Turning the forgotten and discarded into something useful and beautiful is something of an art form. Brian McQuaid (with partner of Zack Knowles) of MAKERS is one of those artists, transforming reclaimed materials like wood and metal into custom made furniture.

Brian is inspired by the aesthetics of industrial design to craft his pieces. With passion, imagination and skill he can change a discarded chain from a crumbling auto shop into a unique welded chain lamp like this one.

Sometimes Brian adds a personalized touch to his pieces. The custom made table below, crafted from 100 year old church wood, features a wrench pull handed down to him from his grandfather (you can see it on the front of the bench in this picture).

Check out Brian’s other amazing creations on his Instagram account here, or you can find his MAKERS etsy store here. You can also follow Brian’s frank, unedited thoughts at his personal blog Breclaimed.