5 Reasons Why Jerky is the Perfect Gift for College Guys

When searching for gift ideas for college guys, it’s easy to see the same thing over and over again. 

How many portable iPhone chargers does one college student really need? Do you really think they’ll be using that breakfast sandwich maker? Who wants a college care package filled with vending machine snacks?

Time to step up your gifting game and hook up that college student in your life with the gift they’ll want again and again—beef jerky!

The reality is most college students have everything they need when it comes to school. The thing they don’t have? You and your tender loving care! Show the college student in your life that you care by sending a jerky care package. Not only will this thoughtful gift bring a smile to their face, but it’s something they’ll actually want and need.

Here are the 5 reasons why handmade beef jerky is one of the best gifts for college guys.

1. Delicious, consumable gifts are always a winner


Keto Jerky Gram

Let’s be honest. College guys can be really difficult to shop for. How can you be sure they’ll like what you get them? It’s easy. Get them delicious beef jerky. Everyone loves beef jerky.

“It’s simply the best. Nothing added. Just dried high quality beef. The large bags are awesome.  I often send it to my college football player son as a special treat. He can’t get enough.” - Linda M.

2. Keep them fueled for their on-the-go lifestyle 

Health Nut Jerky Box 

College students are always on the go. From the gym, to class, and off to social events, they barely have time to stop for food. This means portable, high protein, delicious snacks are not just appreciated, but much needed. 

Your college loved one can easily pack jerky into their backpack for a quick hit of delicious protein. You’ll be coming up clutch when they need it most.

3. Your college student will be the star of the dorm

People's Choice Hatch Green Chile

Just imagine how popular your college student will be when they open up a beef jerky care package. Roommates, neighbors, and classmates will come running to the smell of perfectly seasoned, all natural beef. They can host a jerky tasting in their dorm room.   

“This jerky is by far the best that my son has ever enjoyed!! The texture is perfect; the sweet immediately followed by the hot & spicy is awesome!! Exactly what is expected when you read the name!” - Alisha W.

4. Skip boring vending machine snacks

People's Choice Garlic Ginger Beef Jerky 

Looking at different college care package options? Nobody wants a box of boring snacks you can find in a vending machine. 

Our jerky boxes are packed with handcrafted jerky. Made in small batches, our jerky is high quality, flavorful, and healthy. You won’t be able to find our jerky in a vending machine. With so many delicious flavors, textures, and sizes, they’ll definitely be asking for more.

“My college age grandon took multiple bags with him. He was nice enough to call and thank me. He loved the flavor and has been asking for more.” -Bill O.

5. Perfect all-in-one gift for college guys 

One of Everything Jerky Box

Consider your search for gifts for college boys over. Whether you want to select your own flavors or choose one of our curated jerky boxes, beef jerky is the perfect gift for college students.

“I wanted to lift the spirits of my son who lives 3000 miles away. He was pleasantly surprised with this jerky variety pack and raves about many of the flavors.” -Jamie F.

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