a bit longer, like jerky or nuts. Once you have your chosen snacks, keep stashes of them everywhere: your car, your bag, your desk, and in case you get really hungry, your pocket.

2. Bring Snacks You’ll Actually Eat

Flavorful beef jerky is one of those snacks you will actually look forward to eating. People's Choice Beef Jerky

Ah, good intentions: Pack a healthy snack and you’ll eat a healthy snack. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how it goes. Packing snacks you feel like you “should” eat but don’t particularly like is a recipe for throwing in the towel and binging on whatever snacks make an appearance in the break room. Don’t see yourself munching on those baby carrots or snap peas? Skip them in favor of a protein-heavy packet of nut butter or flavored beef jerky like teriyaki or garlic ginger, which will actually leave your belly and your tastebuds feeling satisfied.

Parents, this same rule applies to your children’s snacks. Ask them what they like to snack on and help them make healthy choices. Having snacks on hand that they want to eat will help avoid the “hangry” meltdown and keep your kids smiling throughout long days.

3. Meal Prep Like A Pro

When you’re rushing to get everybody out the door in the morning, throwing together a healthy, nutrient-dense lunch (and, if you’ll be gone all day, dinner) is a daunting task. If you don’t make your own meals at home, you’ll likely be stuck eating meals out or going hungry. Instead, carve out some time on Sunday afternoon to prep a handful of meals you’ll actually enjoy eating for the week. For lunches, stick to lean proteins and veggies; you can also prep dinners ahead and stick them in the freezer so all you have to do is heat them up when you make it home.

4. Skip Fast Food

Walk right past the temptation. Louis Hansel

At the airport and on the road, it can feel like your only option is to grab a burger and fries. While that’s certainly not the end of the world, the processed ingredients in those deep-fried foods can have a lasting impact on your health. When possible, opt for a sit-down restaurant, where you’ll have a better shot at finding a healthy choice or modifying an existing menu option to work with your diet.

5. Fill Up On Healthy Options First

Often, a business lunch or dinner means eating out, but that doesn’t have to mean sabotaging your nutrition plan. At most restaurants, you’ll be able to order a salad with a simple dressing or broth-based soup to start. Beginning with those healthy options will make it easier to avoid ordering the more processed and fried options that sound so tempting when you’re really hungry.

6. Get to Know the Menu

When you know in advance that you’ll be eating a meal out—or if you have the lay of the land when it comes to the restaurants on your route for the day—you can do some research on the menu and plan out the items you’ll order. At fast-food joints, for example, this might mean ordering a side salad option and adding grilled chicken. Knowing in advance what you’ll order (and how it can be modified to be keto, paleo, or whatever diet works for you) can make the difference between a healthy lunch and one that makes you feel guilty afterward.

7. Stay Hydrated

Being well hydrated makes a huge difference to your health. It’s not a substitute for getting adequate nutrition, but staying hydrated can help get you from one snack to the next without being distractingly hungry. It also has loads of other benefits, including increased energy for those long, busy days on the go. Carry a water bottle with you throughout the day and set a goal for how many ounces you want to try and drink. Making goals can help you remember to take sips on a consistent basis.

Even small improvements, like the tips above, to better your diet can have a wide-ranging positive effect on your mind and body. Having healthy snacks with you throughout the day, finding healthy menu options, and drinking plenty of water can help increase energy and make you feel good about your choices. Find some healthy snacks you crave, pack them everywhere, and start to rely on them to give you that boost you need as you bounce from one appointment to the next.

Written by Emma Walker for Matcha in partnership with People's Choice Beef Jerky.