5 Tips for Grocery Shopping on an Empty Stomach

I’m sure everyone can relate to the feeling of going to the grocery store on an empty stomach and in turn buying way more groceries then you intended. When this happens, everything and anything looks appetizing, especially junk food! Sometimes, however, life happens and you have no choice but to roam the isles of temptation on an empty stomach!

5 Successful Tips for Grocery Shopping on an Empty Stomach

Tip #1:

Avoid the danger of over-buying groceries by eating a protein filled snack prior to the grocery store.  One strategy is to keep an “emergency” bag of beef jerky in your car/backpack/purse. Your emergency beef jerky is the perfect pre-grocery store snack! Beef jerky is filled with protein which will keep you full while you grocery shop.   

Tip #2:

Jot down a quick list of the items you need and stick to your list! Try your best to refrain from purchasing anything not on it.

Tip #3:

When you walk into the grocery store - pick up a basket instead of cart! If you have to carry your groceries, you'll be much less likely to load up! A basket gets heavy pretty quick. 

Tip #4:

Make it a game with yourself on how quickly you can locate all the items on your list and check out! Do you have kids? Involve them as well. 

Tip #5:

Only pick up 15 items or less so you have to check out in the express lane! This strategy will guarantee you only shop for necessary items.

Any of these strategies will help you from over-buying at the grocery store and hopefully make wiser decisions when grocery shopping! Of course, our favorite tip is to load up on your emergency jerky stash for a healthy, protein filled snack to keep you full!

Stock up on your new favorite beef jerky!