Great employees make a great business. 

Our team of employees are the heartbeat and driving force of our business. The loyalty and dedication of our employees are a critical part of our success. As a small business, the importance of our employees is tantamount.

The attention to detail, quality, and tender loving care that goes into each bag of handmade jerky is what makes our jerky the best.

We believe that our handmade process translates into a higher quality product, and its our employees who bring this belief to life.

Some of our most loyal employees have been with the company for over 25 years. They have been with us through thick and thin. We wouldn’t be here today without them.

We recently took a day to celebrate these unsung heroes and give them the credit they deserve. What better way to celebrate than with music, food, and drinks? We brought in a few hot dog vendors cooking up LA’s Famous Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog. Local favorite, Indie Brewing Company supplied a keg of their fan-favorite Pacific Kolsch Highway. Star employee Jhovanny got the party started with some great music.

We hope you enjoy the photos half as much as we enjoyed the day!